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PESEdit 2011 Patch 0.1


PES 2011 PESEdit 2011 Patch 0.1 Features:

* Correct names & emblems for all unlicensed club teams
* Correct names & emblems for all leagues
* Correct kits for all unlicensed EPL, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga teams & Brazil
* 100% correct kits configuration for ALL EPL TEAMS, Brazil and Schalke
* Correct player names for European unlicensed National Teams
* Correct referee kits
* Fixed major transfers and lineups
* Partial Bundesliga (ALL National Team players in the correct Bundesliga teams, also late transfers like Diego (Juventus to Wolfsburg)
* New faces (Badstuber, Forlán, Hamsik, Özil, Pato, Rosicky)
* New music (list below)
* Schüco Arena stadium in Training mode
* 2 stadiums created with PES’s stadium creator (‘SMALL STADIUM’ & ESTADIO VICENTE CALDERÓN)

PESEdit 2011 Patch Read me and Features List :

If you don’t like these choices, read below how to dismiss certain parts of the patch.


christopher91, Pat, RKO, Simcut


alen_petrin, alepes, Asiat, ay_yeung, chingoedw, Dark Nero, diNo, frontliner28, jvinu2000,
klashman69, mstar, Pat, Prame33, Venom
Cigman, DPZone, Felipe Pflanzer, illuminaty
AFS Explorer by WE-NG Team


1. Copy the content of the save folder to ‘My documents/KONAMI/Pro Evolution
Soccer 2011/save’
2. Copy the exe file to your PES 2011 directory. (there are 2 exes, one for the original
1.0.0 version of the game and one for the new 1.0.1 update.)
3. Insert the bin files from the dt0c.img, dt02.img, dt04.img dt07.img and dt09.img
folders to the respective img files using the little tutorial below.
4. Start the game with pes2011.exe

The 1.0.1 update for PES 2011 (required for online mode) can be downloaded here.


The following explains how to install the files into d02.img, for the other files (dt0c.img,
dt04.img dt07.img and dt09.img) it’s the same, just the names differ.
1. Open dt02.img (PES 2011/img) with AFS Explorer 3.7
2. Click ‘Action → Import Folder’ and select the folder d02.img in this download, then
click ‘ok’.
3. In the next window it will ask you to rebuild, click yes and save a file ‘dt02.img’ to
anywhere (e.g. your desktop)
4. Once it’s finished, copy the newly created dt02.img (placed in the directory which
you decided to use for the rebuild) and copy it to PES 2011/img folder, replace the
existing file.

*If anything went wrong you can copy the original img files from the game disc (program
files/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2011/img)


If you don’t want the new music for example, don’t install the img folder where it’s stored
and don’t copy the exe (new song names)
Here’s a little overview about this:
* Schüco Arena Training stadium → dt07.img
* Music → dt02.img, pes2011.exe
* Created stadiums → ST_EXPORT01.bin, ST_EXPORT02.bin, ST_THUMB01.bin,
* Referee kits → dt09.img


  1. guys help me please! i try to do this patch but when i do everything i upload the file to AFS import folder bla bla bla… then i see only 1 windows i click OK (cause only OK is there..) and its end i cant save the file on my desktop id dont even ask me to save file anywhere
    Anybody know why?
    Second when i try to right-click on dt0c in pes folder and tak “open by” take program from the list… i take AFS but AFS dont run i cant do nothing with this tryied to restart my pc still nothing

    Can som1 help me please? I want to make this awesome patch! but i cant ;/
    Operating system Win7 x64

  2. i only have pes 2011 demo… can it somehow work whit demo??? where did you get the full version if PES2011 is not released yet???
    please answer someone

  3. pls help! How to put the kits into it? I´ve got just some bloe and orange PES kits for every single team in Premier League… I´ve done it 4 times….

  4. i installed The 1.0.1 update for PES 2011 i registered in konami ID but when i connect to online this say : Your version of Pro evolution soccer 2011 is incompatible what to do ?

  5. kann mir jemand bitte helfen. ich krieg das mit dem patch nich gebacken.kann mir jemand genauer erklärn wie das geht ?
    Bitte !

  6. is bayern and bremen supposed to be NOT in the bundesliga category ? or did i do something wrong ? and the 2nd bundesliga has teams from i dont know where ? anything else is just fine as it should be.

  7. one more thing, the patch 1.01 doesnt seem to do anything, after patching its still 1.00 for me…

  8. MATT: i had the same problem u had and didnt know what was wrong, i then realized that when i copied the new modified dt0c, dt04, etc, to the game folder i didnt change their extension. you have to rename them to dt0c.img, dt04.img, etc to make them work.

    glad i can help

  9. HELPPPPPP i have problem with the kits all teams have the same kits yellow or blue (pes kits ) someone plz help me :/ :/ ! ! ! !

  10. Hi man, nice patch, thanks a lot for it, but i have a little sugestion for you guys, to upload this on the third upload site as well.. You know, this way you help us download all three parts on the same time. Thanks a lot for the patch, anyway.

  11. its kinda triky :1. Open dt02.img (PES 2011/img) with AFS Explorer 3.7
    2. Click ‘Action → Import Folder’ and select the folder d02.img in this download, then
    click ‘ok’.
    3. In the next window it will ask you to rebuild, click yes and save a file ‘dt02.img’ to
    anywhere (e.g. your desktop) and it asks you one more question to create another file you clik yes and then the program creates 2 files:dt02.img and another one and then take the second file ( not the dt02.img) and name it like this “dt02.img” i did that and with every file and it worked perfectly… excuse my bad english

  12. This patch is messed up. I installed it as instructed and:

    Teams don’t have real names and badges,
    All teams have a set of shirts (blue and yellow)
    it renamed the rest teams into “bundesliga2”

    only good thing was the transfers

  13. what do you mean “it is ok”? it doesn’t work as a patch. so many bugs. either someone fix it or give better instruction on how to do it

  14. do i have to do the procedure for all the folders in the patch or just for the bt02? can someone write more detailed instructions?

  15. i am doing all the steps correctly. we are 3 people here and believe me there is something omitted in the instructions that they should write. maybe something obvious that not everyone should know

  16. HOW do i take out the changes it made? i even uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and nothing…

  17. Almost all the names and emblems are correct.
    Most transfers(nearly 95%) are correct, except for a few players, such as Balotelli is still in Inter, I can’t find Metzelder in Schalke04, and above all, Bayern is in Other European Teams rather than Bundesliga!! I wonder if I use this patch properly,is there anyone find the same problems?

  18. after i patched the game to 1.01 and use the 1.01 exe that comes with your patch it says “wrong disc inserted” ?!

  19. My bundesliga teams have the default players and not the real player, just schalke04 have some real players, is this from the patch or its my mistake?

  20. Me Too!! I Have a little bit Real Players not all..

    Ich habe nur einpaar echte Bundesliga Spieler,Die zweite liga ist garnicht dabei bzw keine vereine davon..kann mir jemand helfen?

  21. this patch will deliver like usually once the flaws have been eliminated. i have the same issues as some on here seem to have. the players on the teams are all weird, but yet a couple are correct. i’ll just wait for the next couple updates. thanks for the work guys.

    dt04.img dt07.img and dt09.img. WHAT TO DO GUYS?! PLEASE HELP ME PLEEAAAAAAAAAAAASE!

  23. Same was what’s happen with Milo happened with me.. AFS loader doesn’t work properly.. Ne help?!

  24. i downt know what is the way of importing dt0x.img to afs(this stage:1. Open dt02.img (PES 2011/img) with AFS Explorer 3.7)

  25. Aaaaaaaaaaa lowers the patch, and I have the file edit damaged, someone who helps me, do not think to lower the patch again

  26. I would like to know if somebody has discovered where are the boots on this PES, i mean, in wich .img? If anybody knows please let me know so i can edit that.

  27. there is a problem in pato’s face
    in the match his hair and part of his head is disappeared :S
    it only become visible when camera get closer at him
    is there any fix for that ?
    or how can i return his face to the default ?

  28. Right, there is bug in Pato’s head (half of his head disappear), can you guys please fix this ?

    Otherwise its awesome :)

  29. For some reason my .img files are displaying as folders, so my AFS Explorer can’t select, it just opens the folders. Within the folders are the .bin files. Anyone know how to make my .img folders actually .img files that can be opened with AFS Explorer?


  30. on bitgamer pesedit patch has 2 gb
    more bigger,more easier,just copy the files,not imported with afs explorer

  31. i purchased and official copy and activated it with the provided Key. after finishing the whole process above i clicked on the new pes2011.exe , but it ask me for another Activation which my Key doesn’t work. do i need download anything else? thx

  32. the all is right just the kits is dosnt the real kits for (epl bundesleague brazil) there is the kit for konami for all teams… what i can do ?……. please answer

  33. Yeah ARNI, it’s not very nice to post your problem for others to help YOU and then when YOU solve it YOU just post “Sorted it”!!

  34. the same..

    tevez says:
    1 October 2010 at 13:43

    I need update 1.0.1 for this patch work? (i dont want to play online)

  35. hey arni, how did you solve that problem? I cant use AFSexplorer to open dtc02 img. That file is a folder.

  36. Gruß ihr lieben Leute !!

    Großes Lob an euch das ist echt geil was ihr hier auf die Beine gestellt habt !!

    ABER !! gibt es auch einen Patch für PES 2011 für die PS3 Version und wenn ja woher bekomm ich den und wie funktioniert es, Sorry bin ein ComputerNoob…

    MFG yippi

  37. i could not install the patch because the afs explorer had an error telling me that the exe is not compatible with the version of windows(32, 64) i tried to find a version to work but not positive result.
    pls help

  38. i agree with mikko…there is problem with bundesliga…and the transfers issue….how can we fix it guys?plz help!!

  39. the indroduction is good. so if u do all these things. the patch will work.

    but there are many mistakes. like in bundesliga. there are many player of each team missing.
    maybe u will fix these problems in next patch(es)

  40. I installed this patch and names are correct, but kits and teams logos haven’t changed. what did I do wrong while installing it, or maybe that’s because i’m not using *.exe file given? when I put it in right place and start game, pes askes me for CD. what’s wrong?

  41. There is something wrong.

    When I add the Edit file, the Jerseys of most of the EPL teams went to BLUE and Yellow only.

  42. i have promblem with kits in premier league. the home kits are pes blue and the away kit is orange. please guys help me!!

  43. another thing:
    the gameplay didn’t change, not like “man” said.
    just follow the instructions and instead of the Bundesliga and some transfers missing everything will be perfect (and maybe patos face^^)

  44. Aggiornamenti dappertutto ma …per poter installare tutti questi aggiornamenti necessità un kitserver per pes 2011.
    KONAMI questo lo sa e allora per cortesia vogliamo subito un kitserver
    per poter arricchire il gioco perchè allo stato attuale non si può
    giocare.Non capisco come mai Fifa e già tutto bello è pronto e questo Pes sta deludendo le attese,

  45. another remark from me:
    every bundesliga team in this patch has eleven real players. you find them at the end of the list of substitutions.

  46. hi , i can’t get the file

    i want just latest transfers , just that

    but i can’t find it anywhere

    please help me , thx

  47. ive installed the patch…but when i start the exe..it say pes encountered problem..and is shutting down..any help guys plzzz

  48. I´ve installed all that things with afs explorer, but it changed only club symbols in EPL. The team names and the jerseys in EPL are not changed? What i did wrong?

  49. auxilio sin querer hice mal el paso del AFS y se me cagó el archivo dt02 img.. por favor alguien que me lo suba o algo por el estilo! no tengo el cd para sacarlo de nuevo! lo preste! ayuda!!

  50. ciao ragazzi,
    ho installato la patch correttamente.
    ho un problema che si verifica quando carico le partite salvate, dopo averle caricate mi si chiude il gioco e mi chiede di installare nuovamente pes 2011.
    come posso risolvere il problema riscontrato^? esiste un modo per togliere la patch installata senza installare nuovamente il gioco?

  51. mnta kode manual activition pes2011 ps 3,udh instal tp di suruh mzkn kode manual activition.mnta comentx ya tman2 and kode manualx


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