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PESEdit 2011 Patch 3.5


PESEdit 2011 Patch 3.5 New Features:

* Balls: Jabulani, Speedcell, Torfabrik 11/12, UEFA CL OMB, UEFA CL OMB Powerorange, UEFA EL OMB, Mitre Calcio, Total 90 Aerow, Total 90 Tracer Doma, Ligue 1 OMB
* Boots: adidas Predator adiPower Black/Red/White and Blue/Electricity, adidas adiZero ALL COLOURS
* Faces: More than 800 new faces, fixed a lot wrong faces / hairstyles
* Kits: 1860, Ajax, Almeria, Arsenal, Aston Villa, Aue, AZ, Belarus, Benfica, Betis, Chelsea, Corinthians, Cruzeiro, Duisburg, Everton, Feyenoord, Eintracht Frankfurt, Granada, Gremio, Hajduk, Hertha BSC, Internacional, Lazio, Leverkusen, Lille, Manchester City, Marseille, Milan, Norwich, Nottingham, Rangers, Real Madrid, Paris, Partizan, PSV, Red Star, Saint Etienne, Santos, Sao Paulo, South Africa, St. Pauli, Stoke, Sunderland, Swansea, Tottenham, Uzbekistan, Valenciennes
* Other: Updated some Copa America 2011 squads, uses newest Kitserver (11.1.1)
* Teams: All 11/12 promoted teams for Premier League, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Serie A, Primera División & Bundesliga added to all modes (Queens Park, Norwich, Swansea, Evian, Ajaccio, Dijon, Waalwijk, Atalanta, Novara, Siena, Betis, Granada, Rayo Vallecano, Augsburg, Hertha BSC
* Transfers: Up to 19/06/11 for big leagues, some for Other Teams

NOTE Remember to use the switch before starting a master league or become a legend
career. Read and follow the instructions and information here before posting questions.
NOTE² Since this is a version which comes with crucial changes to important parts of the
patch, we recommend to start new ML if you had played a ML with one of the 2nd division
NOTE³ A large number of changes have been made in this version and our team can’t test any possible thing with more than 300 teams in the patch, so don’t be angry if not everythign works perfectly at first, but report any errors which might occur in the Error Reporting Thread.

General Features:

* 7 Big Leagues (Bundesliga, Premier League, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Serie A, Primera
División, Russian Premier League) Completed including correct squads, kits,
lineups, logos, map locations; All players with correct stats, appearence and boots
* 5 2nd divisions to choose from in the selector (2. Bundesliga, Npower
Championship, Segunda División, Serie B & Ligue 2)
* Other newly added teams are
All missing Champions & Europa league teams
Fluminense, Gremio & Santos
Standard de Liège, Trabzonspor, Austria Vienna, FC Zürich, FC Dnipro,
Dynamo Moscow, Lokomotiv Moscow, CD Nacional, Sturm Graz, SC Vitória,
Wisla Krakow, Legia Warszawa, Luzern, Kayserispor
Albania, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Macedonia
* Correct squads, player names & kits for all national teams in the game
* New stadiums to choose from in the selector (Imtech Arena, Moses Mabhida
* Stadium, PESEDIT Stadium, Schüco Arena)
* New adboards
* New boots
* New edit mode hairstyles
* New faces (details in the versions’ features)
* New kits
* New menus (30 custom menu pics, 2 default Messi themes)
* New music
* New referee kits
* New scoreboards


Delete the folder “kitserver” from the PES 2011 main directory and also delete the start menu folder “PESEdit 2011 Patch” – skip this if this is the first time you install PESEdit 2011 Patch.
Install the patch using install.exe, make sure to choose the directory you installed PES 2011 to.
Start the game via pes2011.exe / start menu folder “PESEdit 2011 Patch” / PESEDIT SELECTOR

Additional stadium packages can be downloaded here.

PESEdit 2011 Patch 3.5 Download Links :


REQUIRES Microsoft Net.Framework 4.0
With the release of PESEdit.com 2011 Patch 0.4 the famous Selector tool – as known from
last year – makes its re-appearence in the patch.
You can choose between different ML / BAL team setups, more info can be found inside
the tool.
You can also choose between different 2nd divisions for the game and different stadiums.


You might have noticed that there’s a function to ‘switch stadiums’ in the PESEDIT
Selector included in this patch. As the size of quality stadiums is quite massive, we
decided to keep the optional which means clicking their buttons in the selector without
downloading the additional package will result in an error message due to missing files.
You can download the stadium package(s) from here.


christopher91, Simcut, Stavrello, RKO
Ahmad, BigBenFCB, Blaze, Chris, Gerjan, karl, kiko94, Nero, Peter, philipp123

Balls made by the following ballmakers (alphabetical order) have been used in this patch.
Paul81118, Stranxk
Boots made by the following bootmakers (alphabetical order) have been used in this
Distribution, ibrakadabra8, Miguelstyle, Paul81118, sadwjp, Severus
Faces made by the following facemakers (alphabetical order) have been used in this
patch. We are sorry, but it’s too many faces to keep track of every single one and that’s
why we changed the way of crediting the facemakers.
[4D]Nossy, Agiga, Ahai, Albertocp, Anasie10, Arnau, BJ, Blackjuve, Cgf, Cigman, CR9K8,
DPZone, Drift, Duner, El Fluppe, El Nazho, El Nino 9, Felipe Pflanzer, Futbolist777
Hawke, Hitfacer, Illuminati, KB, Kevski, Leo_Messi_10, Maze32, Michi1860, Mystiq,
Newnitnum, nickless, Petrboat, Romantik, Saintkei, Sergio, Sersh, Stevie, thgo, Vadim,
Victor, WUDF
Kits made by the following Kitmakers (alphabetical order) have been used in this patch.
We are sorry, but it’s too many kits to keep track of every single one and that’s why we
changed the way of crediting the kitmakers.
alen_petrin, Asiat, Astracell, Biker Jim, Cuky, Damix, Deo reloaded, Diablos, Dimas
Almarza, FLR, frontliner28, Josemigol, jvinu2000, klashman69, Kolia V., Liquidsnake, Mare
93, Millencolin, mstar, Müller Bento, Prame33, R14, Stanek, Tottimas, Txak, Venom,
VinVanDam13, Virtuared
People who contributed other files to the patch are listed here.
arquero7171 & r4m130 (adboards), denxho (ML sponsors)
We are using these tools to edit the game.
Game Graphic Studio by obocaman
Kitserver by juce & Robbie
PES 2011 Editor by [email protected]
PES 2011 Map Editor by barcafan
PES 2011 Ultimate Data Editor by barcafan
PES 2011 Ultimate Editor by barcafan
Stadium Studio 2010 by Stelios
ZLIB Tool by juce
If we missed you in the credits, please message us.


If you don’t want the new music for example, delete the dt02.img folder from
kitserver/pesedit/img and delete songs.txt from kitserver/pesedit
Here’s a little overview about this:
** Created stadiums → ST_EXPORT01.bin, ST_EXPORT02.bin, ST_THUMB01.bin,
ST_THUMB02.bin (Own documents/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2011/save)
** Music → dt02.img, songs.txt (kitserver/pesedit/img)
** Referee kits → dt09.img (kitserver/pesedit/img)
** Schüco Arena Training stadium → dt07.img (kitserver/pesedit/img)


  1. thank you for all this work
    but i wanna ask something, i just downloaded all the 7 parts, it’s all have the “Installer.exe” i’m confused, i don’t know how to installed in my PS3
    can you help me with it?

    // this patch is in PC section. Look in menu for PS3 patches.


  2. faut il installer une version précédente?

    // Patch 3.5 suffit, pas besoin de versions précédentes.

  3. stats is new or the same like 6 month erlier? the same stats = transfers is nonsens!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. j arrive pas sauvegarder mode vers légende avec se patch
    si vous pouvez m aider sa sera cool

  5. Great patch !

    But i noticed some bugs:
    – ML: I can’t save until my PES.exe crash ! :O
    – Ligue des Masters: Je ne peux pas sauvegarder sans que le jeu ne crash ! :O

  6. Thanks For Greating Patch………..but how can to do Play on Low Quality………i do Low quality but it seem still on high quality and very Slow…….aslo the Game fast on other patch ??

  7. I want to advise all of you that game crashes or have problems to uninstall the PES 2011 and to delete all remaining files from the game at My Documents/KONAMI and so on. Delete all the files that remained in your PES folder. And after that install a new one PES 2011. Then read SEVERAL times the installation procedure of the patch(the .pdf file) and after that install it. Armour yourself with patience. It will take longer time but it will save your time and nervous in future in search of errors or crashes.

    All of your customised data will be gone but the patch is awesome enough to start everything from the beginning =)

    This is just MY advice, only for those who can’t figure it out at all.Thank you.




  9. I have a problem with the logos and kits, unfortunatelly i can’t see them , just the names of the teams without logos :(

    Thank You for Your Help

  10. 1-I can’t save my progress in ML too. What can I do?
    2-When I switch to russian league, all promoted teams get back to the second division? Why?

  11. Hi ! After I installed this patch (EDIT 3.5) ! my Messi Overal rating Became 99 ! Ronaldo 93 ! Bale 81 ! Is this patch Correct ??????
    Is it same with all you ????

  12. where is SANTOS FC i can’t find it everywhere i made the all switches but i didn’t find Santos

  13. ok nice trick… the patch doesnt work at all … i made a clean instalation of pes, and then instal the patsh by administrator blah blah ( win 7) and then open the pes selector, select ml 1 … game crash . ml 2 crash . default, crash .. is this patch working at all … if dont be solutionated , please tell me another old that really work , thanks

  14. Lech Poznan In Tonev from ZSKA Sofia, out Bosacki
    Legia in Kosecki, Ljuboja from OGC Nice, Zewlakow, out Mezenga, Cabral, Chinyama
    Wisla in Iliev from Partizan, Lamey from Leicester, out Sivakov, Rios, Boukhari, Cikos, Branco, Zurawski, Lobodzinski,
    Piszczek was name the best right defender in bundesliga and in your patch he is weak, can you change this

  15. i can’t save my become a legend. i’m trying to create a new one but it crashes every time i try to save. what should i do?

  16. I cant see Macedonia national team in this game , should i change in switch ..or what ?

  17. ugh it says that it cannot be downloaded because some file couldnt be installed… how do I solve it?! anyone please help~

  18. Anyway to consider moving the champions league around to reflect new teams that were added, since you guys changed around the leagues for promotions/demotions I figured maybe you could do the same to reorganize the champions league to reflect the teams that qualified?

  19. I can’t save in Master League or BAL!
    What should I do because I don’t want to remove the patch.
    PESEDIT Patch it’s very, very good but have this problem.

  20. Dear PesPATCHEdit team.. Please add Malaysia National teams for next version, love to play it with Arsenal/Liverpool/Chelsea.. (incoming Asian Tour) Thanks :)

  21. hola yo siempre e tenido el mismo problema desde que instale el parche 1.5 que es que cada vez que voy a juugar una liga master apenas voy a jugar el primer partido se me sale del juego y nunka me deja jugarla porke es
    yo utilizo el ineterruptor pero no se si es ke no me coge bn o no se si no swe utilizarlos pero necesito ayuda si alguien sabe porfavor agreguemen al msn o a el facebook

  22. I can’t install. when i extract the rar files the size of installer file is 1611670. I think it should be bigger than that. The error msg is

    cannot create the following file


  23. Ajax’s R.Sneijder face crashes….Tottenham and Aston Villa kits are not correct…hope will get fix soon…

  24. very nice patch, but fails to start the first match that will be corrected master league?

  25. buggy like hell, this software is obviously made by someone without any programming knowledge.

  26. In advanced stage Of BL the new players lounched in the game are not included or were not expected to come from the pes edit team, so in many teams there is the Dummie player, a kind of basic player like hollow man, I think that starting a new BL career will prevent from meeting that kind of ghosts, all grey they are giving me the heebeegeebees

  27. I can’t intalled this… When i start install.exe, that says to me. don’t complete…

  28. I can’t save ML or BaL! How can I fix it? Or how can I remove the whole patch? I want to start new season but ML can’t be saved. Any solve?

    Please reply to me to my twitter account…Thank you for your answers…

  29. Select all brasilian players and scroll down … PES crashes!
    Same Error like the 3.0 version !!

  30. i can’t even extract it..help..it owez said that i need to have the 3.6 volume..

  31. For all who has the problem with ML and BAL
    when you open PES EDIT.exe then you must click “Switches” and then ML/BAL 1
    then you can save Masterleague or BAL without error

  32. My game crashes whenever i start the Master League, i have ML/BAL 1, and Championship selected, those were the only 2 things i changed in the Selector, and i picked Celtic to play as, but as soon as im past the Sponsorship deals, it crashes to Windows.

  33. L. Kruse causes a crash so I can’t continue my ML just because of him. Can we get a fix pretty please? or tell me how to just remove him from outside the game? I can’t edit in-game because it crashes everytime before his face is rendered.

  34. hola quiero hacerles una observacion de error en las caras de arellano de monterrey esta la de riveron de chivas. deberia estar en riveron de chivas.
    el mismo caso con paul aguilar que pusieron su cara en p. aguilar de san luis,deberia estar en la seleccion mexicana que se llama aguilar.

  35. i wannted to ask how come … after i make the patch the file ‘pes2011.exe’ cannot be opened ??

  36. I have installed this patch , but in masterleague I can’t save the game . how to fix it??


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