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PES Smoke Patch 5.2.6 (update)


The “World Cup Special” edition/update for Smoke Patch Blue (PES 2013) was released on 15th June.

In case, you didn’t know about the release and are still playing PES 2013, download this update right now.

This update is an update for the main Patch, PES SMoKE Patch 5.2 BLUE. And is made by dido_smoke himself.

PES Smoke Patch 5.2.6

Installation Instructions:
You need to have Smoke Patch 5.2 installed before installing this patch.
If you haven’t installed 5.2, click here for downloads and installation instructions.
After installing that patch, download update 5.2.6 from here:
Change log of Patch 5.2.6:
– updated world cup teams squad selection
– updated world cup teams kits
– updated world cup ball
– includes all previous updates (this means you don’t need to install 5.2.1 – 5.2.5, just install 5.2 and then 5.2.6)


– Part 01
– Part 02
– Part 03

– Part 01
– Part 02
– Part 03

– Part 01
– Part 02
– Part 03 

Update size:

installer 5.2.6 size: 406mb
uncompressed size: 534mb

Size details:
konami DLC 6.00: 160mb
konami exe 1.04: 19mb
faces and balls: 107mb
Updated kits: 152mb
other updates: 43mb
2D installer: 54mb


  1. pathc is work 100% . but how can i change some playet faces ,,??,,?? can you ask to me

  2. and only one problem with edit . i cannot save new edition.new hair new boots change some player. cannot save . why ,?

  3. The patch is great… but it crushes every time I start new master league match.

    Can somebody help me out?

  4. when I try to launch game it says Pro Evolution 2013 soccer has not been installed…..how can I fix this pleasee

  5. SMOKE do you made new pathc after transfer windows is closed ,,?? because this path work 100% . thks for this

  6. Please make at least one more patch after the transfer window close. Love your patch the most out of all patches.

  7. Please tell me why master league crashes when I want to play first match of the season (Liga BBVA?


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