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PES17 readySet License Patch 1.0.3 by laim


PES17 readySet License Patch v1.0.3 by laim

Download PES17 License Update 1.0.3 by laim


– All missing uniforms, real names, logos, squads for national and european club teams, including Bundes.
– Some small improvements for better atmosphere
– All licensed teams will remain original
– DLC 2.00 is included

Was adapted DLC 2.00, big enough pack of new improvements. Some items was changed.

mediafire zippyshare

Password: giveit

How to:

1. Put “Data” and “Download” folders into the main game folder.


2. Put EDIT file from “save” folder into the your “save” folder.


3. “Download” folder contains several variants of DpFileList.bin.
Choose one you want and put into the main “Download” folder.
Don’t forget to put Online variant when you’re gonna use multiplayer.
Offline_v2 adds new scheme of colors and lighting for stadiums.
Default variant is Offline_v1.


dt80_200E_win.cpk(DCL 2.00) is lightly modified.
If you already have dt80_100E_win.cpk (DLC 1.00) there is no need to download it.
‘Addition’ contains edited DpFileList.bin for Online (perhaps in some cases can be useful).

Huge gratitude to everyone, whose work has helped in the creation of the patch, whose hard work helps the community to get more pleasure from the game. Again and again.
Thank YOU!

Some updates are possible.


  1. Constantly getting error at startup:
    “Edited Data:
    Unable to load because the data is from a different version. Please download new content and update the data.”
    Please rectify.

  2. could you find anfield road? I applied the patch but there is no Anfield or You’ll Never Walk Alone

  3. Hi, if I use this patch, and start to play a match, the intro will play, and after that it will keep on loading, but nothing happens, so you never get to the match playing. Also I found out that the bundesliga is not complete, for example bayern is not correct and Bruma is not in the Wolfsburg squad.
    This is correct in your other patch, which I applied again, since this is not fully working, hope you can fix this.

  4. same thing is happening to me. It just keeps on loading and I cannot play the match. I hope they fix that.


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