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PES2017 OF Update Summer Transfers SMoKE V17.0.6 by EsLaM


PES 2017 OF Summer Transfers SMoKE 17.0.6 (03-09-2019)

Download Final PES2017 OF Update For SMoKE V17.0.6 by EsLaM

1–The latest summer transfers 19-20 | Mkhitaryan to Roma
2–Add and update new players:– Jann-Fiete Arp+Miniface, G. Martinelli+Miniface his own
3–Update summer transfer numbers
4–The final lists of some teams were update Germany, Brazil, Portugal and more
5–All summer transfers in League 19-20
6–Update game plans 02/09
7–Add Italian Logo 19-20
8–New ball 19-20
9–Fix the problem of exiting the game when you start
10–New update new coachs 19-20 Lampard to Chelsea
11–Add the latest ballspack compatible EDIT00000000
12–Updating and escalating the teams for the first period (Serie A-Ligue 1-La Liga, more)
13-Add new lighting
14-Retrieve all loan transitions


Includes Final_Option_File_Update_Summer_Transfer_SMoKE_V17.0.6.rar (13.68 MB).


  1. Thanks bro! Can you upload the file to another host? I can’t download from file4net, it keeps reloading.

  2. some player show in your preview that are transfered but in the game they are in their old clubs like rabiot ,spinnazola

  3. Why ribery, robben, casillas etc still in their club team for the v8 save file?

  4. for player who dosen’t find a new club yet i think it’s better to keep them in theirs old clubs

  5. mate just search for rabiot , spinazzola ,Robben, ribery. it can help u to know its not an updated file!!!! Good luck

  6. Friend downloads the same previous update. that of July 13. You uploaded the same file

  7. Ini option file langsung di copy ke document/konami
    biasanya kalo bukan patch smoke gabisa

  8. thought it was me that had done something wrong. But I see what happens to all of us. It is true. There are no changes in this update

  9. After the download can take a look at the track each time and then notice the change

    Vol.1.2.New Option File Update Summer Transfer And Fix SMoKE V17.0.6\Screenshot\The latest summer transfers 19-20

  10. Bro after replacement of edit file the match doesn’t starts and I tried installing again without ur patch the match started a problem is there plse resolve

  11. please add mini face for wonderkid like szoboslai, curtis jones, adam lainez, lee kang in etc..

  12. سایت بسیار خوب و بروزی دارید ولی متاسفانه لینک دانلود غیر مستقیم شما بسیار مزخرف و خراب هست

  13. In case the game is removed from the game
    The error may be: in addition to the faces of the footsteps or Mod Body

  14. I am unable to solve the problem of getting out of the Master League
    Probably a mistake from the makers of the patch

  15. Can you create James Garner in man utd squad? And transfer J. Bohui to NAC Breda in the next update

  16. In the next update please return the loan players to their club like:
    higuain(chelsea) to juventus
    trapp(Francfort) to PSG
    James Rodriguez(Bayern) to real madrid

  17. Hey, please, update the Brazillian league.
    Then, there´s an error in master league and BAL, why MLS teams are in Copa Libertadores? Please fix it, thanks…
    Also, return players from loan… and update some faces, like Tekefusa Kubo and Renan Lodi.

  18. It would be incredible, that you could create the youth players Carles Perez, and Abel Ruiz and add them to FC Barcelona. Please. They are already counting for the first team

  19. Hola Amigo mio feliz tarde, amigo te iba a pedir un favor enorme para la próxima actualización por favor agregar el jugador jann-fiete arp del Bayern Munich por favor con su respectiva cara original y sus habilidades porque el parche smoke 17.0 pes 17 no aparece este jugador. Te lo agradezco mucho amigo mio.

  20. why loan transitions are retrieved? why last season’ loan players are still in previous teams?

  21. hey, please, update the brazillian league transfers…
    Wesley (BIGGEST ASTON VILLA’S SIGNING) isnt even on Aston Villa…
    Wehre’s Joao Pedro(fluminense) and Reinier(Flamengo)? both are the new biggest talents here in Brazil and aren´t in this update… that´s a shame…

  22. Muchas gracias amigo mio, eres genial y demuestra un trabajo excelente, gran trabajo!!!! muchas gracias amigo. ahora ya tengo la plantilla completa del Bayern Munich 2019 – 2020 Pes 17.

    Gracias hermano.

  23. there are many unknown youth players in every team, maybe you could replace them with loaned players ? so there will be space not to retrieve loan deals 😑



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