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PESEdit 2010 Patch 2.2 by PATe.Arminia


PESEdit 2010 Patch 2.2 New Features:

* Latest kits (Brazilian 2010 kits, new Köln kits, fixed portuguese kits etc.)
* Latest faces (Behrami etc.)
* Many new graphics (calender logos etc, blue menu cursors etc.)
* Corrected many home stadiums and short team names
* New adboards for all stadiums
* Updated stats for remaining other league teams
* Fixed some more minor bugs

* This version includes a new launcher that checks wether there is a new version available online and directs you to the download patch if there is one available. Otherwise it will just start the game. If you want just want to start the game, click the ‘normal’ link in start menu.

You will need to install these versions first to get the full package: PESEdit 1.9, 2.0, 2.1


  1. I think Spain will win the soccer World Champions title in South Africa. They are in a real good shape right now and won’t be stopped.

  2. do any of these patches work with pro evo on the mac…please please PLEASE let us know..i’ve been looking for an answer for weeks!


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