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PeSBoX Anatolia 2013 v0.8


PeSBoX Anatolia 2013 v0.8 (01.10.2012)


New leagues: Bundesliga, Spor Toto Süper Lig
New 2. divisions: Npower Championship, PTT 1. Lig
Licenced all leagues & cups
Licenced Barclays Premier League & Liga Zon Sagres teams
Correct kits for important national teams
Correct names for fake players
Some important transfers
Includes DLC 1.00
Disabled blur effect
Online competible

Note: Transfers are not completely true. Important transfers were done but we will not complete all of them until DLC 2.00 because we don’t like double work.


-Corrected Npower Championship players
-Corrected Spor Toto Süper Lig & PTT 1. Lig formations & squads
-Corrected Barclays Premier League kit numbers
-Updated latest kitserver (

RAR Password: www.pesbox.com

Important: If you have installed 0.1, 0.2 or 0.3 versions of our patch, put original dt0c.img and dt04.img files or re-install PES 2013. Otherwise you may get some errors.


Delete old ‘pesbox-server’ folder.
Install the patch by using ‘PeSBoX Anatolia 2013 v0.8 Installer.exe’ and be sure about the installation directory of PES 2013 is correct.
After installation finished, start the selector via ‘PeSBoX Anatolia 2013 Selector.exe’. Press ‘Patch Mode’ button for normal game or press ‘Online Mode’ button for online game.
Mode selector requires ‘Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0’.
Windows Vista/7/8 users, run all exe files as administrator or disable UAC.


Software Master: Ercan Ayan
OF Editors: Emre Sarı, erolkopuz, NeC
Kit Makers: Sefa Çelebi, Fatih Cesur, MsssT, conTRaksi, karacaoğlu, Recep Hazır, Edhem SESE, ahmetgs17, berkefb, Rahman Bilbay
Face Makers: ilhan_12, silah, Emre Özel, StifleR, İsmail_12, Akn35, Metin Samet, devillica, Legendary, EmreKaya1907, DeXTeR, by F!ko, Cevat_12, Réx
Stadium Makers: suatcagdas (sxsxsx), Gkan, Hasan Aktas, Yucel11, sisyrc
Graphic Makers: DracheN, ThsN
Video Makers: v1Ru5 Tv, trabzonsporlu61
Commentator: Emin Zevkliler
Translators: Arastotales, Joseph K., SerdarG
General Support: Batuhan SARIGÜL, Ziya Aygün, Kaan Akan, ßLaCKNiqHT, Berk Dereli, F. Yıldırım, ultrAslan34, tun4x, Ozan_12


Tools: jenkey1002, juce, barcafan, razib_46
Kits: moody, IXOXOX, FC, Stonekoos, cuky, PESEDIT, BeasT, Tottimas, juaniyo, @oeband23, METAY, FAUDA19, RAM’Z 50, ALEPES, fabio100, ANDRE VIERIA, Caphca, rjpr, TASCI, LUCAS TRAVERSIM, MARIO88, BeFree, THE LOOORD, BAREL17, EDXZ101, HANSDELL, NNICOLAAS
Adboards: Hicksville, r4m130

If we miss someone in credits, please inform us.


  1. I have installed the PeSBoX Anatolia 2013 v0.7. Why My player is substituted every matches for 2 long seasons??? why?? I loose all matches on Amateur Level.
    BAL never allowed me to play a full match NEVER 72 hours.

  2. you need to have following volume to continue the extraction
    and then it says insert a disk with this volume and press “OK” to try again or press “Cancel” to break extraction.

    What i need to do?

  3. Is it possible to not duplicate Matser players in the league, it’s foolish to Subotic plays for Liverpool and Borussia?

  4. SLM beyler ,when i click on patch maode it says “access to the path ‘C:/Program files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\pesbox-server\config.txt’is denied can u please help me thank you.

  5. In master league, all players from the Bundesliga are made ​​twice!!
    This can be corrected, do so, and you?

  6. Have the real game, no download. Got Pesbox anatolia patch 0.7 but I can’t play online ranking games, Only MLO. When I get in game there’s an error after a few passes: “this match is interupted due to unforeseen circumstances”. What do I need to do? Get the error on patch mode aswell as on the online mode.

    Cheers for the nice patch anyway offline.

  7. after installation it only shows npower champions, bundesliga 1, barclays ,sirie a and other pes liscensed leagues , whats the problem?


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