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PES2011 vs FIFA11


We all were curious about Pure Football and that was really dissapointing. FIFA announced that their FIFA 11 PC will be next gen (news here on FIFA patch) … FIFA 10 console versions are next gen. I played 10 minutes on PS3 and FIFA 10 was still awfull, so where was the difference ? PES2011 vs FIFA11 next gen on PC is about graphics or gameplay?

Here is a small poll PES 2011 vs FIFA 11 and waiting for your comments:

PES2011 vs FIFA11
PES 2011 only !
FIFA 11 only !
Both ? 50 %
Testing FIFA…
Remain at PES :)
FIFA is a Joke !


  1. What the hell are you talking about ?
    Fifa has used the next-gen engine on consoles since FIFA ’07, while the PC version has used their old engine. This year, the PC version gets the next-gen engine, but it’s still unclear what kind of game it will be, a direct port from FIFA 11 on consoles, or a new game.
    Plus, (I’m not a FIFA fanboy or anything…I prefer PES on my PC) but FIFA 10 on consoles OWNS PES. Same thing with FIFA 09. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than PES. I know this year PES will have a comeback, so….It’s gonna be a good year for football sims.

  2. lets see i have PES 2010 , FIFA 2010 on PS2 , and PS3 outcome fifa 2010 is the worst thing i ever played on those 2 consoles well its better on PS3 but not as good as PES 2010 anyway thats my opinion:
    FIFA has much much better gameplay than PES , while PES puts focus on graphics and designs i bet if they combined their designs and gameplay u will get the best game ever released in gaming history but u cant ask rivals to have brains no?

  3. PES is great on graphics and player faces etc.talking about the gameplay in PES …it is very much realistic..only some players run like robot…and every other thing is fine…FIFA in pc is terrible !!
    lets just not talk about FIFA 10pc…FIFA 10consoles are realistic in their running ,jostling ,tricks etc. passing crossing are same as PES…and graphics of FIFA lags behind PES…
    Thus agreeing with RAVEN…if they mix each other we can get a dream come true!!! hoping pes 2011 can take us close to this dream!!!!
    WHAT SAY ???

  4. FIFA is a Joke ! A big joke ! every year they try to be better but they get worse !
    But they are good at the license of teams.beacause they have money !

  5. @pes-patch
    Proofs ?
    Have you seen footage from FIFA 10 on consoles, or WC on consoles ?
    I said I’m not a fanboy, but read the reviews maybe ?
    Who got the highest score ? PES 2010 is good, it’s the best PES yet, but come on…Compared to FIFA on consoles…It’s just bad. On PC it’s better, yes, but on consoles it’s no competition. Read the latest interview with Jon Murphy, and you’ll see. He even admits it himself.

  6. This year both games will be good. FIFA 11 on PC is not a direct port of FIFA 11 on consoles, rather, it’s a port of FIFA 10, with some elements from FIFA WC. It’s still good, better than the same crap we’ve had from FIFA since 2005. PES will also be good, so all in all, it will be a great year for footbal sims. :)


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