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PES SMoKE 2017 Update 9.4.2 For 9.4 AIO


PES SMoKE 2017 Patch Update 9.4.2 For 9.4 All In One

Download PES2017 PC SMoKE Patch 9.4.1 Update 9.4.2 for 9.4

– added a lot of new real faces
– added 8 new African clubs option in league switcher
– added new Retirees classic team
– applied thousands of transfers up to 13-July
– added kits for the new teams
– fixed new teams tactics
– fixed loading bug in league winner game or cup final
– a lot of enhancements and fixes

– this update have more than 570 new faces added to players from all around the world, please note that we do not create faces, we use pes-stars and all faces are credited to the facemakers.
we prioritize adding more real players faces rather than updating a hair cut of other players.

New teams:
– a new option in the league switcher will contain 8 new African clubs that will be added to Asia, as we explained there is no African league system to put African clubs, so it was decided after some polls to have them participating in the continent of Asia. if this option is not selected, the teams cannot be selected.
– a new classic team is also added containing the star players who recently retired, a retirees team.

List New Teams:
El Ahly Cairo – Egypt
Zamalek SC – Egypt
USM Alger – Algeria
ES Sétif – Algeria
Espérance Tunis – Tunisia
Club Africain – Tunisia
Raja Casablanca – Morocco
Wydad AC – Morocco
Retirees Classics (no kits yet, if you have a good kits idea for this team comment it)

Newly added teams tactics:
after a lot of effort, all the teams are now working properly, the bug that happens when playing against the computer where players gather together is now fixed for all teams.

thousands of transfers has been done all over the world, we will keep updating transfers until the update is packed, and we will continue the transfers and include as usual in weekly updates. these updates will be smaller in size but will need this 9.4.2 to install.
the transfers in this version is made until 14th of july. (last transfer: semedo to barca)

Crash in league/cup final:
reports of a loading game bug when winning a league game or a final game, this is now fixed, fixing this might show lower definition sleeve badges as a cost.

we created kits for the promoted teams, if we missed any then we will include later, also we will continue updating and making new kits for the new season.
please note that we prioritize making kits for the new teams, then update major teams kits until we make all kits up to date.

as usual, there are always things to make better, we try to update, enhance and fix the patch to have the game as good as it could be.

mediafire mega

Update 9.4.2 is for smoke patch 9.4, this update can be installed over the version 9.4 or 9.4.1, so if you are updating from 9.4 then there is no need to install previous update 9.4.1, the big size of this update is due to the huge number of new real face added in this version, please read the details below for more information about this release.


  1. Please add Indian Clubs in Slot Other ASia Clubs

    Like Bengaluru Fc or Mohan Bagan FC

  2. ”Se você estiver atualizando a partir do 9.4, não há necessidade de instalar a atualização anterior 9.4.1.”


  4. can your patch remove all the classic players in Youth team in ML ? its so unrealistic. I dont wanna see a Buffon in 16 years old that’s weird. Everything else is working perfectly fine.

  5. Does BAL work with alternative Leagues? My game crashes everytime I want to start a match…

  6. What scoreboard your team use ? its simply awsome, others sb always have bugs, and half-time the background of sb just transparent. Which is so ugly.

  7. Where is Bayern? Sparta Praha name kits and flag is there instead of Bayern in bundesliga league …

  8. installed smoke patch and there are empty fields. no fans on the stadiums. how to fix it?


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