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PES Statistik BETA by Ritsch


A statistic tool to enter game results.

Sure, the program is still not nearly as extensive as a true statistical program, but for the registration of PES is playing against guys think I’m quite useful. You can create players at the moment and if desired also a team record. Furthermore, you can delete created players or their values reset to 0.
Here just a few screenshots

Program itself

Here players can you delete / reset

Here are the players entered

Brief explanation:
About the button “Add Player” adds her player added.
If you want to enter a game you have left in the table, the IDs of the respective players are looking out and into the top two fields to write.
In the fields below then enter the result. Only when all data is entered on the register button clickable.

Here’s a screenshot:

In this case, ID 4 (Ritsch) against ID 5 (Sasha) and won with 2:1.

The program is currently in a testing phase, and because I want it to test as many as possible will be offered right here.

I hope to get constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.

Note: You must Framework 3.5 installed.

Uploading Hotfile


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