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PES16 New PES17 Gameplay and Dribbling Engine by ME10SSI


PES 2016 New PES 2017 Gameplay and Dribbling Engine

Download PES2017 Gameplay and Dribbling Engine in PES2016

This Mod just converts PES 2016 dribbling engine and gameplay.
With the one on PES2017, dribbling on PES is more controllable and response faster.
This adds PES 17 dribbling engine and its Gameplay To PES 2016 The Easy Way.


Preview For Dribbling Test :


Installation :

Backup dt18win.cpk first before install to be able to remove mod if you don’t like it.

1- copy dt18_win.cpk to Data Folder at PES 2016 Folder
2- copy Gameplay.cpk to download Folder at PES 2016 Folder
3- copy all content in DpFile Folder To PES 2016 Folder
4- Open DpFilelist Generator
5 – select Cpk path at top and locate download folder at PES 2016 root
6- select DLC you use
7- press “Check All” Colored With Green
8- then Press “Generate DPFileList.bin”
9- Have fun

Uninstall :
1- copy the original dt18_win.cpk that you backup and copy it to
PES 2016/Data
2- delete Gameplay.cpk at PES2016/download folder


  1. Hello! what’s the difference? I saw no difference in gameplay is still very easy to score goals, I hope the next version, with defense and best goalkeepers, continue ……

  2. tried it and its really good. your fouled more and the AI try the throu ball more aswell as shoot from diatance. 10/10

  3. If you want to import the gameplay from Pes2017 you would need the gameplay settings inside the pes2017.exe as well. dt18 folder alone doesn’t work at all!

  4. if you have another gameplay cpk(like the Budi Pramana Utama gameplay) you must uncheked it in hte DpFile if you want that gameplay to work fine i tried it and it worked for me the gameplay now is harder than before .

  5. I play many days at week and i think i know how players behave in pes. Basically this indeed imports movements from players, so the gameplay becomes beautiful and smooth as pes 2017. However i think that some parameters can’t be carried out because must be inserted in exe, like as other players have said, the goalkeepers performance, but there are mods for that for sure. Thanks for your effort!!!


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