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PES Professionals Patch 2018 V2 + Fix


PES Professionals Patch 2018 Version 2 Released 21.10.17

Download PES2018 Professionals Patch 2018 Update 2

What’s new:
Compatible with Datapack 2 and Version 1.3.0
Latest Live Update included
Fix V1 bugs
Fixed Serie A, B logos and names
Fixed Serbia squad
Add goal sounds ( credits : Mauri )
Add World Cup kits
Add tattoo pack for more than 150 players
Add new features in the selector ( press room , scoreboards )
And more

Download link includes torrent, fileupload and HQ previews + FIX :


Installation :

1. Install PES Professionals Patch 2018 V2
2. Select your game directory
3. Run the patch selector and choose your mode

Credits: Hawke, zlac, Cesc Fabregas, Mauri, Prince Hamiz, Ginda, Tisera09, JuuanKaa1990, Bebo Facemaker Tunizizou, Geo-Craig, 4N63L_77, Txak, Goal, Kilay.


  1. الله يعطيكم العافية,,. بس يا شباب ليش الباتش برابط تحميل 2.6 جيغا.. يعني نحن كنا متعودين تقسموا الباتش على عدة لينكات.. رجاء اذا حدا عنده الباتش على عدة روابط يرسلها رجاء.. واذا امكن تكون الروابط على موقع اخر غير ال file upload لأن لا استطيع التحميل منه.

  2. It’s general issue from Konami in version 1.02
    You can avoid this issue by setting ‘Injuries’ to [ON] in the General Settings for Exhibition Matches before starting a new Master League.

  3. please help!! after saving my master league data, it will say that my saved data is corrupt. I cannot save my progress. Help me please!!!

  4. The tattoo pack used in this patch has messed up with neymar’s face. Looks ugly while strip-off celebration. The issue with cr7 face is strange too.

  5. I can’t even install the patch, just before the ending of installation it’s saying that Pes Professionals 2018 Selector.exe can’t be found or don’t exist something like that. PLEASE HELP.

  6. Please, can you inculde the classic player faces like Xavi, Puyol, Zanetti, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Pirlo ….. ext??? as a patch or exported faces .. please

  7. Which is the order of the cpk files? I would like to add files to you patch but i am unable to. It says different data. Shall I use dp file generator with dlc 2?


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