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PES Time Machine Patch For PES 2018 PS4 by Wade Games


PES Time Machine 1990-2019 Patch For PES 18 PS4 by Wade

Download PES Time Machine PES2018 Patch For PS4 by Wade Games Preview AC Milan 1994

– 91 single-season historic teams
– 1,800 custom players
– 315 custom kits


* PS4 OFs can be imported into PC, see this guide.

Here are some screenshots, more inside included youtube video + import walk-through:

Juventus 1996

Milan 2007

This ended up taking more than a year to complete. It started out as a plan to create a couple of past Champions League winners. Then the plan turned into creating ALL of the past Champions League winners. Eventually I completely lost control and I couldn’t stop until all of the best teams from the past 30 years were included.

There were two primary goals when creating these Time Machine teams:

1. Have an entire set of historic teams in which all of the players are rated by the same standardized criteria.

When I search for historic teams online, almost all of them have been created by die-hard fans of that team. The last Blackburn 1995 team that I found had basically every player rated above 90 overall. I was a big fan of that Blackburn team as a kid. I still have the blue-and-white Blackburn ’95 jersey with the giant pirate collar. It was the first kit that I ever owned. However, the Prem wasn’t quite as strong in those early seasons, and that squad was definitely not the best team of all-time.

I am sure that plenty of people will disagree with my ratings, but I did my best to research every single player (excluding most backup goalies who are usually stand-ins with the correct name), even the players that I had a clear memory of, so that I would also know what form each player was in during that particular season.

2. Determine which team was actually the best European team assembled during the past 30 seasons by making every team a single-season team (the year represents that season’s end, i.e. Arsenal 1998 = Arsenal from the 1997-98 season).

Most of the downloadable historic teams that I find online are actually multi-year compilation teams. Like, “Milan 03-07,” or “Lazio 99-03.” I wanted to create each team as it existed during a specific season, journeyman bench players and all.

I am a lifelong “soccer” fan. While being an American is usually looked down upon in this field, for this specific task, I think that it was actually an advantage. I don’t have any geographically baked-in loyalties. I have had some favorite players and teams over the years, but for someone who has closely followed the game throughout multiple decades, I am about as unbiased as they come.
… plus I am a goalie, the only position in which Americans have garnered any shred of credibility.

I would like to thank everyone else who’s work is included in this download. I wish I could give shout-outs, but I honestly don’t know how.. As I mentioned before, the original plan was to just make a couple of teams. I didn’t keep track of anything.

I got all of the kit/uniform PNGs that I didn’t create myself through Google image search. I only had to make about 100, so there are a lot in there. Many of the images still have the artists signature on the PNG file. So if you look in each team’s folder, you may be able to use those signatures to look them up, and then find more of that person’s work online.
If the PNG has no signature, and it looks like a 10-year-old has colored-in everything outside of the lines, it was probably made by me.

I also borrowed heavily from the face-build walk-throughs on:

– This is Thursday Gaming https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6wJ…
– jeremj2 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj9T…

And I slightly modified (for PES 18) some of the 2019 face-builds that I recently found on:

– PES classic faces kits Bartosz Dębowski https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bm-1I…

There is some great stuff on those.

I hope everyone can download and enjoy! Feel free to grab the download just for the kits, or to only import a few of the teams that you want.
I apologize that this patch is for PES 18 and not PES 19. I dedicated way more than a healthy amount of my free time to working on this thing, but I just couldn’t get all of the teams done within a year.


  1. this option file has been built badly teams have been built in one place then imported to other locations and saved, best installing on alt account ,wrecks the PLA league


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