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PES Smoke Patch GOLD v6.0 [PES 2014]


PES Smoke Patch GOLD v6.0 [PES 2014] By SMoKE Team

Smoke Patch GOLD 6.0

Features: GAMEPLAY FEATURES BY SMoKE Team PASS , SHOOT AND CONTROL USING R2 button of a joypad while playing. (will enable the passing and dribbling effects as of FIFA 14) – Gameplay FIXED: added gameplay.dll in fileloader which fixes power and dribbling (thanks to jenkey1002) – Increased ball speed, ball shooting  power and improved through balls – Improved chip shots and chipped(lofted) long pass – Better Responsiveness on commands and faster animations – Improved auto-sliding and tackling – Gameplay made realistic – Pass Support – Improved deflections and blocking – Header power adjusted – Some adjustments by KONAMI itself ( For low-rated pc’s turn off the crowd using the fileloader config) Graphics and effects BY SMoKE Team – NVIDIA drivers problem fix ( cudart32_30_14.dll and nvtt.dll)  – Realistic ball effects – Camera settings for realism(Thanks to jenkey1002) – New SPONSORS – Slimmer Offside line – New cursor ( away and home both) – New power gauze – General Graphics (deactivated blur) – Kits textures – DIGITAL Adboards by GRKN Design – DIGITAL Adboards for Old Trafford by SMoKE Team – Stadium Previews including night turfs and seasons – New FONTS – Tattoos added – Removed exaggerated brightness arms. – Grasses are very realistic – Sky Textures – Sun effects for REALISM – Ball Shadow as target – Some coloured papers on stadiums(confetti) – Sleve Patches and Badges – Everythings made faster(gameplan cursor,loading, team select, fast loading etc)

FEATURES OF DLC 2.00 AND OFFICIAL PATCH NOVEMBER (by KONAMI) Gameplay: Manual Control fixes: R2 Shot, first time actions (shot, header etc), yellow bar Goalkeepers: Better reactions to initial save L1 Lob Shot Fix Gameplay slowdown in final 3rd: Change made to make as smooth as possible Shooting: Refinements of slowdown to help/have positive impact Catch-up refined, feeling of sudden catch-up removed BAL player stats decline fixed x2 speed implemented when substituted in BAL Gameplan cursor speed made faster User online block list increased 3 player on same team controller bug fixed Online issues Kit fixes: Barcelona away, Inter home, Motherwell GK Sponsors added for Almeria, Elche and Villarreal

This patch fixes the following things – Emblems – Kits(world cups, national and team) – Kit style and shirtnames  for some  players.(socks, shirtstyle, gloves for players, boots) – Barclays Premier League – LIGA ZON Sagres – Bundesliga – Lineups for the teams – Transfers – Boots – Leagues – Cups – Faces – Stadiums  – Emblems for all competitions Whats’ added? Various things are added for the reality of PES14. They are listed below :- – NEW STADIUMS. ( total stadiums = 21) 1. Satiama Stadium replaced with  Estadio Santiago Bernabeu  – added v1.04 – Kits of all Barclays Premier League Teams – Kits for Bundesliga teams – LIGA ZON Sagres licensed – Nedjma Pro League improved with kits – Improved  Portugal League logos – Best Configurations of fileloader  by our team – Boots( LEO MESSI AND CR7 editions are also added -Thanks to Ron69) – Added Nations with correct kits added with faces too* (many  for Algeria) – Fixed Players Rating according to SMoKE System – Fixed Kits and numbers – Fake Players fixed – Goalkeeper Gloves – Players Gloves ( winter ) – Captain Armband for Champions League, Europa League and Super cup – Referee Kits for Exhibition, Champions League, Europa League and Super Cup – Emblems for competitions are added ( For Example, FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil, UEFA Euro Cup) – Missing Players are created – Kits added for many nations(mexico, brazil, argentina, saudi arabia, sweden etc.) – Official Patch and DLC from KONAMI (v1.04 and dlc 2.00) – FileLoader by jenkey1002 v1.0.2.3  with match.dll and camera setting.dll – Lineups – All Missings transfers fixed – Full 32 teams in UCL – Skybet Champions league(18 teams) – Other minor edits.

Download links:




Datapack (includes 2D league installer) :

Installation Instructions:

Installation Instructions (please follow this very Strictly) :

This patch MUST be installed on a fresh copy of PES 2014 and previous versions of the patch is not required for this.

Please Disable your antivirus, Run as an Administrator and Install on a fresh copy of PES. Unfollowing these may lead to errors which we aren’t responsible.

1. After downloading all the parts, Extract them to folders separately Patch and Datapack.
Password is smoke
(use of WinRaR is Advised.)

2. Disable your antivirus for sometime.

3. Close all the running apps and refresh, (this is a must because the setup file is too big, it may be showing not responding errors for some few times. but waiting will solve)

4. Run the Setup.exe of patch as an administrator and select the “Pro Evolution Soccer 2014″ as your installation directory and follow the process of setup.

5. After this is done, do NOT open pes14.exe we need to install datapack also.

6. Extract datapack into another folder, password is smoke

7. This is a 1.23GB of setup file so all other apps MUST be closed before installing, run the setup of datapack as an administrator.

8. After this, the setup program may take few or even more minutes to load because of its size, have patience while doing this.

9. Once it loads completely, run the setup. You are advised not to change the installation directory. (some have pes inside KONAMI folder, some may not, only check this” KONAMI” folder)

10. While installing, this may also cause some “Not responding” errors at like 25%, 55%, or other times too, but it will respond in sometime and installation will be completed.

11. After completing this installation, the Setup of 2D league installer will open automatically, select your option and install that.

12. Done.

Rar Password: smoke

For Problems: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SMoKEpatch/

Credits: http://smokepatch.blogspot.com/p/credits.html


  1. yes it is a patch with fileloader with many adjustments for your enjoyment. it contains many gdb national kits. enjoy

  2. but if this patch only results in a fresh instalation we only can have what this patch offers. I WIIL NOT REMOVE OTHER INSTALLED PACHES AND LOOSE THEIR ADVANTAGES,CORRECTIONS,AND OTHER GOOD STUFF.


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