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PES17-19 Confederation and National Logos by simonnoelkavanagh


PES 2017/2018 and 2019 Confederation and National Logos Mod

This mod includes the updated confederation logos – Conmebol and Concacaf, as well as updated logos for all 219 FIFA members.

Download Confederation Mod For PES2019

Tested for PES 17, 18 and 19, may work on eFootball PES20.

All country Football Association logos and country flags have been replaced with the respective national jersey badge/crest. Many have been updated in the sense of a better quality version found or the newest available one given.

Asia and Oceania is a combined image to include New Zealand.


Some countries such as Singapore, North Korea, Syria and Iraq for example do not use their own jersey crest but rather their own national flag. I have avoided this and in these cases use that country’s football association/federation symbol.

Many new logos such as Slovakia, Slovenia and Wales are added, as well as modified logos that have not been officially released yet in a .png file format (i.e. only on the actual physical jersey). For example the Republic of Ireland crest is now gold and green as of Nov. 8th 2019.

Other examples of modified crests are France’s two stars to reflect two world cup wins, the new Italian logo and Es Salvador’s made from scrat

If anyone has crests or logos that better and more accurately reflect the real crests please send them to more and a link thereof.


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