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PES2018 Referee Kits Pack by Hawke


Referee Kits Pack For PES 2018 PC by Hawke

Download Referee Pack 2018

Includes kits for Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, UCL Generics and more.


To use this mod correctly you need to create a separate UniformParemeter.bin for each individual kit set ..for this you need to use UniformParemeter Builder 2018, I made a tutorial for this here.

Instructions: EPL Ref Kits used for this example.
The best way is to make a copy of your Team folder ( the one you use to make a UniformParameter.bin ) & name it EPL Ref Kits and then add my Ref Kit bins to that folder and create a new UniformParameter.bin. Now create a Cpk with my EPL Ref Kits & your new UniformParameter.bin. This way you can load it via DpFileListGenerator as an add-on when playing Premier League & then when you disable it your old UniformParameter.bin will load enabling you to revert back to default Ref Kits when not playing Premier League. Then just remember that when you add kits to your patch/game in the future to make 2 UniformParameter.bins..one from your main kits team folder & one from your EPL Ref Kits team folder add-on.

So in effect once you have created your Ref Kits cpk’s you can then enable them as needed via DpFileList Generator…so if your playing Serie A league you would enable the Serie A Ref Kits.cpk…If your playing the Premier League you would enable EPL Ref Kits.cpk & so on.

For the Generic & UCL referee kits this is not need & will work fine with the default UniformParameter.bin as no collars or kit data for the kits bins has been changed so you just need to enable Referee Kits.cpk via DpFileList Generator.

NOTE: The Generic & UCL ref kits have a new Fifa Badge update (Better Quality)


  1. Hi, I installed it making it cpk, and when I do not use the Serie A, I take out the CPK and the originals come back, is that ok? regards

  2. Why do not you put it into CPK files, most of them I do not know how to create a CPK file


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