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PESEdit 2010 Patch 4.0


PESEdit 2010 Patch 4.0 New Features :

* Transfers up-to-date for all 300+ club teams (15/08/2010)
* Updated France, Italy & Brazil national teams with newest call-ups
* Added new promoted teams (26 teams: Erzgebirge Aue, Ingolstadt, Osnabrück, Arles-Avignon, Stade Brestois, Levante, Hércules, Real Sociedad, Brescia, Cesena, Lecce, Blackpool & Excelsior; + Leeds, Millwall, Norwich, Evian, Reims, Troyes, Novara, Pescara, Varese, Alcorcon, Barcelona Atletic, Granada & Ponferradina)
* New 2010/11 kits for many teams including a lot PESEDIT exclusive creations
* Updated new league/cup logos (Premier League, Championship, Serie A, Serie B, TIM Cup, Bundesliga)
* Updated new club logos (e.g. Brest, Lorient Le Mans)
* Added many new faces (30+)
* 9 new balls (details below)
* 12 new boots (details below)

General Features:

* added complete Bundesliga & 2. Bundesliga + 3 teams from 3. Liga (10/11 season)
* aded 2nd divisons for England (Championship), France (Ligue 2), Italy (Serie B), Spain (Segunda Division)
* real names, kits and emblems for all teams
* real player names and updated stats for most players
* added Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga teams
* added more than 50 national and club teams
* added more than 400 player faces
* added more than 40 new boots and more than 25 new balls


*NOTE* It is recommended to do a fresh installation before installing the 3.4 patch.
(Uninstall Kitserver and delete the Kitserver folder, and remove the Start Menu folder of the Patch)

1. Install official Konami Patch 1.3 (if you didn’t do so yet) (Link Here)
2. Install PESEdit 2010 Patch 4.0.

*IMPORTANT* You MUST start a new career in ML/BAL in order to make this work correctly.


  1. Sympa si il marchait
    Il bug de partout avec des matchs qui ne s’affichent pas
    On a droit a un fond d’écran à la place et le jeu refuse de se fermer correctement
    Bref que des problèmes malgré la marche à suivre à savoir installation clean (desinstall de l’ancien kit server) et 1.3 à jour

  2. I got same problem match start with sound only but only menu page on screen, also corrupted with the world cup patch, anything i have installed wrong, please help, thanx

  3. hey does anyone knows how to get the white thing (sock,tape)
    like torres or ronaldo do on pes 2010?

  4. Hi,

    How do you install this patch i have downloaded all parts and when i click on installer it asks me to find each part but it asks me over and over to find the same parts. So basically, can anyone give me step by step instructions on how to install the patch. Thanks :)

  5. hey can someone tell me how do i put tattoos on my player in become a leyend? thank you i speak spanish also so answer me in spanish or englis thank you guys

  6. y dont u guyz be uploading to multiupload.com? so that we can be downloading all the files at once!

  7. Wholy.. great patch!!! i was looking for this, outstanding good job!
    thank you very very much =P <3

  8. hei PES PPL!

    i have some problems too run this patch (4.0 + fix 4.0.1) in my PC.

    after downloading, extracting, and install this pacth, i try too run the PESEdit-Selector as administrator, put my password but i have always the same error:

    pes2010.exe error
    files missing d3dx9_dll
    try to reinstall

    after this, the game start but i cannot play, because the game crash in all options.

    someone as the same problems? i try everything but the error is always the same. anyone can help me? thank you

    Windows 7 64bits
    intel core i5 2.27Ghz
    ATI mobility radeon HD 5650
    4.00Ghz RAM

  9. —john—: Uninstall Kitserver and delete the Kitserver folder, and remove the Start Menu folder of the Patch. then install patch 4.0 and 4.0.1 fix

  10. J Ugarte: – Install official Konami Patch 1.3 (if you didn’t do so yet)

    – Go to “System Settings -> Download” and apply official DLC (if you didn’t do so yet)
    – Install PESEdit 2010 Patch 4.0 (all-in-one)

  11. You CANNOT install a scoreboard in this patch, I have tried and failed, it looks white and I don’t know why :(
    I DO NOT have any other patch nor scoreboard installed, can somebody help me?

  12. I got problem, after the isntallation, I make a new character for become a legend, but when I load it stop responding. HELP!!!!!

  13. Can somebody help me pls.. I have win7 and I the game always gives an error d3dx9_dll try to reinstall.. helpppp…pls..!!!! thanks..

  14. Hi there, i have some problem with selector, when i switch Championship for Bundesliga it has bad influence on my option file (a few missing players in each team,Carvalho is still in Chelsea, Balotelli still in Inter) and i´ve even tried fresh reinstall and it didnt help. Of course i´ve got fix 4.0.1

  15. To admins;
    I have a problem with winzip.
    When i open the zipped file and extract it somewhere there are some errors missing files and something. please help me . i have a 1.0.0 version and i upgraded 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.0.3
    I want to install this patch. please respond me…

  16. is this worth downloading guys? i cant play it when theres too many errors. If this is a great patch like you guys are saying…would you say its better than the other patches? for example which on would you guys download this PES edit 4 or this one PES2010 “CristalDarkhoN” PATCH [17.08.2010] . Please let me know guys, its not easy downloading that many hotfile parts, takes forever.

  17. admins ,i ha d a doubt can you tell me how to replace emblems in the scoreboard with the team names???

    which file am i supposed to delete

  18. vc vai baixar pelo ul vai mo lento pelo hf vai muito mais rapido mas quando baixa tem que esperar acho que 25 minutos mas e muito bom esse patch so tem que ter paciencia para baixar blz

  19. mitha, i have download this, ive added the fix patch too, i havent had any problems of yet. but im sure there is some bugs . Ive tried both the patches now, the PES2010 “CristalDarkhoN” PATCH [17.08.2010] has nice menu’s and great player appearance ..but didnt really enjoy it. This PESEDIT 4.0 ..well the game play is pretty good, the appearance of players is good. But the emblems, menu, scoreboard ..looks average.

  20. when I switching the league, my edited file become to default. How to fix it? Because transfer window still running, so many players still at old club.


  22. i create new BL.. and when it reaches save setting or play for Palmeiras for the unprofessional league, it always stop itself… but if i play my old BL, i can play smoothly (but the league still messed up).. Can u explain?

  23. pocha e patch que eu baxei não ta desconpactando pelo winrar,porque deve tenta outro ou e o patch,mim ajuda ae.

  24. I can’t play online mode, why??? And what do you mean by “You MUST start a new career in ML/BAL”???

  25. ”it is need another patch”
    No.Only the official Komami 1.03 Patch which you can find in this site.

  26. ”i found the erdevise teams repeat under other leagues section”
    Attach the kitserver manager again.
    C:\Progran Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010\kitserver.

  27. the patch is awesome!!!!
    it is the best patch i had ever used!!!


    the game becomes not responding while exiting


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