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PES18 Bundesliga Facepack Vol. 4 by Shaft


PES 18 Bundesliga Face Pack Vol. 4 by Shaft Released 2.4.18

Download PES2018 Bundes Liga Faces Update 4 by Shaft


* For Kially option file, PTE Patch and PES Galaxy Patch.

Includes F. Kainz, J. Bernat, Demirbay, M. Uth and S. Gnabry face.


  1. Shaft nice works all the time
    But you need to find a lasting solution to the
    Grey face users keep telling you about
    What is the point of you making all these
    Faces if you can’t use them in the game

  2. the id on face.fpk is wrong mate..its 54789…change it to 54759 with HxD tool and you’re good no more grey face

  3. sorry for the id issue mate due to i was on a hurry and i did not check the id’s

  4. still no cpk’s… u would reach way more ppl if u just do these in cpk format. otherwise no one wanna use it.

  5. its easier without cpk format to put the folder in your facepack… maybe a tutorial would help to understand


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