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PES14 Ron69 Bootpack EDITED by Piero


PES 2014 Ron69 Bootpack EDITED by Piero

That’s a Ron69 2.0 Bootpack. I just change some colours and create some new boots but only *.psd.

Everythink its from Ron69 and big thanks for him for that bootpack.

78 Boots

– compatible with other Patches ( not tested) Im using it for Firepatch 2.2.2
– new Boots added / updated
– new Bootpreviews
– new Bootbrands (Messi and Ronaldo)
– required FileLoader (not included)
– required and works with KONAMI Update 1.01, and 1.04 and DLC 2.0,

Install: Load and install Tool FileLoader. Copy the folder in the RAR Archiv in the Folder “FileLoader”. Overwrite existing Files and Folders.

CREDITS: WENS, Qinchao, thetrinity12, saks07, PES edit, Fire Patch, MartyMcFly and all Bootmaker.



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