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Peseditor Online For PS4 and PC by Panos


Online PES2018 Editor [PS4 and PC] by Panos – peseditor.com

The objective of the website is to allow users to edit the current database of PES (DLC and Live Updates are applied on the default DB every week), and then be able to export their work for both PC and PS4. PC can be exported with the use of database .bin files (like Players.bin etc.), and PS4 works by giving the user a .ted file. In addition, cross year compatibility is also an objective, as for example, if I create the Greek league on my account for PES2018, I want to be able to carry over my data to PES2019, once it’s released, with no hassle.

Editor Preview

You are able to create and modify players (appearance included), teams (tactics and formations included), transfers and managers.
You can also add images to any player you want, and then export every image you added into a single pack of images, ready to convert to dds and import in the game.
PS4 ted extraction at the moment works by giving you both a .ted file and the logo of the team, however in the future, kit editing and exporting will also be added.

Link: http://peseditor.com​

You can work with any set of IDs you want, just make sure it’s up to you if you create any errors by using wrong IDs in wrong places.


  1. Hello. I’ve been looking around the site for a couple weeks now, and I have a lot of questions about the Peseditor. I can`t find any info about the webpage or Panos, the creator. This project may be a literal game-changer, but we need a tutorial.

    I have many questions, for instance: is there a way to add created players in this editor? Does my database keeps track of changes so I can work several days and then export my whole work? Can I load a database from other person to make some collaborative work?

    Panos, we need you over here!

  2. esto no sirve para nada no funciona nada solo los 4 opciones que te deja modificar, los nombres de los jugadores, los stats y demas no deja pues valla editor que crean, tssssssss

  3. no funciona, el servidor se ha caido o algo no entra en la web pone cargando habla con panos no funciona el servidor o la web le pasa algo


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