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PESEdit 2011 Patch 1.0


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PESEdit 2011 Patch 1.0 Features:
* ALL NEW TEAMS: Aris, BATE, Bursaspor, CSKA Moscow, CSKA Sofia, Debreceni VSC, Gent, Hajduk Split, Hapoel, Lausanne, Lech Poznan, Levski Sofia, Lviv, Metalist Kharkiv, Odense, Partizan, Rapid Wien, Red Bull Salzburg, Sheriff Tiraspol, Steaua Bucuresti, BSC Young Boys, Zilina
* Correct boots for nearly all players of Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Primera Division, Bundesliga
* New balls: Classic, Tango Mundial 1984, Tricolore 1998, adi5, Jo’bulani, Terapass Powerorange, Brine Indoor, Brine Platinum Orange, Derbystar Brilliant APS, Diadora Cobra, Diadora Trio Blue, Macron Super Brilliant, Total 90 Aerow, Total 90 Tracer EPL, Total 90 Tracer LC, Total 90 Tracer LFP, Total 90 Omni, Nike 5 Green, Nike 5 Yellow, Puma v1.10 Yellow Red
* New boots: Predator X Black/White/Electricity, adiPure III Black/White/Gold, Copa Mundial, MV Superfly II Safari, Total 90 Laser III Black/Silver/Yellow, Powercat White/Black/Orange, King XL Black/White/Gold, Asics Tigreor Black/Gold, Diadora LX Pro Black/Yellow, Joma Total Fit White/Black, Lotto Zhero Gravity White/Navy, Mizuno Morelia II Black/White
* More than 50 new edit mode hairstyles
* New faces: Antonini, Arnautovic, Bebe, Breno, Contento, Coloccini, Diakhate, Eto’o, Gameiro, Gusiev, Javier Hernandez, Joaquin, Kaboul, Lanzafame, Leggrotaglie, Matuidi, Milevskiy, Mykhakyk, Payet, Pedersen, Rafinha, Shevchenko, Srna, Tevez, Wilshere, Yussuf
* New kits: Aachen, Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackburn, Bosnia, Canada, Chile, China, Everton, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Fulham, Hannover, Hercules, Hoffenheim, Ingolstadt, Kaiserslautern, Mainz, Man City, Montenegro, Oberhausen, Osnabrück, Paderborn, Palermo, Peru, St. Pauli, Spain, Stoke, Sunderland, Thailand, Trinidad, West Brom, Wigan, Wolverhampton
* New national team anthems (made by PrettyMarlon)
* New stats! Back to KONAMI standards, + PESEDIT tweaks + completely new Bundesliga stats, ages!, market values

How to install:

* Delete the folder ‘PES 2011/kitserver/’ if you had an older patch installed.
* Start the installler and install the patch to your PES 2011 directory.
* Start the game with pes2011.exe or using the desktop shortcut

The patch automatically installs the KONAMI PES 2011 Patch 1.02 and the DLC 1.01.


  1. when I start the game it tells me that “This application has failed to start because d3dx9_43.dll was not found.” Reinstalling the application may fix this terminology problems. Please Helppppppppp meee

    Sorry for my bad english(i’m french)

  2. I INSTALLED THE PATCH CORRECTLY,delete kitserver,then installed

    and it’s not working!
    the standar logos,not new teams………
    pls help meeee

  3. What a bunch of stupid questions… DELETE old kitserver and folder PES 2011 from My Documents/KONAMI and then install this

  4. When i do league structure most of the teams become “Austria” and the other become the default teams… Whats going on? I performed a clean installation also!!! Please give a reply.

  5. All names for players are big ? or normal?
    i don’t speak good english…
    MESSI or Messi ? :PPP

  6. @ helpa & JoArsha

    I had the same problem with u before..this is what I’ve done and it worked!! I suggest you download all the 5 part from the same server e.g. if u download part 1 from Hotfile, download others from Hotfile too..

  7. The game crash on exibition game and always show d3dx9_43.dll is missing, i don’t know why, i put in the system32 folder.

  8. The game crash on exibition game and always show d3dx9_43.dll is missing, i don’t know why

    The same problem please help

  9. ياريت حد يساعدنى مافيش باتش بيشتغل مع اخر تحديث كونامى بسسب ملف dll حملتة وعملت اصلاح وحطيتة فى system 32 ياريت حد يرد عليا

  10. حبيبي المصري بدك التصلح الرجستري وتعملها كلين ودور بالانترنت عل الملف واذا انت حرك (يعني بتعرف تفوت وتطلعـ)ـ رح تلاقي الحل انا نزلت برنامج d3dx9_43 صغير وحل المشكلي تبع

  11. for all how asked about the d3dx9_43 file just search the net for and u will find a small program and free download it it will fix the problem by itself

  12. OMG i dont like the way the boots are shown in the box! god i hate that. I i think i will have to replace all the boots that means ..damn!

  13. This patch seems like a step backwards? Its got the missing dx file, and also, I did a clean install but after patching the game claims to be running 1.2 and dlc 1.1, or whatever however the team/league emblems and back to the regular ones. I haven’t looked too closely, but I wonder if the teams are also correct? Whats going on?

  14. download and install the latest version of [DirectX] to solve the problem of (d3dx9_43.dll is missing)

  15. Also does anyone else get a windows error saying PES has stopped working? I’m getting that every time I try to play an exhibition game, but I’m wondering if it has to do with not having added the direct x yet

  16. hey, is there anyway to incluede the copa le santander libratores in the master league? i mean as a other latin groups?
    it worked in the 0.3 patch, and now i upgraded it to the 1.0 and it hes only the original other latin groups…

  17. Problem with Patch not work with any becomlegend patch for example

  18. فى مشكلة مع اى باتش للبيكم ليجند مش بيتغل على باتشك خالص ولا بيظهر امكانيات الاعب مش عارف ليه ؟

  19. Despite the DirectX problems, does anyone else have a problem with most of the league/team logos going back to the original (incorrect) unmodded/unlicensed versions along with alot of the kits messing up. No clue what I could be doing wrong. I deleted the kitserver, deleted all pes data off my computer, did a clean install and patched and it still dosen’t work at all for me

  20. for most of the ppl posting here,if you had the problem of kits return to original,you might have to check if the kitserver is attached or not..and the one that crash,i dont know what to say because i never had that one before..mine is always good to go..

  21. Thanks it really is a great update!

    But I’ve got a little problem here, why can’t I change some team’s (e.g Arsenal) home ground? That’s a shame ‘cos I already downloaded Emirates Stadium and the other english team’s home turf… Anybody can help? Thanks in advance.

  22. I just checked, the default home ground for Arsenal is Estadio da Luz, which can’t be edited either… Does anybody know how to change it?

  23. I have a problem. After having installed the patch, the game crashes when I try to play a match… every kind of match… how can I uninstall it?

  24. I’ve definitly attached the kitserver, any other suggestions for why the patch would revert things back to their generic logos and leagues after patching?

  25. remy,i think maybe you put the edit.bin at the wrong directory..i should be document/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2011/save/edit.bin

  26. I have the same problem kits are unlincensed kitserver is attached correctly and in that folder it’s edit.bin
    Before it was fine but after i tried to import stadiums with the internal editor, it became wrong.

  27. Can i ask, why is it that i dont have the corinthians team, santos etc .. i just cant find them in exhibition or edit mode ..

  28. i’ve problem.some teams names are wrong.for example: zilina>ac milan

    red bulls salzburg>valencia. how can i fix them?help please..

  29. @Dodol

    What edit bin? I never got an edit.bin file form this patch. I unzipped it and just ran the install file. Where was I supposed to get an edit.bin file to use?

  30. Awesome patch! However, any way to remove the ‘DUMMY’ players from appearing in the teams in BAL or ML if I had started BAL or ML previously?

  31. Apparanetly not. Hence, my next question is – Any chance of removing the ‘DUMMY’ players from appearing in the teams in BAL or ML if I had started BAL or ML previously, in future patches?

  32. Can someone please tell me how this patch is installed corrently? I deleted everything, installed PES, then installed this patch over it. The kit server attached itself automatically. I did not place any edit.bin file, is that necessary. My game on the loading screens says it is patched with dlc 1 and patch 1.2 however the league logos and kits and teams are all non-licensed versions once again. Any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong?

  33. I had a patch 0.5 installed and after installed this patch, 1.0, many players are more LOW and with a low stats.

  34. After installing this patch, my goalie is a totally different person, he’s freaking short! How do i edit a player in the master league?

  35. hy can please make german stadiums in the next version of the patch and that not every stadium overwrites the konami stadium.


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