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PESCity.Com WC2014 Patch For PES2013 DLC 6.0



This patch is free.

You do not have the right to edit the patch file.

You can not can earn this patch.

You can not use this patch for gambling.

You can not use this patch to advertise.

You do not have to rename the patch creators.

Any commercial use of this patch is illegal….

Thanks beh.x47

MZF: …………… WC2014 Patch For PES2013 ……………




* Created By : Beh.x47 *

Thanks For All editors to world

Face Creator : MZF ( Mohammad Zarif Fakur )

& thanks for Mohammad Maleki

* & Mr.ali – A20group – pouyavatani – beh.t77 – nabeghe *

* jok3rn4t!on – Reza_k7 – – gotze – rezando7 – mountun – mr20 *


Dlc 6.00

Added team Classic Iran کلاسیک ایران منتخب 98 و 74

Add ball WC14 & konami 14

Add face for all team to WC14

Add new kit for all (32) team to wc14 & other team

Add SCboard WC14

New Gameplane

New boxpower

Design Menu (wc14)

Add new transfer

add referee wc14 &amp…

Added face for All Classical team kit for All Classical Team
beh_x47: Assigned Call names for a lot of player & classic player

Added More Than 3500 new Players & Face 900 mb



If you experience problems with this email please contact

[email protected]

[email protected]

Or if you know the Persian language.

Please refer to the following website


For get updates from the site use the following

– pescity – classicalpatch.ir


System requirements :

CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or equivalent AMD processor

RAM : 1 GB or more

Graphic card : Nvidia Geforce 6300 or ATI Radeon x1200 or intel HD graphics 3000

Sound : Any sound card which supports DirectX 9.0

Direct X : Direct X 9.0 or more


Download parts of 95 MB :

Part 1 :   ExpressLeech – MediafireDirect link

Part 2 :   ExpressLeech – Mediafire – Direct link

Part 3 :   ExpressLeech – Mediafire – Direct link

Part 4 :   ExpressLeech – Mediafire – Direct link

Part 5 :   ExpressLeech – Mediafire – Direct link

Part 6 :   ExpressLeech – Mediafire – Direct link

Part 7 :   ExpressLeech – Mediafire – Direct link

Part 8 :   ExpressLeech – Mediafire – Direct link

Part 9 :   ExpressLeech – Mediafire – Direct link

Part 10 : ExpressLeech – Mediafire – Direct link

Part 11 : ExpressLeech – Mediafire – Direct link

Part 12 : ExpressLeech – Mediafire – Direct link

Part 13 : ExpressLeech – Mediafire – Direct link

Part 14 : ExpressLeech – Mediafire – Direct link


  1. Hello, can u help me here? how exactly do i install this patch? step by step if its no problem :P

  2. setup patch is easy – too install file is step :D step
    1.delete kitserver folder to directory pes2013
    2.delet folder konami to mydcment
    2. install patch ….

  3. For Install Patch Just Extract .RAR Files,Click On Setup.exe ,Accept Terms And Enter Pes2013 Instillation Folder
    After Complete Frist Installation Wizard Execute a Update Wizard But u Enter Pes2013 Instillation Folder And After Complete Update Wizard Run Setup For Applying Last Transfer,Then U Should Enter a Konami Save File Folder,
    If Your Game IS Original Version You do not need to change Folder locations
    Thanx For Using This Patch
    Mountuno(PESCity.com Forum Moderator)

  4. pelease insert transfors patch just for smaller size. 950 mb is very big size.exusme i dont speek english verz good

  5. que equipos trae el parche? como lo instalo? trae a boca juniors del 2000?

  6. Reply In English:

    Sorry This Patch Not Add Boca Juniors 2000 Team
    But you can patch up public offering classic that has the characteristics wait

    Reply In Spain Language:

    Disculpa Este parche no Añadir Boca Juniors 2000
    Pero usted puede arreglar clásica oferta pública que tiene las características de esperar


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