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PES SMoKE Patch 9.4.3 by Dido_SMoKE


PES SMoKE Patch Update 9.4.3 For 9.4

Download PESSMoKE Patch 9.4.3

Main changes:

this update applies more up to date transfers that happens around the world, every update will have more transfers done, some players has been created if found in smoke database, other that are not yet in the database will be added later on, transfers 25/July

this update added 80 more faces (652 faces added to 9.4), please note that we do not create faces, we use pes-stars and all faces are credited to the face makers.
we prioritize adding more real players faces rather than updating a hair cut of other players.
African clubs tactics:
same problem that was fixed with other new teams is now applied to all 8 new African clubs, no more AI deformed formations.

added more updated kits for major teams, enhanced others and fixed some files for other teams.

Fixed second division ML:
Winning a league winner game loading bug, this is now fixed and will not hang the game.

Fixed Flamengo loading:
A problem with flamengo ad-boards caused the team to malfunction, the problem is now fixed and flamengo games will work correctly now.

Fixed Carabobo:
A bug prevented this team from transfer any player in or out, this is now fixed and the club works fine.

As usual, there are always things to make better, we try to update, enhance and fix the patch to have the game as good as it could be.
unlicensed one team for custom uses (skenderbeu korce)

mediafire mirror

This update 9.4.3 is for smoke patch 9.4, if you are updating from 9.4 then there is no need to install previous updates, this update was planned to be separated and dependent on previous update, but for technical reasons and to avoid confusion this release will as usual contain previous updates for the full patch, so again, this update does not need any previous updates to be installed, just the full patch.


  1. Still having ‘AI deformed formations’ against Turkish League teams in ML. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

  2. This patch updated regularly like 9.4.4, 9.4.5, ….. I really like this patch and tks :)

  3. can you please tell me in details which major clubs have their kits updated? thanks in advance …


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