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PES2011 MSL Patch 1.0


PES2011 MSL Patch 1.0

PES2011 MSL Patch 1.0 Features:

* DLC 7.00 compatible.
* KONAMI Official Patch 1.03 compatible.
* Including English Premier League, Malaysia Super League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Seria A and nPower Championship.
* For Malaysia Super League, there are 14 teams with real line-up. Same thing goes with Bundesliga and nPower Championship.
* Add Malaysia team in Asia Oceania.
* Added DLC 7.00 boots.
* Corrected all MSL Emblem.

How to Install ?

Follow this simple steps :

* Extract all the file and you’ll get three file : kitserver.part1.rar, kitserver.part2.rar, and save.rar.
* Extract kitserver.part1.rar and kitserver.part2.rar in your kitserver folder. Make sure you DELETE all previous files in the kitserver folder before you start extracting.
* Extract save.rar in your save folder in My Document. Overwrite all the files.


  1. Hello this patch is awesome!!!
    Can this patch used in PESEdit selector??
    Can you make this on exe file..??so it more easily..thanks.

  2. aku nk ngulas skit pe yg kwn aku ckp ni
    “muka x jadi
    player mas katang sgt
    overall dlm 80 lbih keatas
    shot technique amri yahyah 98
    speed masing2 jgn ckp
    dekat 90”

    p/s : when did our MAS player become so great in football? hey please be real.. we r weaker then THA n INA.. only certain people only can go 70++ overall others are lower than that

  3. bro.. sory cakap eh.. patch ko ni… masih jauh ketinggalan banding patch2 lain.. aku fikir2 la kan.. patch chengazrin la yg paling mantoppp setakat ni.. muka player semua sama.. rating pun real je… anyway.. teruskan usaha ko bro.. hasilkan yg lebih baik dari patch ni.. majulah sukan untuk malaysia.hehehe.. bye


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