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Pes Revolution Patch 1.0 “New season is done”


Pes Revolution Patch 1.0 “New season is done” by the special one :

Description :

* compatible 100% avec les dernières mise à jour konami
* tous les vrais noms de toutes les équipes
* vrais noms de tous les joueurs
* vrais maillots de toutes les équipes
* nouveaux maillots pour certains clubs et équipes nationales
* création de nouveaux joueurs
* transferts mercato d’été 2011 (mises à jours à venir)
* clubs du reste du monde (santos, cska moskow, anzhi, young boys berne, etc)
* nouveaux visages (c. ronaldo, pirlo, ibrahimovic, etc…)
* vrais visages (gameiro, tino costa, boussoufa, neymar, etc…)
* nouveaux logos (style unique pour la premier league)
* compatible avec pack chants Tommsen 4.0 (non inclu)
* nouveaux stades (emirates, mestalla, allianz arena, etc…)
* nouveaux ballons
* nouveaux gants
* nouveaux menus aux couleurs du patch
* nouvelle animation pour l’écran de choix des équipes
* nouvelles icons
* nouveaux adboards
* nouvelles pelouses HD
* scoreboard selector et replay disabler inclus
* vraies coupes
* sponsors ML
* nouveaux filets
* compatible avec patch commentaire tunizizou (toutes versions)
* équipes Copa Libertadores jouables en exhibition
* etc…

* Compatible 100 % with the last ones update konami
* All the real names of all the teams
* Real names of all the players
* Real shirts of all the teams
* New shirts for certain clubs and national teams
* Creation of new players
* Transfers summer mercato on 2011 (updated to come)
* Clubs besides of the world (santos, cska moskow, anzhi, young boys Bern, etc.)
* New faces (c. ronaldo, pirlo, ibrahimovic, etc.)
* Real faces (gameiro, tino costa, boussoufa, neymar, etc.)
* New logos (unique(only) style for the first one league)
* Compatible with pack singings(songs) Tommsen 4.0 (not inclu)
* New stadiums (emirates, mestalla, allianz arena, etc.)
* New balls
* New gloves
* New menus at the colors of the patch
* New animation for the screen of choice of the teams
* New icons
* New adboards
* New turfs HD
* Scoreboard selector and included replay disabler
* The real cups
* Sponsors ML
* New nets
* Compatible with patch tunizizou comment (any versions)
* Copa Libertadores teams in exhibition mode
* and others…

Installation :

1.unzip the “Pes Revolution Patch 1.0” rar
2.copy the “kisterver” folder to your user directory (C:\Users\”seabass” fo example)
3.copy pes2011.exe and setting.exe from your pes 2011 directory to your user directory
4.click manager.exe in the kitserver folder and click “Attach”
5.replace your “KONAMI” folder by that contained in the patch folder
6.run the game

Thanks To all the kitmakers, facemakers, and the others:

Muller Bento, Mystiq, El Nino, Sokratis, Agiga, Duner, Juce, Rodriguinho, Forzaroma,
777DATO777, Leonardo, Aguero, Ron69, El Yorugua, Starkiller, Nickless, Txak,
Alysson C.C., Thorondor, Dark Nero, Asiat, KO, Marthchyld, Titeuf (bêta testeur) etc…


  1. DUMMY players… :(((
    I start it and 5 min after game not responding… :(((

  2. the special one, all your files are there, nothing changed, why changing ?
    people don’t install it right… it’s not the files. files are ok. and all.

  3. copy pes2011.exe and setting.exe from your pes 2011 directory to your user directory
    where is user directory???
    please help, tnx

  4. pes-patch : sorry my friend!!! I know all files are oki!!! but I don’t understand the problem with installation!!! lol

    zizou : read the installation.text!!! I give you an example about the access directory!!! it’s simple!!!

    PS: the next version coming soon!!!!

  5. i try to start game, i can’t load option file.. can you help me..

    it says “unable to load data because it is from different version bla… bla..” what should i do?

  6. i make all things installation said i try to run game and sais ( CAN’T START BEACUSE d3dx9_43.ddl IS MISSING ) when i press OK it runs the game it all the right names of clubs BUT kits are’t good

  7. OMG MEN ITS JUSY AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  8. I posted it in the forum!!! I added a fix to solve your problems with the version 1.0!!!

  9. It says that i should verify if pes2011.exe is not read-only and therefore cant update the file in manager.exe. I verified that – still ERROR. HELP!

  10. special why some of the fans are sitting backwards and at every leaque or cup it have premier league things (i don’t know how to call it )

  11. israbin : run all “.exe” in “admin”!!! You can look in the section “help” of the site to solve your problems!!!

  12. tengo un problema a ver si me lo solucionan…he instalado el parche y al ejecutar el juego me pone que pes 2011 dejo de funcionar..tengo que actualizar o que?

  13. ya esta solucionado..pero me surgio otro problema…el parche esta instalado pero no me trae los equipos actualizados…

  14. to: the special one

    i followed your instructions and found it awsome!

    hope’s not too late to say thanks!


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