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PES Professionals Patch 2017 v2 AIO


PES Professionals Patch 2017 Version 2 Released 23 Dec ’16


What’s new ?

– Compatible with Data pack 2 and Version 1.03
– Fix v1 Bugs
– Add Egyptian League Full
– Exclusive features in the selector
– Add Millennium Stadium .. Cardiff – Wales (UEFA Champions League 2017 Final Host )
– Add Friends Arena .. Stockholm – Sweden (UEFA Europa League 2017 Final Host )
– Add new European teams : Ludogorets, Legia Warsaw, Celtic FC, FC Rostov, Copenhagen
– Add new faces
– Unlocked some Barcelona and other classics, now you can play with them in offline modes *Only Classics that they have faces
– and more

mega uploaded


– We don’t change gameplay , We only use original KONAMI gameplay
– If you can’t find new transfers and new leagues
Make sure you run the game in offline mode.
If not solved, Open selector’s tab ‘Others’ and click ‘Setup Option File’

Credits: Shrief Elafify, Elmodamer, Shieka, Hosamalfars, Sameh Momen, Pantel G7, Mohamed Alahlawy, Estarlen Silva, Hawke, Txak, Tunizizou, JesusHrs, Nemanja, Tamer gaad, Donnyavia, Mo-Ha, MarioMilan, vangheljs, cRoNoSHaCk, Znovik_S, Kairzhanov_21, MRI20, Wygno, Mohamed ElaRaby, Abdullah El-dbawy, Aly M. Elshaarawy, Mostafa Rezk.

Previews :

Egyptian Premier League



Millennium Stadium





Friends Arena



Unlocked Classics



New Selector features


New faces


Ronaldo new boot


More Previews : Here.


  1. Thanks for patch. I’m waiting for it. But I’m playing ML for 3 seasons. I passed 3-4 seasons. Can I use that save file if I install v2 ?

  2. Please can you guys add mls league in the next update?! plz plz plz add mls. thanks for all the patches.
    The best patch for pes. <3
    MLS please!

  3. Fileupload don’t let me download anything. Plz, could anyone to upload the torrent or the files to another server, please?

    Thank you

  4. Found a bug: Black color numbers on 1st MU pants kit. It should be white.
    And no more SweetFX selector? If you don’t mind, add it again in the next update.
    Otherwise, great patch as always. Thank you very much.

  5. OK, solved by change of computer. Anyway, I suggest to change provider. Thank you for the patch, I really love it!

  6. Bro dont work for my club i select online mode and Chelsea is London,MD white real,turf is default in online wont change also menager names and photos missing?? offline is good

  7. We are sorry for this issue
    We will fix it in V2.1 Soon
    you can switch turfs to estarlen silva

  8. Where The King Power Stadium ? For Bug turf in San Siro milan, u must change low turf and than aplay, i hope fix it issue. Thxs for patch

  9. Where is DEL PIERO??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? NO DEL PIERO NO PARTY!!!

  10. After installing this patch i got a message that said “unable to load because data is from different version download new contents to update data”. I am using steam original version and have never installed any kind of patch before. Any solution?

  11. as always cool patch..pes professionals are the best ,thanx …please add more classic teams like liverpool classic xi etc..i have seen some patches for classic teams but those were for ps4 ..please make pes 17 classic patch for pc.. also add new main stand anfield stadium..please add classic teams please plz plz plz..eagerly wating for next patch..hope you add classics

  12. Excuse me, my I ask ? which one is better PTE or Professional patch ? can someone teel the advantage of the patch ?

  13. Does this patch allow to add new faces or kits? Because i did add Poulsen’s face with dpfile generator and the patch stop working.

  14. الباتش مميز كالعاده لكن فيه بعض مشاكل
    اولآ ارضيات ملعب سان سيرو او جوزيبي ميازا في حال اللعب بالنهار بتكون لونها خضراء مثل لون البرسيم بالظبط بدون اي خطوط تحديد للملعب ده علي
    مود ايسترن دا سيلفا و بتشتغل مظبوطه ليلآ و علي المود الاخر ليل او نهار فيها نفس المشكله
    و للعلم حجم ملف الارضيات الاخر للجوده الاعلى 3 كيلوبايت في حين ان الضعيف 198 ميجا
    ثانيآ في حال التبديل الي لوجو تي شيرت الفريق مابيظهرش تي شيرتات بعض الفرق اهمها بروسيا دورتموند
    ثالثآ اشكال اساطير كتير مش مظبوطه تمامآ اهمهم اورتيجا و فالديراما و دي نيلسون اللي اسمه متبدل مع الظاهرة رونالدو و كامبوس و رونالد كومان و ايالا و دونجا و تافاريل و كلاوديو لوبيز و جورج وياه و ايمرسون و لوران بلان و ديسالي و الان شيرر
    لكن اللي وجوههم معموله ممتازين
    سكوربورد الدوري الانجليزي فيه مشكله في الخطه اسامي اللاعبين بتخرج براه في العرض في بدايه المباراه
    المنافسين للفرق و الدربيات مش مظبوطه لاي فريق
    الخطط محتاجه تتظبط بتشكيلات الفرق الحاليه
    تم ازاله ملاعب مصنوعه لفرق (ليستر سيتي و سبورتينج لشبونه) لاضافه ملاعب جديده و الملاعب الجديده ممتازه لكن كان ممكن نضيفهم مكان الاستادات الوهميه بتاعت اللعبه زي اسكوربيو ستاديوم و ارينا كاتارديل و ملعب بترو سبورت لو فيه امكانيه نستبدله ببرج العرب
    دي ملحوظات حبيت اعرفهلكم لكن في المجمل افضل باتش بالنسبالي هو بيس بروفيشنال , شكرآ ليكم

  15. ملعب ميتروبوليس ارينا فيه مشكله ان اللاعبين و المرمي و اللوحات الاعلانيه لونها احمر و هو ده ملعب ساوثهامبتون اللي بيقول عنه اللي علق قبلي
    و ياريت نضيف السلام الوطني لمصر و الدول العربيه

  16. Please seed the torrent !!! I got stuck at 99.9% man that’s unfortunate.

    I used to have your patch in PES16, and i hope i can install this on my PES17 today. Great work btw….PLEASE SEED !!!!

  17. stadiums have bug,no better gameplay and graphics..!!! not as well as pes professional patch v1
    pls fix all the bugs///

  18. Not a better stadiums too have bugs and not a best graphics,pitch,there is some teams which has no logos and gameplay is slightly changed i think soo…etc

  19. Big Bug on Metropole Arena in Master league.All players are red and the field is also RED!( but when you play usual friend match it is OK)

  20. other stadiums (except San Siro) work good. FIx Metropole Arena because we unable to play matches in FA CUP

  21. -> Please add MLS.

    -> Please, add the stadiums:
    La Bombonera (Boca Juniors-Argentina) & El Monumental (River Plate-Argentina).

    -> Please, add graphics HD style PS4.


  22. When i played master league big club like chelsea mu liverpool doesnt played their main gk like curtois de gea etc. Any help?

  23. i’ll always hope tatto pack inside the patch. over all, this patch is awesome. thanks for you’re hard work

  24. I have a problem with the DLC and updates. cannot read the update 1.03 and sometimes scrambles DLC at 1.00 or no DLC. please help me

  25. Hi guys
    First of all, ice work !

    Here some feedback :
    – Thuram (Europe classic) has a white body
    – Stoichkov (Barcelona Classic) has face bug/problem with all he caracteristics with -7 at each lines
    – Also please correct the inverted names for Ronaldo & Denilson
    – please correct Rivaldo main position and height (off midfielder/AMF or second striker/SS for 1.86 m/6.10 ft).

  26. There is a error, in bundesligue ligue mode, appears a team without name…after twelve match, that closes the game!!!!

  27. HI, the PSG home stadium is Parc des Princes(the stadium has disappeared) and it has been replaced by the Maracana Stadium with a bad pitch when i am playing with PSG in its home ground. please put back that Parc des Princes stadium in your fix or update! thanks!! in all this is a perfect (90per cent) patch

  28. same problem here, but it looks like the rar file named “PES Professionals Patch 2017 V2 AIO” downloaded completely.

  29. also darmstadt and ingolstadt fix their squad they are wrong!Ingolstadt have the Darmstadt squad and Darmstadt have ingolstadt squad.But good work really god work!Will you make more Europe League Teams!

  30. There aren’t minifaces for most of Man United’s players. Please fix that too. And please make a switch for xbox or ps controller

  31. And Face of ronald koeman is not good to….plz fix …..this problem tnx good job respect your work !!

  32. MESSI DONT LOOK blonde…after this patch…plz fix…and PLZ MAKE FOR KAKA commentary…plz….and fix the face of Hristo Stoicikov tnx!!!!

  33. Hi, Plz tell me how to install. i just dwnlded pes 17 so which things i need first in order to install this :)
    Thnx in advance

  34. Na selektoru izaberi low turf quality i klikni apply, na San Siru moras tako. Na ostalim ne moras.

  35. problema al instalar archivos “CPK”, una vez generado con el dpflist el parche deja de funcionar

    por el resto, gran trabajo, aunque quisiera una pack de botines en la siguiente version.

  36. please add other European league teams, MLS league and another one please add tattoos


  38. Can you changue Ronaldo Mercurial? All the players has this boots and its unreal.
    And fix offline mode options. Its replace pes 2017.exe for a 1.01 .exe


  39. there is a little error with the Manchester United Kit for Home with the black pants the font on the pants are black when they are supposed to be white and with the white pants the fonts are white in the champions league edition.

  40. I can’t play online, game crashes on myclub VS COM Challenges, and wont find any human opponent either. On the other hand I can play VS COM for some reason. Is there a way to play myclub online with real names, kits, faces etc.?

  41. Also I get error “Unable to initalize SteamAPI” when I press PLAY GAME on PES professionals patch selector. I have original game on Steam, don’t know whats the problem…then I have to launch it manually from Steam.

  42. plz if u can fix the face for ramos and beckham … beckham face is sor far from his actual face..

  43. Just missing MLS and Chinese league, other than that the patch is the best around!]

    Keep up the amazing work guys!

  44. After installing, some players name changed to Original Player in the Master League. Any solutions for that??

  45. Seems to work – but since i installed the mod ingame my controller changed. Ingame ther is a ps controller. But u se a xbox controller. Kinda sucks cause the collors and X button and A button are switched. Anyway to get teh Xbox controller buttons ingamne back?

  46. I can’t hear the referee’s whistle and even the stadium sound like the ball touch sound. It will be fixed in 2.1?

  47. اول مبضيف حاجه من على dp filelist generator بيرجع اللعبه لاصلها تانى

  48. hI, I Installed this V2 in a new folder. I also have the original game installed. But when I run this one, the screen is black and anything happen. Should I keep any steps before play the game?

  49. Hi guys. I know that in pppv3 all competition finals will be played at their real stadium. So for this patch which file will be edited?

  50. how can I down load this patch please bcos I didn’t see any download option here


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