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PES Universe Option File v5 AIO For Season 2018-2019


PES 2019 PS4 and PC – PES Universe OF v5 For Season 18-19

Download PES19 PS4 PESUniverse Option File Update 5 AIO

All the national selections of the game with kits and real players.
Complementary ligues such as MLS, other Latinos, etc. completely made.
All leagues licensed with images of stadiums, managers, banners and teams.
Kits update, as well as third party add-ons.
Update players, hairstyles, accessories, etc.
Competitions updated.


· Tutorial V5:
Our V5 is an All-In-One version so it is not necessary that you have installed any previous version. Of course, if you have another OF installed will give you problems, so it is best to delete everything and make clean installation. If you want to have a full license it is essential to install the 1024 version.

Download from the link that we have passed the leagues you want to add or the full OF
Unzip every .rar files
Create a separate folder called WEPES
You put the content of each .rar in the folder WEPES (best of 2 leagues in 2 leagues)
Take a USB / Pendrive (previously formatted in FAT32) and put the WEPES folder, with the links you want to import. (You can also import the competitions the first, or the last, it does not matter the order of this file)
The import order so that there are no problems with the templates is as follows: 1st – National Teams / 2nd – Bundesliga / 3rd – Other Europeans / 4th – MLS / 5th – Other Latin American / 6th – Rest of Leagues
You put in your console the USB and you start PES 2019
Now in the game menu, go to EDIT mode
Choose now the option Import / Export
We continue with Import Team
It will now ask you to choose USB and the WEPES folder, click and now give the square to Select all files (as we said before 2 leagues in 2 better)
Click on Go to detailed options
You will get 3 options, if you have installed the V4, you have to give it to overwrite. And for the teams that import players like the Bundesliga you have to check the box to import template data. (These computers are marked in the folders by the -Apply Data)
Wait until it ends and … You have your equipment updated!
-And if you have more questions, we leave you a video of one of our collaborators, in which he explains it step by step in the video inside.


I have no room for more when I start to import, why? If importing is the end of the space, it means that you already had some OF and there is no space for more images, if you had the V3 you just have to check the overwrite box, but if it is another you will have to delete all the images from the game and then delete the edit file from game data saved in the PS4 menu.
The Bundesliga, MLS, selections and other leagues with created players keep coming out with fake players. If importing fake players appear in the leagues created by us, it is because the “Import template data” box has not been applied when importing those equipment.
Why I do not leave the leagues imported with the number of correct teams or ordered? To have for example the Bundesliga with the correct teams, you have to import the league, and then in the composition of the championships, choose the number of teams. that they are 18, and change those of the bundesliga by those that are not of the league, and thus with the other leagues in which the teams must be ordered.
Is it possible to import equipment to 2048 together with the OF to 1024? As we have already warned with our V4 there is no room for more, so it is impossible to import a kit to 2048, unless you delete many images of managers, stadiums and a kit to 1024.
Can you play with the second Spanish or Italian? It is not possible to play with those 2 second divisions since Konami eliminated them, and to play them you would have to make a very big change in the English league that would eventually change every Thursday. But at least we have the League 123 Kits to download on the web if you want to use them on the web or create a loose team.
When importing everything I get several teams with only 11 players, why? This is because the import order has been altered, you have to import the leagues with players as we explained above.
When I import teams like the MLS or Bundesliga on PC, the players all come out to me repeatedly and are the goalie. This is due to a compatibility error between PS4 and PC, to solve it you have to go to the team strategy and load default.
Can only have the OF paying? Not at all, we notified our followers by twitter when the OF is available, the V4 was available from Thursday 6 for everyone on the English website for free and without registrations and now we upload it here with instructions in Spanish. You only pay if you want to support the work of the editors, something totally optional.


  1. I can’t make it work. Your description sucks. I selected import everything and it said too many items.

  2. I think you have to delete some of the leagues data since there are too large in size to import all of the data. Well that is my understanding at least.


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