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PES Professionals Patch 2018 V1


PES Professionals Patch 2018 Version 1 Released 6.10.2017

Download PES2018 Professional Patch

Features :
Compatible with Datapack 1 and version 1.2.0 “included”
Compatible with latest Live update “included”
Add Bundesliga Full (logos, kits, coaches, tactics, mini faces, call names)
Correct all teams and competitions logos
Correct all nationals fakes player names
Add all nationals kits
Add all kits for League One, La Liga Santander, La Liga 123, Bundesliga, more
Add real coaches and photos for League One, La Liga Santander, La Liga 123, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Primeira Liga, more
Add real league and teams fonts
Add new seasons balls (La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, others)
And more.

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Installation :

1. Install PES Professionals Patch 2018 V1
2. Select your game directory
3. Run the patch selector and choose your mode

Previews :

Pro 2018 Update 1

HQ previews on imgur gallery.

Credits: Hawke, zlac, Tunizizou, Geo-Craig, 4N63L_77, Txak, Goal, Kilay.


  1. Could you make a selection for the Chamions League and Europa League friendly matches? Will there be additional teams, missing European coupes instead of those conceived by Konami?

  2. Tried it in BAL mode, the first match I’ve played the stadium is empty. Pls could you fix this?

  3. InMortal tem bug na bundesliga.. Times muito avançados e nos escanteios os goleiros estão ficando fora do gol

  4. Alguien sabe si tengo que eliminar los archivos de la carpeta save? tengo un option file inmortal mod

  5. Great work, but… And the Brazilian squads?
    Please! Give some attention to Brazilians who like the patch.

  6. Does this patch have Liverpool in the Champion’s League for Masters League? It’s a known bug for Konami.

  7. Is there any patch to help low end PC to play this game? Still playing PES 17 ooo needs to play this one tooo

  8. No Serie B Team Forms.
    There are no Team Formals in La Liga 1-2-3.
    In the Bundesliga, some teams do not appear until we close live updates
    When will version 2 release

  9. No fans…stadium are empty…help me. Where did they all go. When i play UCL. All stadium are empty with no fans
    Why that happens?

  10. I can’t play online divisions. Can’t found opponent. Yet, i chosen online mode. What’s the problem ?

  11. This patch is amazing! I’d just like to have the “new” Vidal with beard of DP1 instead of the one with the tattoos, but I tried everything and it seems that there are no ways of doing it :(

  12. Love it. Thank you PesPro team. I’ve been using your patches since PES2017 and it’s great to see you being first with a great patch for 2018. Thank you so much.

  13. The patch looks nice but i think national team logos instead of flags isnt the best idea. It looks weird when crowd is holding flag with logo :D. Could you fix it or at least tell me what can i do to bring back flags? Btw. Good work, the patch is great

  14. When you start the patch exe, press the settings button at the top of the screen. Then enable the crowd from there. For some reason the default setting is no crowds.

  15. There’s no update files (version 1.02.00) for the game whatsoever, nor is it included in this mod – could someone please provide the update files and NOT JUST THE DATA PACK?

  16. After the patch whenever i try to load an image file like a manager image file or a team kit image file in edit the game crashes! any solution pls?

  17. Please give the data pack 1 face of Vidal with the new beard and hair. PLEASE. It looks really good.

  18. Hi guys! I have always downloaded your patches. I think they are. I am having the problem that there are no fans in the stadiums. I have already downloaded the file you suggested. I have also enabled the crowd in the selector and I have also deleted the crowd cpk inside the download folder and nothing has worked. Any solution please. It’s not so nice to play without fans. Thanks for your work!

  19. How to fix no ball sound ,sound in pitch and no chants problem after patch…..please somebody?

  20. why i can’t add new cpk file & i dont like a ps3 controller please remove it or change with original controller icon

  21. Just delete your download directory in yourpes2018 with name “dt100e_x64.cpk” and back to your previous version, i am use megareddit just copy to document pes 2018

  22. Yea…..how do we get this back
    I hate seeing the PS4 controller layout and it”s too small

  23. I found a bug in italian serie B “AC Cesenaces instead AC Cesena”. How can i change it? I tried with editor but it’sn’t possible to

  24. I cant play in division online

    “I cant found oponent”

    I aplly in the patch mode online

    But i cant play online

    What should i do?

  25. SAME Here. Couldnt play online after applying the patch. Always ” could not find opponent”. Told steam to refres the game it redownloaded one small file and boom could play online again. It is a shame as the patch looked good. Guess on to the rededit patch

  26. How do I uninstall this patch if the other version come out?
    Cause it doesn’t have the uninstaller in my PES2018 folder.

  27. no one will reply to you !!! because they can see our comments but not brave enough to reply with ” we had an error with online we will fix it in the next version”..
    so you you have to stay playing offline for now..

  28. And Ricardo Rodríguez of A.C Milan? Neither appears in Wolfsburg. Solution please. Thank you very much

  29. This patch is great mate, but some fix would made it greatest. here’s some bugs yous hould fix:
    1. Palermo logo on Parma FC
    2. Liverpool Kits on UCL, you just give EPL kits on UCL so it has EPL number and right hand badge
    3. No fully Other European team, there’s still teams like PES United, ets.
    Please fix this, thank you for this great patch.

  30. Please change the emblems in national teams. Put back the flags. The emblems in the crowd are unreal. Thanks!

  31. great patch there are only few problems: 2-3 logos for Serie B are wrong for example Palermo and Venezia and the name of AC CESENA it’s written AC CESENACES

  32. No real kits for Second divisions.
    No real kits for Liga Nos.
    Bugs in Serie B, emblems Palermo,Venezia and Parma are wrong.
    Torino FC in Serie A have emblem very bad positioned.

  33. Hey guys.. about the crowd problem.. i checked in that folder where this patch is installed and in there is file named crowd cpk and its only 81kb so this patch doesn’t even install crowd into the game.

  34. I got the InMortal file but it doesn’t work with DLC1.. or my version says.. 1.1.02 Data1.
    The InM file is 1.20 – so game won’t start.

  35. it will be there legend players “Xavi- pirlo – ronaldo – zidane ….ext” in the next versions or no??

  36. the problem that i have now is….i can’t hear the ball sound…no refree’s wisel sound in my pes…any solution?

  37. When the V2 comeout?? and pleeeaasseee legend players, like Xavi, Pirlo, Puyol, Zanetti …. pleeaassee



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