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PES2017 Option File Update SMoKE 17.1.5 by EsLaM


New OF Update 22.12 For PES 2017 SMoKE V17.1.5 by EsLaM

Download SMoKE 17.1.5 Option File Update 22 December

1–Winter transfers 19-20
2–Updated players from PES 20
3–EDIT00000000 compatible with AZ Stadiums
4–EDIT00000000 not compatible
5–Repair of Joao Felix number And G. Jesus
6–Celebrations of more than 35 players have been updated
7–Update game plans 15/12
8–Update new coachs 19-20
9–Add new pack balls 19-20 compatible EDIT00000000
10–Add new lighting
11-Add face


Includes 2 OF versions, credits EsLaM.


  1. czy można zmienić w rozgrywce ze rozpoczęcie meczy czy po wznowieniu gry po zdobyciu czy utracie bramki ze środka pola będzie rozpoczynał grę jeden zawodnik tak jak to jest w pes 2018 ,19 czy 20 czy można przerobić to w PES 2017 ? Czy jest taka możliwość ? Pozdrawiam serdecznie

    can you change the game with the start of matches or after restarting the game after scoring or losing the goal from the middle of the field will one player start the game as it is in pes 2018, 19 or 20 can it be changed in PES 2017? If it is possible ? Best wishes

  2. Hi Eslam, Do u know small size(some good stadium:allianz arena, meaza, bernabeu. ajax arena an etc.) skin/mod/sider or other where is stadiums for pes 17 and will be compactible with pes smoke patch?

  3. дайте нормальную ссылку Новое обновление 15.12 для PES 2017 SMoKE V17.1.5 от EsLaM

  4. good job, please try and update players abilities.
    for example, Tammy Abraham and so on
    thanks, I love Eslam.
    You are the best!


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