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PES19 Brazuca WC 2014 Balls by Vito and Trokut


PES 2019 Brazuca World Cup 2014 Balls by Vito and Trokut

Version 2 :

Brazuca WC2014 V2 Ball Preview

a Special Thanks to Danyy77 for the beautiful textures of Adidas Brazuca balls.


Pass: brazu

Version May 16, 2019 :

Preview WC 2014 Ball-Pack

Password: brazu


How to Install:
1. First I recommend change the EvoBall module to ball-server.

2. Copy the full structure (Brazuca and Brazuca Hi Vis directory) to “ball-server” directory inside Sider.

3. Add these lines to the “map_competitions”: 0, 003, Adidas Brazuca, , , , # linked to exhibition and 0, 003, Adidas Brazuca Hi Vis, , , , # linked to exhibition modemode so it’s manually selectable in the overlay menu & available for random selection in exhibition mode

Note. These balls are fully compatible with all Hawke ball-server versions, are linked to 0 and you can use it in manual and automatic mode selection in the Sider overlays.


  1. esa textura es mia , por lo menos si usan texturas creadas hace tiempo ,poner los créditos de su creador.

  2. Excuse me Danyy77 i will correct, with the hurry of release i have forgot.
    Best Regards.


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