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[PES2016 Tutorial] How To Make Facepacks Compatible with PesGalaxy, PTE, Smoke Patches


PES16 How To Make Facepacks Compatible with PesGalaxy, PTE, Smoke Patch

This is a short tutorial on how to get your facepacks, bootpacks, kits that you have downloaded to be compatible with any big patches that you have downloaded be it PesGalaxy Patch, PTE or Smoke.

In this case I am gonna show you how to deal with facepacks. (For Bootpacks and others, the same procedure is applied, just different folders are involved).

1. First you wanna download CriPackedFileMaker. (http://sh.st/b8PHH)

2. Next open CriPackedFileMaker, then you wanna unpack the main CPK file of your patch that you downloaded in this case i have downloaded “Classic Patch”, so I will find the main CPK file for “Classic Patch” from my “downloads” folder in my Pes2016 directory.

3. If you do not know which file contains the faces. No worries you can open a few of the CPK folders and check its contents.

4. What you want to make sure you find is that it contains player ID numbers for example : 40470 or files with the names “eye.dds”, “face.dds”. These indicates that the file contains player faces. (For boots no worries just watch out for terms such as “boot”)

5. Once you got your folder you are ready to unpack!

6. Now you want to download a facepack and get its cpk file.

7. Same thing you did with your patch cpk, you unpack it.

8. Now that you have both folders, what you do is you combine them together by moving the contents of your unpacked Facepack into the Classic Patch folder and overwrite.

9. Then you repack your new Classic Patch folder back into cpk, and it now contains the faces from the facepack you downloaded.

10. Put the file inside your download folder and overwrite with the old one.

11. Regenerate with DpFileListGenerator by Baris and you are all set to go! (https://www.pes-patch.com/2015/10/pes-2016-dpfilelist-generator-v1-6-dlc-v1-0-by-baris.html)

Hope this was useful to you and have a nice day :)


  1. No need to do any of this, you simply use the cpk creator tool (Dpfilelist generator 1.6) and make the face cpk you download the last in the list (higher priority). Takes less than 30 seconds to then generate dpfilelist and your done.

    This is only worth doing if you want to make a single cpk if you have many cpks that the dpfilist generator cant handle.

    Also its not good to merge into patch cpks anyway they should remain as they are because of updates.

  2. Hey is this true, I have been doing this as well and not noticed any issues – could it cause problems with hair etc?


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