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PES2021 Josh’s Master League Text Mod


Here is my master league text mod (English only). This mod is mainly made for fixing some wrong copy and spelling by Konami.

Things that are fixed:
– A couple of spelling and spacing mistakes in news sections and press conference which are very often seen and noticeable. (“Victory AgainstCHELSEA” will now be “Victory Against CHELSEA)
– Changed line-up status of BAL in ML menu section to a generic one as there is a bug where if a player is injured in pre-season, the BAL player second will still list the player as starting the upcoming game. (this bug was in pes2020 and I’m pretty sure they haven’t fixed it). Now the announcement will just read something like “The lineup has been announced. Will RONALDO be on the list?”
– A BAL news status where it says your player helped the team to win in the last game despite being injured and not starting. Replaced with copy saying the player has a good influence in the locker room to give it a little flavor.

PES2021 Master League Text

Future releases will include more rephrasing of news sections to make the news read more like how headlines and copy are written in real football articles.


New Lines Added:

0 Hey %s, I hope everything is good so far. Let’s talk about the direction I expect the club to move towards this coming season.
1 As the sports director, I would think we should target for the %s. Is that ambition realistic for you?
2 As sports director, I think we should be aiming to win the league this year. What’s your opinion?
3 We are a club that needs to be consistently challenging for the top spots. As you know our fans has come to expect us no less to be in the %s. Can you achieve that?
6 We have higher ambitions than to be in the lower leagues. I want to see us in the top flight to challenge and not just making up the numbers. Get %s this season. Done?
7 I would really like us to compete, but in all honesty, we have to avoid relegation. We entrust you to be here to build a squad to compete in the near future, but let’s take one step at a time. How does that sound?
23 We can finish in the top half of the league, specifically the %s position or higher. But for that to happen, I will need your full support during the transfer windows to build a team that I envision.
48 We should aim to stay in the top flight to remain the status we have.
56 A club like us should focus on winning the league.
59 Promotion takes priority out of everything.
63 It’s a pity that the %s title is out of our hands now, but we are still in it to win the league, and that’s the trophy we can still lift at the end of this coming season.
88 Hi, this is from BBC. Do you feel the pressure already since this appointment at a big club like %s?
89 Hi, this is from The Sun. The expectation of %s will always be winning silverwares. Is that your top priority?
90 Darren Burns from ESPN. You were heavily linked to a few other clubs in the papers. So why %s?
91 Hi, OneFootball here. What are you looking to achieve with %s?
92 What brand of football are you looking for %s to play?
93 A big club like this have a reputation to uphold. I come here to win. If you perform, you play. If you don’t, I will not hesitate to drop a player if I have to.
94 We have a lot of good players. %s is one of them. Some of them are at the peak of their game. Many are filled with potential that i hope I can help unlock.
95 I will fight for this club. My players will fight for this club. That is my mentality. If the players shares my mentality, I believe we can accomplish a lot of things together.
563 “There will always be rumours. I have a big ambition, but my only focus is the next game I play.”
565 %s Is here to stay. The club is not looking to sell him.
568 %s Negotiation is off the table.
570 “The media can say what they want to, but I am here with this club 100%. I’ve spoken to the manager and we’ve cleared a lot of things up.”
572 A club has enquire for %s
576 “There are some interest, I’m not gonna lie. I believe in my agent to do what’s best for me.”
578 An unexpected transfer for %s
740 “This is a big game for us.”
742 “We threw the game away.”
757 A Future Star In The Making
834 “I can’t wait to play in front of the fans. Hopefully I can repay them with a good start in the shirt.”
835 All Hail The Goal Machine
840 “I’ve been working very hard, and I am happy that I am able to put those, and hopefully more into the net.”
934 We kept on playing and believed in ourselves. We didn’t let it get into our heads.
938 We gave them a good run for their money, didn’t we? It might not be the result we hoped for, but it is what it is.

No Master League restarting is required and doesn’t need V1.



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