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100% PSD Players Stats up to date

Kitserver11 support (GDB kits)
All winter transfers

(all 32 teams)

(18 teams from major second leagues)

(78 teams – contains all UEFA Europa League teams)

(44 teams – contains all Copa Santander Libertadores teams)

Special Thanks to coolactive

Download: (2 links, interchangeable)


  1. I wish this patch have some day the non-qualifier teams from Champions League and UEFA Europa League.
    Example: Tre Fiori from San Marino.

  2. Good afternoon.

    I have a question regarding installation. To make the installation of PES2011 UNREAL PATCH v4 before I have to install all patches from previous versions??

    That is, first I have to install the patches:

    UNREAL PATCH PES2011 Update 1.1 by PES-SERBIA
    UNREAL PATCH PES2011 by PES-SERBIA see. 3.0 04.02.2011
    UNREAL PATCH PES2011 by PES-SERBIA see. 3.2

    and then if the PES2011 UNREAL PATCH v4 or I can install the v4 immediately without the other?

    Sorry for English.

  3. I can’t change the commentary.
    When i go to language settings,i can only change the in-game text but not the commentary.
    Any help?

  4. @firefox2 you dont need any other versions, just this one.

    @Jim Go to img folder of ur PES 2011 and find file dt00_e and instead of letter “e” put u, i, j, t, b or s and it will work.

  5. i can’t change the commentary. The solution that you give to jim not solve the problem. Please fix that.

  6. @Sizzerb im having the same problem as Firefox2. iv just found out this patch has a volume 1 and a volume 2 and this one is a volume 2…where can we get a volume 1?

  7. Anon1774: ”Go to img folder of ur PES 2011 and find file dt00_e and instead of letter “e” put u, i, j, t, b or s and it will work.”
    I have the same problem as Jim, I try to make the solution must attend. But in the img folder there is no file with the name of dt00_e.
    Any help to select the language of the commentator agradeceria …
    For some excellent patch, install the patch PES2011 konami official and data * and when installing the patch so far everything is excellent.

  8. Sorry guys but that’s all i know, I didnt made the patch so I don’t know the solution but thats how it worked for me when i wanted to change commentary. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy playing this patch.

  9. people that have problems changing the commentary just rename the dt00_q.img, or dt00_s.img, etc. to fifa_q.img, or fifa_s.img, etc. now in the game, is possible select the commentary idiom.
    sorry for my bad english but i am portuguese. I thing that you can understand. And this is the only solution for the problem.

  10. i’m not saying this is the best patch ever made,but yours the only one patch that i’have successfully install and play. then you’ll taking credit for that
    ok then, i’ll waiting for your update. really hope to see it soon

  11. how I can change the language of the comments?, I would switch to Spanish. Maldini & Martinoli.

  12. Hello people queria to know this!!!
    The patch is INDEPENDENT or CONCERNS other Patches???

  13. @elmiram91,

    Yes, some of the patches are big trouble. But I found FirePatch, Unreal Patch, and PesVN Patch to be easy to install and very well done.

    Although, I have recently noticed that Fire Patch Master League will, after a few seasons, freeze up. And you have to start over.


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