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Pes2014 Gameplay Patch 0.4 by Yair


Pes2014 Gameplay Patch 0.4 by Yair

download Pes2014 Gameplay Patch 0.4 by Yair

changelog v0.4 :

* tweaked the speed of the ball when shooting and passing
* better AI awareness to the lose ball
* better contole when dribbling
* some bugs fixes from the previous patch.

changelog v0.3 :

* much better ball physics
* improved dribbling
* better movement all over the pitch
* better GK?!
* AI and P1 AI play much more dynamic

changelog v0.2 :

* improve organization in defense and in team shape in general
* better responsiveness
* better GK positioning (still very bad GK)
– some bugs will appears so please let me know about them it important

Download Pes2014 Gameplay Patch 0.4 by Yair :

uploaded zippyshare mirrorcreator mediafire


  1. you have to put it in the pes14_win_dat folder at your file loader in your pes file. If you dont have it, download the file loader

  2. Fix the offside lines! … please. Also fix the colour of pitch at night gameplay and tone down the brightness of stadiums at night

  3. If an average gamer\person can tweak and fix all these problems in pes 2014. what the heck did konami do for a whole yaer ?? and why does it take them 2 more months to put out a patch… so lame… this tweak is great, i can finaly play and enjoy pes 14. cheers!

  4. and you need to change pes 2014.ini to yairpatch 0.4.ini so it will read the fileloader and use yairpatch 0.4.exe not main pes 2014.exe:)

  5. @ xlimakos you dont need to install anything man you need to put it where your pes is installed where you have pes 2014.exe but instead you start with yairpatch 0.4.exe :)

  6. you can apply any changes from fileloader but I recommended to use my gameplay patch with no other gameplay tweak


  7. Ok cool thanks, and last question, how does this work with online, because chances are the other player wont have this patch and then the gameplay wont match up.

    so im guessing its not online compatible.

  8. Hi Yair. Congratulations for your great job.
    Is possible to increase even more the response of the game (for the players) to commands transmitted from the gamepad. Often you press the button and the command is executed with considerable delay. Thank you very much


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