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PES2019 3rd Entrance Pack For EvoSwitcher by FuNZoTiK


3rd Entrance Pack PES 2019 + Fix for EvoSwitcher by FuNZoTiK

Download Third Entrance-Pack For PES2019 PC

Included in this pack :
Entrance and winner scenes : Copa, Supercopa and Superliga Argentina by Nahue
Fix to enable the gate for Serie A in ML (thanks to Mohamed Alaa who found the solution)
Fix to have the Wanda Metropolitano stadium in UCL Final.

*This pack is made to add Argentina Entrance Scenes by Nahue to my precedents packs, and add some fix to the EvoSwitcher.

/!\ You must install my FIRST and SECOND entrance packs, and UCL CELEBRATION WITH TROPHY before installing this /!\

Just unpack/replace files to PES 2019 folder :


Size: 5.9 MB


  1. Gracias se te agradece voy a probar instalarlo ya que ninguna entrada me funciona en ninguna liga, podrias hacer un tuto para el stadium server por favor no puedo instalar el king power stadium, te agradezco

  2. First, you need EvoSwitcher to install my mods. For stadiums, Im using DPFileList Generator with CPK to add them ;)


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