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PES Professionals Patch 2017 v3 AIO


PES Professionals Patch 2017 v3 All In One Released 1/5/2017

Download PES Professionals Patch 2017 Update 3 All In One

What’s New ?
– Add “Total CAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE” Competition
– Automatic Scoreboard Switcher depending on current tournament
– Add Chants pack by Mauri_d
– Add real nations anthems
– Assign competitions stadiums ( ex : Copa Del Rey final ==> Vicente Calderon etc… )
– Update and improve Friends Arena & Millennium stadiums ( High Quality )
– Add competitions banners to created stadiums
– Add high quality turfs
– Add latest WENS Bootspack
– Add high quality balls pack & gloves pack
– And more


More Previews : on imgur.

New Exclusive Scoreboards ‘Already Assigned to their competitions’

Competitions banners on created stadiums

New Selector features

CAF Champions league : all screenshots here on imgur.

Installation :

1. Install PES Professionals Patch 2017 V3
2. Install PES Professionals Patch 2017 V3 FIX
3. Run the patch selector and click offline mode

Important !!! Run Sider.exe as administrator before starting the game


Dpfilelist Order if you want to add addons :


Credits: Elmodamer, Hosamalfars, Sameh Momen, Pantel G7, Estarlen Silva, Hawke, Txak, Tunizizou, JesusHrs, Nemanja, Tamer gaad, Mo-Ha, Mauri, MarioMilan, vangheljs, cRoNoSHaCk, Znovik_S, Kairzhanov_21, MRI20, Wygno, Mohamed ElaRaby, Abdullah El-dbawy, Aly M. Elshaarawy, Abdallah El Ghamry, Kanat, G-blues, kanat, DzGeNiO, Tun Makers, Boulbaba Facemaker, Cronos, Mahmoud Ibrahim Fcb, Karioky facemaker, WENS, Chiheb27 Facemaker, Mostafa Rezk

Big Thanks To : Shrief Elafify, Mohamed Tarek Shawky, Mohamed Alahlawy, Shieka, Juce


  1. Hello pes professional team

    Can You Add AFC cup and ISL league “Indian Super league”

  2. Hi Pes Profesionalls Team Can you make a patch

    AFC Cup and ISL League “Indian Super League”

    Please ???

  3. I have a problem with this patch. In offline mode is really awesome, but if I try to put it on ‘Online mode’, the game isn’t be able to find any rival online. Actually, You just can play offline. Any thoughts about this problem?

  4. How can I create that??

    By the way, the best and the most complete patch every time!

  5. pls put on mega or other server!!… file-upload max 70kb/s ….torrent don’t have seeds….

  6. Problem with Roma first kit, it shows Schalke04 kits. Also i cant find how to change the scoreboard. A lot of players faces and hairs need to be changed. I play only this patch on PES 2017. The best! (version 2.2 is much better)

  7. best config for the camera? sometimes it looks too far and shows part of the stadium

  8. 1- signal iduna park doesn’t work it let to freeze the game
    2- scoreboard for Copa De Rai Replaced by premier league score board
    3- Oliver Kahn Face wasn’t exist
    4- you didn’t add the Classic teams ( barca , real Madrid Etc..) they make the game more than interesting
    the Turf and the stadiums veryyy nice and full HD I appreciate your work but please we need to fix the above points.

  9. I have the same issue, signal iduna park doesn’t work although I installed the Fix patch, score board for Copa De Rai Replaced by premier league scoreboard.. please check it and fix , also we need to add the classic teams please Milan, Real Etc…

  10. Since it reached 99.9%
    you can extract it and install it easily :)

  11. PES Professionals Patch V3 Fix

    1 – FIX Signal Iduna Park infinite loading
    2 – Fix Roma 1st kit
    3 – Fix chants pack
    4 – Fix Oliver Kahn and J.Campos face
    5 – Disable Dynamic Camera ( you can enable it with patch selector )
    Download : http://bit.ly/2pTgKyk

  12. Yes, i`ve noticed that, and done that. :) Thanks guys, you make amazing patch. You make the game difference.

  13. Uncheck ‘PESProfessionals_Stadiums.cpk’ file from dpfilelist

  14. Just one more thing, please. What about the scoreboards, i dont understand… how can we change for master league? I use the old selector for that… changing the scoreboard, and start the game with latest patch.

  15. Hi guys! It seems to be an excellent patch, but when trying to play in the Signal Iduna Park, the game doesn’t start. How can I fix this issue? Thanks for this great work

  16. Make sure that you have installed the fix
    and run Sider.exe as administrator

  17. When you play match a match on Ligue A tournament you will see Ligue A scoreboard , the same thing on other leagues :)
    you don’t need to change it manually

  18. Hi I have installed the fix and also ran sider.exe but still signal iduna park is giving error
    Please fix this but your patch is amazing
    Please fix signal iduna park

  19. I think its quite impressive how you guys handled fix for your patch and manage to release it on day to day basis. Maybe you should rename your fix updates (eg V3 Fix 1.1, 1.2 etc) so people would actually notice that it is not the same file. Anyway, keep up the good work guys :) It would be worderful if you could replace the less popular leagues with MLS, CSL and AFC.

  20. Hi guys! I have installed the fix and run sider.exe as administrator, but Signal Iduna Park doesn’t let the match start… I hope we can fix that soon. The rest is great job!

  21. can someone tell me how to change Messi’s boot without losing his minifaces in the starting game plan ?

  22. Hello, mate. I have 2 questions:

    1. How to make Facepack for PTE by IbaiBaihaiki compatible with this patch?
    2. How to use scoreboard looks like yours? My scoreboards are default.

    I hope you reply soon

  23. Will the scoreboards only switch during master league? I reinstalled the game and the patch with the fix. It shows the default score card in exhibition mode. Is there no way to change that?

  24. Any facepack will be fully compatible with PES Professionals Patch

  25. Okay thank you. One more thing,it shows 2018 Russia FIFA world cup scoreboard in German Cup tournament. Do fix that. Thanks for the amazing patch. You guys rock. :)

  26. Does it have tattoo pack and which stadium pack u guys are using…please tell

  27. Hey guys how much is the patch size after extracting from downloaded rar file..

  28. I’m sharing this with the rest just in case it can help you guys. I could fix the problem of the Signal Iduna Park and the Roma kit by dowloading the Fix posted by PESPROFAN above. robably, you can try that out if you continue having the same problem… Great patch people!!! Thanks

  29. According to konami restrictions , you must run the game from Steam , you can’t just use the exe to run it

  30. werkwhlelrhj;jf;lr qw;ro qpqpe nvoq[oeq eori pflofksejgkesjfkewjwifhneliakahahfklefjewr o; q;oeviq3povipoqvqpoqqw voeiquwoiywirw

  31. When i start the game at the startscreen i find that the its showing v1.01 but it should show v 1.04 .plz help

  32. There is a problem with the “dynamic wide”camera it gets to wide when u get on the righ side of the corner,and the sider.exe always says its not running and there is no fix in the downloaded folder

  33. first of all i would like to many thank you for your team development PES
    i have some question ‘ How can do make Sider automatically’
    previously never had to do this step.

  34. Thanks guys, great job.!!! I would like to ask you if it is possible that later you can put concacaf teams or the concacaf champions league

  35. The biggest diference betwen PTE and Professionals is not that one is more complete that other, is PTE do all with quality and details and Professionals no.

    Im a Celtic fan and the Celtic team in this patch is a disgrace, black players white, white players black, no stats edited……..the bundesliga in this patch, for example, is awful, low quality kits and the players are no edited and is missing tranfers.

    A lot of things but clearly the worst patch in terms of quality that i tried this year

  36. use April facepack by Facemaker Ahmed El Shenawy, its look like James Rodriguez.

  37. Before the crowd in the stadium appeared with the shirt of the team that was on the field, now only appear in normal clothes.

  38. Thanks Professionals team for the great patch !
    I just wanna let you know about a glitch in some stadium that i have experienced. Particularly, on some stadiums pitch like Camp nou. Camp nou has no canopy at all, but when i play on this stadium in the daytime, players become darker in some particular places though the turf is covered with full of sunlight. The same glitch with other stadiums that i cant remember.
    Thanks for reading this !

  39. 2017 v3 the moment l lunch the game the background music, commentary start breaking on and off.pls help me out

  40. After applying this patch my pes 2017 often got crashed and out to desktop..can anybody help me?

  41. thank you for the patch .
    can you guys add malaysia national team or maybe malaysia super league in next patch
    i also want major league soccer :)

  42. Hi i have a question, do i have to have V1 Or V2 of the patch to be able to install it correctly on my game? my game ver is and dlc 1.0…will this version work correctly and install the dlc and update aswell?

  43. Thank You For Awesome Patch . . Great Job
    Please Fix Martial face In Man United

  44. Hi, should i have been installed older versions for v3? Or does it include whole versions of patch? Other case, can i install patch for the first version of the game? If i can’t, which dlc should i install before patch?

  45. there are some issues with turfs, sometime turfs are in bad shape

    P.S: i also had this issue in pes 16 professionals patch.

  46. pls what is the meaning of insert disc professional patch part2_2 wen I have downloaded all parts ?. I can’t unpack because of that

  47. why did i can’t change the startscreen image ?
    btw, it would be more excellent patch if you add Indonesia national team :D

  48. they removed afc champions league and everything that has to do with asia and added caf champions league and egyptian premire league

  49. Try downloading the specific part again. maybe the file went corrupt while downloading or stopped midway.

  50. Patch is perfect, but there is one problam with tattoo. There is no attoo on Messi hand. How to fix it?

  51. I had installed older patches (last 2.2), so I wanted to know if patch 3.0 is compatible with older patchs???
    How can I install patch 3.0 with the other patches installed???

  52. Hi can you help me with something if i have the patch 2.0 2.1 and 2.2 already instaled i need to delet them or let them there and instal patch 3.0

  53. Is this having an auto scoreboard switcher and are the faces of bundesliga real for most players and are national teams havimg real kits

  54. Hi, Can you please make a light patch only for playing only night matches feature. I really need this feature, Is there a way to do this?

  55. When i got promote from lower division to higher the logos doesnt change fix this and ball goes through adboards…

  56. Why I can’t extract your faces CPK file, I want to update some faces.
    It says “failed to exrtact a file. common/character0/model/character/face/real/10187?.cpk”
    anyone know how to extract it.


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