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PES Ultimate Mod Manager v1.0 by MES Modder


PUMM – PES Ultimate Mod Manager Vers. 1.0 by MES Modder

This is a powerful tool to easily manage your Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and 2020 mods. Its purpose is to create an universal easy way of sharing and installing patches, and provide an intuitive platform to make your own sets of mods.

PUMM Previews

Getting Started:
Download the latest version of PES Ultimate Mod Manager
Extract it anywhere you want
Run PUMM.exe
Click on “Browse PES download folder” and select the folder “download” inside your Pro Evolution Soccer directory


.NET Framework 4.6.1 is required (you can download it from this link).


  1. Looks really cool and useful but for some reason when i add the download folder it says “there is no active modpack as active in Library page”

  2. That message appears when you try to Generate DpFileList.bin or Export a modpack without setting a modpack as active. After adding download folder, you should create a New Modpack and set it as active in Library page.


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