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PES SMoKE Patch v0.2 [PES 2014]


PES SMoKE Patch v0.2 [PES 2014]

download PES SMoKE Patch v0.2 [PES 2014]

So finally, PES SMoKE Patch v0.2 is released! Sorry for the delay.

Special thanks to : dido_smoke (Fadi Alkam)

Thanks to Mohamed Elshafey, Larry Stephen Facoly, jenkey, christmas, Sachiko,SweetFX, Stahuuuu, Chdan, KO, drunk, Reusch, moddingtr, skidrow and others for their help.
Don’t Forget to run the game and setup both as an ADMINISTRATOR.
And disable your antivirus during installation.

Change log v0.1 :

– all emblems updated.
– added File loader by Jenkey
– added HD goal nets v 2 by Stahuuuu
– added Realistic stadium preview.
– added green grass graphics.
– completed transfer 100 + .
– added keeper gloves by Reusch.
– revised team squad.
– BPL licensed.
– fake competitions updated.
– added old trafford v3 by christmas
– added Allianz Arena by Ko.
– added 60 boots.
– added PES 14 trainer by Sachiko.
– all fake logo replaced.
– added emblems for teams.
– added hd corner flag.
– added captain band for UEFA Champions league and Europa league.
– added referee kits.(UCL,exhibition and AFC )
– added dlc 2.0 ( official update)

New Features v0.2 :

– added old update
– BPL kits somehow fixed.
– fixed effects and faces(some minor changes only***)
– added pes loader by jenkey with GDB system
– updated starting lineups
– minor edits
– transfers completed.
– added PES F1X4R
– added incyte ball pack
– better gameplay.
– faster animation.
– updated file loader by jenkey.
– addded stadium shadow v2.
– Fix performance : increase FPS & ingame performance
– Fix responsiveness : improve control responsiveness
– All emblems replaced.
– Added more balls( ball pack)
– added NEW CURSOR.
– added faces( konami)
– added ads in stadiums.
– ball conditions added.
– added respect logo in ucl and europa league
– added winter gloves for player(nike)
– added corner flag for leagues
– added real boots
– added stadium preview night
– Improve Graphics
– Improve Faces & Kits Textures
– No Blur Patch Included
– Add HD Turfs For All Stadiums By Firas Zinou
– Real Badges For All Leagues & Competition
– Improve Crowds
– Improve Adboards
– 19 stadiums
– Add Behind Goals Ads
– added Champions league sponsers
– added UCL captain band
– kits improved for some teams.
– added SweetFX.
– replaced emblems for competitions like FIFA world cup, euro cup

Patch is compatible online.

Additional Details and Notes:

Download all the parts and keep them inside one folder, all parts in any mirror are same so you can use another mirror for another part too.
Extract it inside the same folder (WinRar is suggested).
Disable your antivirus.
Run the setup as an administrator.
it might take a while to load because of high compression of files in setup.
after the setup loads, follow the setup, and choose your installation directory.
your installation directory should be “Pro Evolution Soccer” wherever it is installed.
after the installation starts, it might take some time and even might give “not responding” errors, just leave and wait for the setup to complete itself.

PES SMoKE Patch v0.2 [PES 2014] Download links:

part 1http://ul.to/dpphi492
part 2 : http://ul.to/e8alod3m
part 3 : http://ul.to/uf66lqfd
part 4 : http://ul.to/1e9uzwxu
part 5 : http://ul.to/m5871i54
part 6 : http://ul.to/lgfwal3z

Part 1: http://www51.zippyshare.com/v/25631446/file.html
Part 2: http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/52533598/file.html
Part 3: http://www58.zippyshare.com/v/2524046/file.html
Part 4: http://www44.zippyshare.com/v/25177251/file.html
Part 5: http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/52518902/file.html
Part 6: http://www46.zippyshare.com/v/70513326/file.html

Password : smoke

More mirrors at the blog itself.


  1. thx for the job but need pass to extract….
    @abdullah he says there are other mirror on the blog

  2. password is smoke………

    Patchers, why not EPL kits UPDATED? Very few faces updated any 4 faces ???

  3. the game freeze after patch install every time in second half of the match ml bal and friendly match

  4. the BPL jerseys arent working for me.. also i dont see the new balls or anything… but the gameplay/animation changes ARE GREAT THANK YOU

    I installed from a clean 1.0 pes maybe should i try downloading 0.1 then instealling 0.2 over it?

  5. excuse me pls.wen installed the patch my game won’t run any more…pls help my computer is windows 8 64bit intel core i5..pes2014.exe was working before

  6. men there is no bundes liga or pack of balls and after i have installed the patch the game dosn t save

  7. return the graphics to the normal setting as it causes hangs in the middle of the game and the performance of the processor increased to 100%.

  8. return the graphics to the normal setting as it causes hangs in the middle of the game and the performance of the processor increased to 100%.
    please…do that as soon as possible!
    coz i like your patch bro…

  9. for the freezing and crashing and faster animations 0.2.1 is coming which adds bundesliga anf bpl kits. BPL licensed means the teams have correct squads logos and name and 0.1 is not necessary. And for the person who said smoke suc* we dont want you to use our patch. Thanks for the support and feedback guys

  10. i installed it and now my pes 2014 does not detect my NVIDIA graphic card… and when i uninstalled the patch, it gets back to normal game directory and the game, settings and uninstall , nothing would not run after uninstalling the patch.
    i need help here!!!

  11. this fucking patch ruined my game… it wont run on nvidia now… fuck you!!!
    give me a fucking solution to it… !!!

  12. I do not understand why you play the game hard running this patch can not realizing it … Does anyone know how I normally run this patch and detect Nvidia?

  13. Salut, j’aimerai savoir le mot de passe pour PES SMoKE Patch v0.2 car smoke est incorrect. merci.

  14. salut, j’aimerai avoir lz mopt de passe pour PES SMoKE Patch v0.2 car smoke est incorrect, merci.


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