1. I played copalibertadores America vs the other team at professional level and it was ok, then I played same level Inter vs Bayer and viceversa and it looked a lot tougher, it was like if America was easier to play with, even if players were less skilled, they actually seemed stronger than bayer, ranger, inter and so forth. Is it just my impression? Anyway besides this, it is absoulutely the gaame I was waiting for… can’t wait till it is released, can touch pes 2011 no more… Keep it up

  2. Update latest transfers,Zarate in Inter,Aquilani in Milan and in master League remove duplicate players Luis Fabiano,Marselinho except that everything is superb

  3. @Dido_SMokE : best patch so far…please to cerate the final update for pes 2011 like missing latest transfer & 2011 ball pack…

  4. I did’nt found Zaraté in INTER, and the latest transfers , why is that so?? could you explain to me this , pleaaase, i want the latest transfers in all teaams

  5. there are many wrong transfers, greek teams are not completed, it should be cyprus teams (AEK and APOEL) that plays in europa league and ch.league, kyrgiakos went to wolfsburg not werder bremen, there are many mistakes in transfers man

  6. I succesfully download the 1st part but then, in the middle of the download the downloading screen disappears. Why?

  7. i want to know . . .
    it is the latest patch of pes 2011 ?
    what is the content of the patch ?
    all of the emblem and the t shirt has been updates ?
    thanks before


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