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PESEdit 2010 Patch 4.1


New Features 4.1:

* Transfer up-to-date for all teams (01/09/2010)
* Add-on option files up-to-date with default option file
* NEW TEAM: MSK Zilina (CL group stage)
* Lots of new 10/11 kits (Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League & La Liga all complete new kits + LOTS of other teams!)
* Many new faces
* NEW BOOT: adidas adiZero White/Black/Pink
* NEW 10/11 referee kits

New Features 4.0:

* Transfers up-to-date for all 300+ club teams (15/08/2010)
* Updated France, Italy & Brazil national teams with newest call-ups
* Added new promoted teams (26 teams: Erzgebirge Aue, Ingolstadt, Osnabrück, Arles-Avignon, Stade Brestois, Levante, Hércules, Real Sociedad, Brescia, Cesena, Lecce, Blackpool & Excelsior; + Leeds, Millwall, Norwich, Evian, Reims, Troyes, Novara, Pescara, Varese, Alcorcon, Barcelona Atletic, Granada & Ponferradina)
* New 2010/11 kits for many teams including a lot PESEDIT exclusive creations
* Updated new league/cup logos (Premier League, Championship, Serie A, Serie B, TIM Cup, Bundesliga)
* Updated new club logos (e.g. Brest, Lorient Le Mans)
* Added many new faces (30+)
* 9 new balls (details below)
* 12 new boots (details below)

General Features:

* added complete Bundesliga & 2. Bundesliga + 3 teams from 3. Liga (10/11 season)
* aded 2nd divisons for England (Championship), France (Ligue 2), Italy (Serie B), Spain (Segunda Division)
* real names, kits and emblems for all teams
* real player names and updated stats for most players
* added Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga teams
* added more than 50 national and club teams
* added more than 400 player faces
* added more than 40 new boots and more than 25 new balls


*NOTE* It is recommended to do a fresh installation before installing the 4.1 patch.
(Uninstall Kitserver and delete the Kitserver folder, and remove the Start Menu folder of the Patch)

1. Install official PES 2010 Patch 1.3 (if you didn’t do so yet)
2. Install PESEdit 2010 Patch 4.1

*IMPORTANT* You MUST start a new career in ML/BAL in order to make this work correctly. (4.0 savefiles will work fine, but without the newewst tranfers, of course)

CL groups are not correct, neither are default selected teams (e.g. Liverpool is still in there)
I tried my best to change this but it seems to be not possible with what we know.
You’ll have to wait for PES 2011 for this feature, but don’t forget you can still set the groups manually!


  1. pesedit team didn’t make update. they made only this.

    BZv, this is not subitted again. this is just released, read the info:

    Transfer up-to-date for all teams (01/09/2010) …

  2. But theare was an update called pesedit 4.1 update(FIX) but never mind

    // staff edit:

    PESEdit 2010 Patch 4.0.1 [Fix] is 4.0.1 not 4.1 update(FIX). This is a new version.

  3. pes patch i will ask you again its say scce subribers will get the demo on the 8th wht does this mean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. when i play for/against MSK Zilina, the game crashes, even if i play friendly, cup, or champions league..

  5. sumbody please teach me how to install this patch..i already installed the world cup patch..shud i install this 4.1 patch on the world cup?

  6. @villastar yeah,, same i have a pes 1.3 patch [world cup] .i only download it right and install…that it’s?????

  7. i couldnt play become a legend.once i try to play,the game suddenly shut off..could sumbody tell me whats happen??n what shud i do??

  8. well it is very easy!!
    just install the 1.3 from the system settings…
    then you put this patch to a usb and put it to ps3 and copy all the files to the pes folder!!!

  9. I have tried installing this patch but the game stops soon as I go to Exhibition to go and play a game please help

  10. The odd things s that, after installing this 4.1 fix, team rosters go back on those before 1st september ? Any clue ?

  11. I believe this is for PC PES 2010 right? It won’t work for PS3 cause there is no option files? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  12. Nice .. but important thing this year was Ibrahimovic and Robinho’s Deal .. any way waiting for PES 2011 Demo to try it at 15 Sep after PES 2011 Relase I must start new BAL and ML .. and there Online in MLO any way I play it in PS3 and PC for DEMO :)

  13. Friends I found a bug in Master League!I bought a player named: MIRANDA Position CB from “Sao Paulo” and after 1-2 weeks his position has changed to GK and the stats are messed up!I’m so nervous because the patch is really good!

  14. upload it on mediafire so i don’t have to get a premium membership to not get effed over with hotfile and uploading.

  15. Cant Play a match in Master League.. It shows dat microsoft C++ Runtime error.. Plz help.. i Installed evrything correctly..

  16. After this when you make a new patch, can you exist malaysian national team in your new patch??????Plezzzzz……..

  17. I love this patch, but after this can you also make a malaysian national team,brazil league and argentina league in your new patch?????

  18. I did everything .. but game crash everytime i enter exhibition mode. cant play a single game ..it says “PES 2010 has encountered a problem and need to close. we are sorry for the inconvenience” tried installing it agan and again but same problem occurs.. really need a solution. please help!!

  19. thx for this patch its the best patch i got for pes 10 plz now make the same patch for pes 11 with all things like this patch plz i am wating for new season for pes 11

  20. Ican’t play pes2010 online, coz the code is not valid….would you give the valid activate code…thank you

  21. Are you guys serious?Can’t you read the details above?what are this game’s features?geez…Anyway,thank you very much for this awesome patch…


  22. Everytime i want to edit cr7 skill card,the game crashed,why?and why i cant find andy caroll and kyle walker when i want to put both of them in england squad,why?


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