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PES2009 Pesmania “Stand up for the Champions” Superpatch 2.0 MULTILANGUAGE – ONLINE


Pesmania Superpatch – 1st PES Patch in a Magazine !!!

The Patch is made for multilanguage and is updated at the Konami update 1.4, so you can play online while maintaining the improvements made by the Patch.

This patch brings the game the following changes:

* Team names updated to 100%
* Player names updated to 100%
* All of the teams kits to-date February 2009
* Values players reviewed and corrected
* Put all the teams of the Italian Serie B
* Put some of the best teams of the 1st Division of the Italian Pro League (Arezzo, Benevento, Cavese, Cesena, Crotone, Foggia, Gallipoli, Padova, Pro Patria, Ravenna, Reggiana, Spal)
* Added the missing teams among those participating in the Champions League 2008-2009 (Aalborg, Arsenal, Anorthosis Famagusta, Bate Borisov, Bayern Monaco, Chelsea, Werder Bremen)
* Added new national teams (Angola, Bahrain, Belarus, Bosnia, Bolivia, Cyprus, North Korea, Georgia, Guinea, Kuwait, Honduras, Iraq, Latvia, Mali, Morocco, Montenegro, New Zealand, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Uzbekistan, Venezuela)
* Added the best teams participating in the UEFA Cup 2008-2009
* New league: “Liga Sudamericana” in place of Ligue 1
* New league: “Bundesliga” in place of Eredivisie
* New league: “Lega Italiana” that includes all the Italian teams
* Added the teams participating in the Toyota Cup 2009
* Added a selection of All-Stars (as in the old days!)
* New classic players to unlock
* Unlocked all the players: now are selectable during the Master League
* New faces
* New stadiums (Allianz Arena, Anfield, Emirates, Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, NSK Olimpiyskiy, Stade Velodrome, Mestalla, San Paolo)
* New turf
* New aboards
* Kits to un-licenced teams and new teams
* Referee kits
* Scoreboard and graphics SKY Sport 2008-2009 season
* New balls
* New boots
* Custom chants for many club teams
* New graphics for all modes
* New logos for all teams and competitions
* Banners for fans of all teams
* Removed the sacks of sand visible behind the goal net
* Database independent: will not require any modification
* New exe and new folder saves: no conflict with other patches (it’s like having another game!)
* 100% compatibility with the online mode!

In July www.pes-patch.com will try to give you the official DVD that TGM (The Games Machine from Italy) will release from Pesmania team specially for TGM !

Now go to Read the rest of this entry » to download the Superpatch 2.0 !

And other little things …

The staff of Pesmania complete:
* aLe, cippy, cubes, Dankan, drnever, Everland, gam76, Grangol, homura, i1ari0, lennon81, leo991, leocozza, Logan_X, lukus, string, Mattointrip, Monte, ninuzzu, Paluani, panther88, patti, PsYc0, Pyro, Senator , seve, tempiosommerso

KIT by seve, leo991, Mattointrip, * aLe, lennon81, i1ari0;
Diablos, Devil94, gw3d4, David_07, WxPx, EPT_Kevin, simonhibsey, Sirri, Saeed Imeny, Astracell, Milan84, Borusse09, Billy, awQo19, Eleanor, Gonza, Choro Morris, BuNbUrYcRaFt, B_T, Canis Lupus, GU3D4, Andy, Bigboss, Otaki , Donanimx, Gee, IanIgnacio, TKR, JulianCames, oomy, jvinu2000, r45hd4n, Mendocino, DawQo19, Flisak, Asian, A_l_s, OPM, Benvelor, collective anti f * ga

OPT by Grangol, PsYc0, tempiosommerso, ninuzzu
STADIUMS by MFH, inside181, rava, rikidiga, NoFacePhantom, FCH, maiers, forzaroma, SEI
Grassy by Frenk & Baris
EMBLEM AND LOGO by ninuzzu,-SG-, ews, spektarm, jinz,
ADBOARDS by ninuzzu; arquero7171
BANNERS by ninuzzu, patti, Paluani; Dedza car, burning and zlaxy, asiat, scotthunt, pye266, diablos, Txak, Baba Adamu, Scissorhands, Pogoss, Sebastian, fieldrider
GLOVES by yoni1
PALLONE by ninuzzu; arctic-monkey, SG
FACES by leocozza, Pyro, Mystiq, kabezadenavaja, mape, pro, Duner, Carlito1985, Anegor, qiangowen, PG_15, SKILLS_ROONEY, apatsi20, the nameless, joni_lomas, Den_S, MUFAN, DMD, Ragg, haka2646, Danielinho, Arnau, 4DNossy, mini1860 , Sergio_LP, Andrews, Jotta17, Serguei75, Kibo, ElFluppe, quan555, Szolapas, bjk076, valfourrecity, Roobydal, Alahly man, Skurt, carlonapoli, Drift, SaintKei, Petrboat, Hawke, VictoriuS, W, Z-Anat, Ronie, Futbolist777, SEKTOR G, vivas, PSVFan, enlightened, pacalde, oranje88, C14, El Nino 9, Romantik, pesfaces.ru, zhekson, Tao, WUKF, stevann, hitfacer,
ccq214, Yohn, xCheWx, N, Yury, andrews, slice, akasan, carlito, BJ, King Sun, michi1860, Johnn, denis
SOUND by andruxXxa, gigimarulla, ian ray 78 tommsen, harrienak, saltor, carlo. ne, fishcake, delpinski, leo21, josdj
Scarpini by Paul, BlingBling, berisi, El Gordo, ziokikko
SCOREBOARD, GRAPHICS MENU / POP-UPS / backgrounds by Pyro, ninuzzu
Coordination by Paluani
DB & Programming by SCIENCE ninuzzu
SETUP by Everland
We thank the authors of finally tools, without which all this would not have been possible:
Goldorakiller, Inas, Obocaman, Stelios, Tato, W! Ld @


The files in this patch will go to support the original files! Before continuing with the installation you will not need to manually run any backup (copy) of existing files.

Note: For proper operation of the patch you need to change a setting in the options before you start the game. Run the file pesm_settings.exe, found in the game after installing the patch itself, and check the box for 16:9 in the settings on the resolution. This change is necessary for any monitor you have, whether it be 4:3 or 16:9, to ensure the proper display of graphics ingame.

The author does not allow any changes to the file and its components except at the express request. E ‘permitted the private use. In order to publish the file to ask permission to the author. The author of this executable does not assume any liability for any damage that this patch might cause on your PC or others.

The patch Pesmania not in any way facilitate the duplication of material covered by copyright. Any change updates only modified parts of the game without containing files that can replace the original. Each patch is to be applied to the original game. The patches are totally free of charge and the sale is strictly prohibited. Pesmania assumes no responsibility for any activity for profit to be illegally exploited by using other materials contained on this site. Be wary of sellers of games patched.


There a 10 Bin files and 1 exe file, in the same folder, run the exe. Start the installation.

Once you start the setup is’ essential that when choosing the destination folder of the patch is listed in the directory which is already ‘this Pro Evolution Soccer 2009: setup should detect it automatically. If the files were installed in a folder other than the game the patch will not work (eg: C: \ Program Files \ Konami \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, or G: \ Games \ PES2009, etc..)

In addition there are 4 additional files to set the pad at will, whether Xbox or PS3, if 4:3 or 16:9

Furthermore, the Resolution Fix Pack to see the best game.


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