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PES2017 Mini Patch V4 By Hatem Fathy


PES17 Mini Patch V4 Released 23-9-2018 By Hatem Fathy

Download Mini Patch Update V4

Features :
Add All New Kits For 23-9
Last Faces For All Players
New Boot-Pack 2019
Mega BallPack With Many New Balls
UCL Scoreboard From FIFA 19
Tightened Kits As PES19
Power & Team Bar From PES 19
Last Kits For All Nations 2019
Mini-Faces For +2000 Player
Add +302 New Faces
PES 2019 Full Graphic Menu
PES 2019 Gameplay
PES 2019 Teams Logo
PES 2019 Adboards
PES 2019 Goal Net
PES 2019 Intro & Scoreboard
PES 2019 HD Stadiums & Grounds
And Many More …

This’s A File Content Many Additions In One File, Complitable With All Patches & Game Without Patch, This’s Not Content Transfers, Gameplans, New Players, Ages, Powers And More, Only Additions


Credits : Hatem Fathy, Sameh Momen, Youssef Facemaker, Ahmed Tattoo & Facemaker, Bebo, face editor jeferson, KKADDS, Kareem Khaled, Khaled Geo Garic, AZ Mods.

Patch Supported & Shared By Beingames4u.net Site.


  1. hi
    on v4 in Professionals Patch 4.4 red color problem on players,Scoreboard and..In some stadiums
    like Camp Nou.
    There is no problem in the second version.

  2. alguns estadios e jogadores ficam vermelhos quando vai iniciar a partida e quando ta os tres arquivos ativados no dpfilelist o uniforme na parte de escalaçao fica cortado, mas ao ativar so o mini patch v4 e o fix 1 o uniforme volta ao normal mas os estadios continuam vermelhos e os jogadores tambem. arrumem por favor porque esse mini patch e top demais

  3. thanks work in Camp Nou
    but Still has a problem with some stadiums.
    i play in the league and this is still the problem at the Leganés Stadium’s.

  4. some stadiums and players turn red when the game starts and when the three files are activated in dpfilelist the uniform in the scaling part is cut, but when activating only the mini patch v4 and fix 1 the uniform returns to normal but the stadiums continue red and players as well. Please fix it because this mini patch and too many top

  5. on minipatch v4 in Professionals Patch 5 red color problem on players,Scoreboard and..In some stadiums
    plz fix this problem

  6. can t find an option file that work with this patch , “unable to load data from differnet version” bug
    how to fix that?


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