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PESEdit.com 2014 Patch 0.2


PESEdit.com 2014 Patch 0.2

PESEdit.com 2014 Patch 0.2 is the second version of PESEdit.com 2014 Patch. PESEdit.com 2014 Patch 0.2 adds 4 Bundesliga teams, corrects more kits, transfers and player names.

PESEdit.com 2014 Patch 0.2 screen 2 PESEdit.com 2014 Patch 0.2 screen 1 PESEdit.com 2014 Patch 0.2 screen 3

New Features PESEdit.com 2014 Patch 0.2 :

Added 4 NEW Bundesliga Teams: Dortmund, Frankfurt, Mainz, Wolfsburg
Added Tottenham Home, Away, Third Kits, Liverpool Away, Third
Added kits: Argentina, Croatia, Egypt, Peru, Thailand
Corrected fake player names for African and Asian National Teams
Completed transfers for Premier League and La Liga
Fixed ‘Edit Mode bug’
Corrected Greek and Russian team names
Fixed many incorrect Squad Numbers

General Feeatures PESEdit.com 2014 Patch :

Full Online Mode compatibility
Includes latest PES 2014 Patch 1.01 and Data Pack 1.00
Corrects kits for all Premier League teams and many unlicensed National Teams
Fixed team names and emblems for Premier League and Liga ZON Sagres teams
Corrected player names for unlicensed National Teams (Algeria, Bosnia, Japan, Netherlands, United States etc.)
Fixed names and emblems for all competitions
Updated transfers for most important teams + full Premier League and La Liga
Fixed lineups for 50+ teams (Arsenal, Liverpool, Napoli etc.)

Download PESEdit.com 2014 Patch 0.2 :

part 1 : http://uploaded.net/file/imermz58
part 2 : http://uploaded.net/file/omovmkk0
part 3 : http://uploaded.net/file/8q66fqlr
part 4 : http://uploaded.net/file/hz5lrzdh
part 5 : http://uploaded.net/file/8010hb9y


  1. when we wil see new face new stadium it is posible sory for bad english.tnks your patch is my favorite the bes

  2. I would have say little appreciate if u can make all those face right almost full squad. importantly like biggest club. please fix the kit for EPL and UCL.those fonts need also license.

  3. Hi, I dunno why why this year PES is so poor. Grahpic is worse than i ever seen. I used to play at high video setting in PES2013, and now i was just allowed to have low setting, which the graphic is like PES2004! Im very disappointed with Pes this year. Most of the player face are different.. May I know will this patch fix all of thses problems?

  4. I`m seeing some ridiculous comments all over the place. First of all it`s only been a week after the game has been released and all already have patch 0.1 which is absolutely amazing, don`t you think? Show some patience people, it`s not like you`re contributing in any way to creating the patch, right? And someone commented on the graphics of PES 2014 saying that this year they`re really poor? Seriously? Not at all true. Yes the faces of many players are awful, but the overall graphics are amazing, it`s also a new engine, don`t forget. And that`s why we have all these amazing patch creators, face makers, boot makers, kit makers and what not that do an amazing job at keeping all of us happy with the final look of our favourite game. So show some patience, will you. I`m willing to wait as long as it takes. Because i know that after a few patches, PES 2014 is going to be absolutely perfect.

  5. yeah u re right Michel! :) anyway it to early too predict the patch for get perfect patch. give it some time and credit to all patch maker. I hope will get more ah may zinkk on next patch and full patch for pes2014. ITs already have amazing graphic and beautiful faces with da new engine. why waste if don’t make the patch full face.take the chances to make great patch for pes will it.

  6. Yea exactly as my friend says, please make faces or I will switch to fifa 14, I am kind of disappointed with pes this year

  7. thanks for pes edit patchs
    please if possible making real faces for players famous for example sanchez lewandowski and etc.

  8. plz put nower champion chip and ligue 2 and serie bwin and adelante and bundesliga 2 in pes edit pach 0.2 thanks

  9. Thanks for ur hard work Everyone ,and this year i’m gonna wait for ur patches cuz its hard to update the game for me

    also i would really appreciate if you complete the SERIE A transfers for Ex. AS ROMA they Have: De Sanctis from NApoli , Strootman from PSV , Gervinho from Arsenal , Ljajic from Fiorentina , Benatia from Udinese and Maicon from Manchester city :)

    Thanks In Advance

  10. Michel you dont know what your talking about dude.Your making yourself look very foolish.People like you shouldnt be allowed to play the game

  11. Kurwa mać! Ile razy to było wałkowane? TO NIE JEST WIRUS, MUSISZ TO DODAĆ W SWOIM ANTYWIRUSIE DO WYJĄTKÓW!

  12. Tak dodaje do wyjątków i dziłą ale podczas skanowania automatycznie kasuje zainfekowane pliki czyli co mam wogole nie robic skaanowan byc grac

  13. please make complete Bundesliga and division 2 liga (especialy Liga Adelante, 2division of spanish league) team for future patch….please…..

  14. If I was using 0.1 before and started a BAL will that savegame get corrupted after installing 0.2?
    Thanks for the patches btw, you’re doing a great job.

  15. Edit: My BAL save is loading fine after installing the patch, hopefully it won’t cause it issues in the future either.
    Again, great job on the patch.

  16. Love it , keep up the great work always use PESEDIT patches. Just one thing, when adding more leagues later, could you add the Scottish SPFL thanks.

  17. ! C:\Users\lance\Downloads\PESEdit.com_2014_Patch_0.2.part5.rar: CRC-Fehler in PESEdit.com 2014 Patch 0.2\Installer.exe. Die Datei ist fehlerhaft.

  18. You do a great job but the bvb players are looking soooo bad! For example Lewandowski or Kuba are far away from the real faces!

  19. I have a problem. I do not know how to uninstall PESedit.com patch. I deleted the game and re-installed. But PESedit.com path is still there.

  20. i hope next patch is with all Champions League, at the moment, Viktoria Plzen, Basel, Austria Wien and Steaua is missing, so do it please

  21. hey man..just wanna ask u..i haven’t install any patch yet..so do i hv to install 0.1 first before i install 0.2..or can i just install 0.2 straight away??..really appreciate if u can help me out here..thanx :)

  22. I play master league with borussia dortmund and first friendly play against malaga and I HAVE SUBOTIĆ IN MY TEAM AND MALAGA HAVE SUBOTIĆ IN TEAM!!! YOU LEFT FREE INTERNACIONAL AGENTS PLAYER WHEN YOU MAKE BUNDESLIGA AND MAKE DOUBLY!!! SO NOW???




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