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PES2013 Football Life Editor v20121021


PES2013 Football Life Editor v20121021  (by EPT-TEAM) English + Chinese

PES2013 Football Life Editor v20121021

1. Unlock All Boots

The offical Boots Number in DLC1.0 is 31 pairs, in DLC2.0 is 42 pairs.

if updated to DLC2.0, please count the max boots number in the Edit mode of PES2013.

close the program, then open the folder of this program, and open the OPTION.ini,


change the “Count=31” to “Count=42”, reopen the program

2. fix some bugs about the ” Tranfser”

PES2013 Football Life Editor v20121016

Condition: EDIT.bin file is needed. The file saved at “MyDocuments”\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\save

1. click “Open EDIT.bin”, select the “EDIT.bin” file

2. click “Open Football Life Bin”, select one ML or BL file

3. select players, click “Edit” button center bottom, and than edit his properties, click “Done” button after your finishing editing.

4. click “Save Football Life Bin” to save your change.

5. return to game, read the modified save.

6. if you need to change the item with symbol “*”, do click “Save EDIT.bin” button and select “EDIT.bin” file after your edition.
then you should restart game.

PS: The Training Poite:
In BL the Max Value should not include the base value. neg. BL base Shoot is 2, the Max Value should be 13

Download v.2 by qiuye102 ( v20121021)

Thanks to neogeo64 for the decryption tech.

Thanks! Enjoy it !

–by QiuY from EPT-Team


  1. I can’t transfer in BAL… It says I can’t transfer because my player is a STAFF… Can you explain this?

  2. Yeah… I had the same problem as Az. Please, if this is a corrupt then quickly do some fixes for that!

  3. Same problem with dark. After unlocking boots in ML game crashes when trying to view boots. Seems to have duplicate boots in there and the game crashes

  4. I put count=84 to option file to duplicate boots and after that the game crashes, some fix would be the best. And what’s more now I can’t go back to 42 value. I put count=42 back but when I click unlock boots again the first value in the window that shows is 84 (I can’t change that it has different colour) and the second one is 42 and I can change that but it gives me nothing. How can I go get rid of duplicate boots so the game won’t crash?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. nobody and dark to fix that problem of yours count your boots outside the football life then at the fl editor folder open OPTION with notepad and edit the number with the boots you already posses.

  6. Can anyone please tell me how to go to another club in Master League, without starting another ML… PLEASE HELP !!!

  7. Hello. I’m using pes2013 from AGB with PESEdit. And though I’m playing ml, on the KONAMI\save\ folder I only have EDIT and OPTION. Is there any other place where the ml01.bin file could’ve been saved to? thanks

  8. Hi guys
    I unlocked the boots in ML but now I want to lock it again since the stats like shot power or shot accuracy go up because of the boots.


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