1. Hello!
    Its a really good editor, but could you add 1 more editing stats called: Teamwork, because when im playing in BAL mode they wont pass the ball too me because my Teamwork stat is below 30.

    Thanks anyways :)

  2. good jop…why not to make a support for pes2011 v 1.00 in this version of the editor…cuz i have the v1.00 of the editor but it cant change the player cards…thx

  3. hey, it worked well in my first match..in the second match the stats says 127 (max) but it’s not the truth ,the player is very slow ,just like it hasn’t vhanged a bit, what sould I do??

  4. Updated Editor v4.0.141
    When I was playing I found that the status’ changing of player force me to change every value, time by time I’m fed up with doing the same thing.
    This time I make the editor for you to preset several presets of the player, you can simply select one and click “read” button at the moment you need to change it. By the way, don’t forget to write back to the memory, hope you will enjoy it.

  5. This program can not be used on a windows 7 64 bit. I want to work on windows 7 64 bit, anyone can do to help.

  6. This program got problem to me..please fix this.. i was change my national…but if the match or international friendly, my national not work to new national..but previous national..
    for exp: after i change my nation,my name inside in the new nation selected..but my game in previous game…so i’m just see the game..not play in my new nation…

  7. it,s weird….
    you says that this BAL editor is support for v1.03…..
    it,s didn’t work on me…..
    is there something wrong or what ??

  8. i’ve tried this… awesome actually… but i have 1 question, can it changes player names on commentary? cause everytime i change… the commentary didn’t showed-up… i’ll waiting for this thing..

  9. The only thing i can’t see is the name of commentating. I wish you could add this feature since it’s the only thing i’ve done wrong and i want to fix :P

  10. yeer…there is a problem when changing national. It shows the new nations flag. But you get called up to youre old nation…an are not able to play with this team. Otherwise a very nice program. Thanks


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