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PES Tuning Patch 2018 v1. AIO


PES Tuning Patch 2018 All In One (19 May ’18)

Download PTP 2018 version AIO

Data Pack:
* Includes lastest PES2018 Patch 1.05.01.
* Includes lastest PES2018 Data Pack 4.01.

* myClub compatible.
* Offline Mode: Play offline with all PTP features.
* Online Mode: Play online and myClub with licensed teams and managers.

* Ligue 1 Conforama, Serie A TIM, Eredivisie, LaLiga Santander, Liga NOS, Bundesliga, Campeonato Brasileiro and Superligq Argentina => Full licensed league with correct Teams Names, Logos, Emblem, Formations / League Logos / Squads / Managers / Players / Kits, Font.
* Domino’s Ligue 2, Serie B ConTe.it, LaLiga 1|2|3, Campeonato Scotiabank => Update with correct Teams Names, Logos, Emblem, Formations / League Logos.
* League structures: Updated with promoted teams and alphabetically in their respective leagues.
* More

* 2017-2018 Winter transfers: Imported from the latest KONAMI live update .

New Features:
* Badge: Added new badge for some leagues. (Serie A TIM, Serie B ConTe.it, LaLiga Santander, LaLiga 1|2|3, Liga NOS, Bundesliga, more).
* Ball: Added 1 new ball (Adidas Telstar World Cup Russia Competition).
* Boot: Added 100 new boots.(Boot Pack v4 by Tisera09).
* Teamchant: Added new teamchants & national anthems. (teamchantpack v4 & National Anthems v2 by predator002).
* Controllor: Added new PS3 controller.
* Extra cpk: Added a easy solution to add your own extra mod (.cpk files).
* Face: Added 565 new faces.
* Fingertape: Added 2 new fingertape.
* Font: Added 7 new fonts.
* Graphic: Camp Nou & Wanda Metropolitano mod and ads.
* Glove: Added 100 new gloves. (Glovepack V2 by Tisera09).
* Live Update: Latest live update (10/05/2018) fully implemented.
* Minifaces: Added 1787 new formation pictures.
* National Kit: Added new national kits. (All NT Kits Pack by Hawke).
* Pitch: New Pitch And Turf.
* Referee Kit: Added 6 new referee kits. (Bundesliga, Generics + UCL, LaLiga Santander, Ligue 1, Serie A TIM, more).
* Relink boot: Relink boots of players for some teams.
* Scoreboard: Added 8 new scoreboards. (Bein Sports, Bundesliga, Copa del Rey, LaLiga 1 2 3, LaLiga Santander, Ligue 1, Serie A TIM, more).
* Stadium: Added 1 new stadium. (Old Trafford v0.5 by CYPES) and fix Black Stadiums (Estadio Nacional de Chile and exterior and Emirate stadium day fine to day rainy).
* Tattoo: Added 205 new tattoos.
* Team: Added the 4 missing CL teams (Apoel Nikosia, Celtic FC, NK Maribor and Qarabag Agdam).
* Trophie: Trophies Mod by Txak.
* Wet Kit: Added wet kits for all leagues & all teams.

General Features:
* Adboard: Added new adboards.
* Badge: Added new badges.
* Ball: Added new balls.
* Boot: Added new boots.
* Teamchant: Update some teamschants.
* Controllor: Added new controller.
* Corner Flag: Added new corner flag.
* Crowd: No Crowd Offline & Online mode.
* Face: Added and updated new players faces.
* Fingertape: Added new fingertape.
* Font: Added new fonts.
* Glove: Added new gloves.
* Live Update: Latest live update fully implemented.
* Miniface: Added new formation pictures.
* Pitch: Added new Pitch And Turf.
* Rivals: Update rivals some teams.
* Referee Kit: Added new referee kits.
* Replay Logo: Added new replay logo.
* Scoreboard: Added new scoreboards.
* Stadium: Added new one and fix Black Stadiums.
* Tattoo: Added new tattoos.
* Team: Added missing CL teams.
* Trophie: Added new trophies.


How to install:
1/ Go to your “Documents\KONAMI\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018\save” folder and delete all files except:
=> “SYSTEM00000000”.
=> “Your Pes Backups” if you have.
2/ Go to your Pes2018 installation path and delete all files and folders except:
=> “Data” folder.
=> “Settings_b.dll”.
=> “Settings.exe”.
3/ Run “Primary Setup – PTP 2018 v1. AIO.exe” and install it.
4/ Run “Secondary Setup – PTP 2018 v1. AIO.exe” and install it.
5/ When “PTP version switches v1. AIO.exe” appears choose “YOUR VERSION” and finish the installation.
6/ Run “PTP 2018 Konami DLC v1.exe” and install it.
7/ Run “PTP 2018 Konami DLC v2.exe” and install it.
8/ Run “PTP 2018 Konami DLC v3.exe” and install it.
9/ Run “PTP 2018 Konami DLC v4.exe” and install it.
10/ Run “PTP 2018 Konami DLC v4.1.exe” and install it.
11/ Run “PTP 2018 teamchantpack v2.exe” and install it.
12/ Run “PES Tuning Patch 2018.exe” from your desktop.
13/ You must choose the mode from “Switches” tab before any modification in selector.
14/ Choose your settings.
15/ Enjoy.

– NOT necessary to have any previous PTP installed in your PC.
– Don`t re-upload in others links. Use the original ones, please respect our work.
– Don’t use any of our work without permission.
– If you find some error, please report.

PTP AIO Preview

*** Sorry if I forget someone ***
Konami, Jenkey, Tunizizou, Hawke, DrDoooMuk, Cesc Fabregas, sxsxsx, Txak, Devil Cold52, Baris, Sho9_6, Amir.Hsn7, PesMARFUT, majuh, predator002, JAS.
Special thank you to all Faces Mackers for their faces.
Special thank you to all Kits Mackers for their Kits.


  1. you’re kiding right…he doesn’t know what torrent mean …i am very happy he give up to 200 mb per file …now from mega it’s very easy to download the patch and the speed is very high !!!!

  2. are you kidding me! the second patch in few days and without an update, that means I’ve to download the patch all over again!!!
    I live in Algeria, we have a very slow network here, I’ll switch to another patch, sorry.

  3. what another patch is one single patch to worth to install and that is pes tuning patch you have everything you want in this patch….for me if this patch doesn’t exist i will never play pes 2018 …many thanks to you Hichem for the great job you make with this patch !!!! and if blame someone for you time lost that someone is konami they make another update for data pack 4 is about 4.01 inform you before criticize anyone abot his work !!!!

  4. Obrigado, por mais um excelente trabalho, muito bom mesmo, fico ha espera dos vossos excelentes patch para o Pes 2019. Obrigado

  5. trust me, it will take me days, 10GB here will 2mbps speed, just imagine.

  6. Khmm .

    Celtic in the Bundesliga ?

    I installed this patch on a brand new updated Steam copy .

  7. Khmm .

    Installed this patch on a new installation of PES 2018 ( steam verion )

    Now i can see Celtic in the Bundesliga .

  8. When use pitch in wet conditions,on no raining,i found no splash water on the grass whe passing ball.can u fix that?

  9. Service Unavailable
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

    Additionally, a 503 Service Unavailable error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request

  10. I had an error that some players did not have shoes, that means the shoes disappear and the player’s leg did not have feet. Maybe the file of those shoes could not be found. So how can I fix it?


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