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PES2011 BAL EDITOR v3.0.100 by EPT-Team



PES 2011 Become a Legend Editor v3.0.100

Long time no see… This time I just make it support PES2011 v1.02.
Usage: Select your game version and than click “Read” button. If you forget to select the version before your clicking “Read” button, no matter, just select the right version and than click “Read” again, there is no need to restart this editor, may you a good time!

* watch video tutorial.


  1. When i try to play with the goalkeeper position the game crashes….how do i fix that?????help me plz…..

  2. Hi EPT-Team,

    Your Editor is great but can you add a Nation in the List.
    Serbia is not included.

    If you can fix this it will be great.(Or give me a Tip how i can change the Nationality by myself)

    Thanks a lot.

  3. Hey..I just got this game for the PC and I saw a comment up above and now that’s got me wondering, is it possible to play goalkeeper in BAL in this game? If so, how???


  4. So I’m trying to play goalkeeper in this game but whenever I use the editor my game crashes. The game says I’m using edition 1.4.0 If that helps…


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