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PES Professionals Patch 2017 v1


PES Professionals Patch 2017 Version 1 Released 16 Nov ’16

Download PES Professionals Patch 2017 Update 1.0

Patch Features:

Compatible with Data Pack 1 and Version 1.02
Summer transfers 2017
Bundes Full 2017
Correct (Names, kits, logos) For leagues and teams
Real kits and players names for all national teams
Correct classic teams names and faces
New Stadium Pack ’41
Real coaches names and pictures for all teams
Real thumbnails for all bundes players
Selector with exclusive features

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How To Install:

2 – Run Patch Installer from “PES Professionals Patch V1 Install.exe” And Select Your PES 2017 Directory
2 – Run Fix Installer from “PES Professionals Patch V1 FIX.exe” And Select Your PES 2017 Directory
3 – Open Your PES 2017 Directory and open “PES Professionals Patch Selector 2017.exe”
4 – Click “Offline Mode” and Enjoy :)


– We don’t change gameplay , We only use original KONAMI gameplay
– If you face lags , Turn off sweet FX from the selector
– If you have crash at match start , make sure you have installed fix , or use default scoreboard from the selector
– If you can’t find new transfers and bundes

Make sure you run the game in offline mode.
If not solved, Open selector’s tab ‘Others’ and click ‘Setup Option File’


Credits: Shrief Elafify, Elmodamer,Shieka, Hosamalfars, Sameh Momen, Pantel G7, Mohamed Alahlawy, Estarlen Silva, Hawke, Txak, Tunizizou, JesusHrs, Nemanja, Tamer gaad

Previews :

Full Bundes



Egypt & Algeria new faces

New faces





Real coaches names and pictures for all teams


New stadium thumbnails




Olimpico Stadium with choreo


Exterior View like PS4 ( Camp Nou – Old Trafford – San Siro – Allianz Arena )






  1. nice patch i’m use so far. perfect, no mini faces in gameplan all team are missing. latest update transfer, not to big size and also recommended.

  2. Finally, the best patch has arrived! :D

    Btw, what graphics are you using, the player models look better, really cool.

  3. the patch cannot used to me.
    it said, need d3dx9_43.dll eror, after instal this dll. the system eror. 0x0000000 then.
    why like that?
    (i already instal the patch v1 and the fix file)
    sorry for my bad english.

  4. upload the file for mediafire; mega or zippyshare pleaseeeeeeeeeee……! this download is very slow 25kb….

  5. there are two ways:
    if you want it too appear only in game:
    add your scoreboard cpk file and then put it with dpfilelistgenerator above the pesprofessionals_sco.cpk or dont select that
    2nd way: appear in game and PES Professionals Selector.
    im not exactly sure what the names of the folders are but, go to the Pes Professionals folder in your PES2017 Folder and then search for a scoreboards folder
    add new folder in the folder called the name of your scoreboard and the CPK+ a preview.png file for your scoreboard. (look how the other scoreboard folders in the scoreboards folder are built up)

    you can choose yourself wich way you want.

  6. still sad.. there is no full Other European that goes to Champions League group stage..
    hope you fix it for V.2

  7. Sorry guys. It seems that I had done something wrong before! I reinstalled it and it’s working now. I will try it out and let you know about it!!!

    Thanks for your work

  8. playing league mode, when choosing a scoreboard, be careful
    it will crash in euro league and cl.
    choosing default scoreboard will fix that though.
    other than that. ……… awesome patch my friend!!

  9. this stupid estarlensilva pitch is horrendous!!!the lines are very fat and big!totally unrealistic!why every patch uses his pitch?even the default konami pitch is miles better than this $hit!we want a stadiumpack without this awful pitch is it so difficult???

  10. ouaouh, it’s a beautiful work even if it’s not yet finish. The more important, I saw a real change in the face and other, … It is the most beautiful patch among the others. And this is just the beginning.

  11. I don’t play online with the patch, because I can’t download datapack 1 :( Anyone have this kind of problem?
    By the way, when I play game offline, I have version 1.01, but when I play game online, I have version 1.02. Is it correct?

  12. I copied the files from the original game again. I mean, I had another patch, so I eliminated everything. I have a back-up of the original game, so I copied the files into the folder Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 again. After that, I eliminated the Edit files from My documents and then I installed the patch. Everything is working fine now.. It’s the best patch up to now I think.

  13. People, if you choose the sweetfx from PesMonkey, you will see that the fat lines become thinner or at least it’s my impression. The fields become much better. I had a problem with a stadium though. All the payers were red. Then I will tell which stadium it was, because I don’t remember now. Anyway, great work!!!

  14. I was waiting for this patch! (for me, the best).
    Only one question: Is necessary Generate Dpfilelist with a correct order if I want add a new cpk?
    Thank you so much!

  15. Dude don’t get me wrong, i just wish he would gave us a chance to put what pitch we want and keep the stadiums like we could last year but now we cant because he has the cpk AIO.And i’ve seen many people complain about this bad pitch not only me.Anyway i use nikoliberty pitch which is very good with his stadiumpack but unfortunately he has only 20 when estarlen has 40.And i have galaxy patch which i think it’s the best overall.I hope you release soon your next update now that konami confirmed 24 november release date for datapack 2.Please if it’s possible make it compatible with the new konami faces.

  16. Ronaldo’ name (Brazil) is Denilson on the uniform, please fix it. I try fix in Edit but lost face player. Thanks

  17. I have a problem when getting into settings before a friendly match and you want to play with Brazil. It’s the only team it gives that problem. Besides, if you choose Brazil, you can only play with the Konami ball, but don’t go into settings before because the game will crash. A question, how do you save changes? I’ve been trying, but changes are not saved. Thanks for your work!

  18. Guys please please please add new boots. This is legit the best patch for the game, it’s just that it’s missing new boots !

  19. Thanks for your product. But, there are some problem of Stadium such as white stadium is san siro, Old tranford has mistake of turf… Could you show me how to fix? Thanks again.

  20. amigo a mi me funciona todo, pero cuando coloco el marcador de la premier league, el juego me saca al escritorio, ya le he hecho de todo y no me admite jugar con ese marcador, con los otros dos si, el que viene por defecto y el la liga santander, por lo demas, para mí el mejor parche, por encima del tuga vicio, pes galaxy y pte patch!!

  21. The patch runs fine in windowed mode but when in full screen i crash when i try to exit the game, same with alt f4 or exit, same with or without sweet fx, with default score board.

  22. You have to change to default scoreboard..i dont know why because mine also crash when apply to PL scoreboard

  23. game is starting very very slow…because of sweetfx..whenever i turn off sweetfx in the selector, the game starts alongwith sweetfx its very very laggy, then i close the game and again whenever i start the selector it shows that swwetfx is on, but i turned it off earlier …and it is very annoying, so so laggy…any fix?

  24. Fellows can help
    I installed patcj all nice when you have to start the game out the window we stop Vorking in and out of games?

  25. Fellows can help
    I installed patch, all nice when you have to start the game out the window we Stop Vorking in and out of games?

  26. Bugs with the patch I think….when playing Master League, I bought Neymar. The money was deducted but the player never came. He just continued playing at barca…I played the whole season and he never came. So i bought him again. Then the day he’s meant to join, the game crashes….unfortunately, it was on autosave, which means I’ve lost all my progress. Also, the pitches fluctuate…from very colourful pitches, it just becomes terrible until you quit the game and reapply sweetfx. Hoping for a newer release with fixed bugs

  27. Sir bug in Arsenal VS atletico Madrid In Night Plizz Fix This
    White line in middle of Field no Line when Played FIX this Okay

  28. pleasee fix the rain every time i use this patch from pes 2014 i got rain every match .. please fix that. ( sorry bad english )

  29. Please fix the errors with the new 2.0 data package, for example: bayern de muchich, wolfsburg, monchengaldbach … Thanks

  30. great patch!! although the sound track is not improved and there are a lot of oringal players around. i am looking forward to a update version. hope it will be launched soon.

  31. >when playing Master League, I bought Neymar. The money was deducted but the player never came. He just continued playing at barca…I played the whole season and he never came.

    Yea, you have to pay his Dad extra money and send some pr0$stitute$ to his Dad’s hotel room and then Neymar will definitely come and play for you!!

  32. thank you for this Best patch! just 1 question.. I found all legends but couldn’t find Puyol and Luis Enrique. Why?


  34. why when i apply premier league scoreboard its crash ? in v2.0 fix it please this patch is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. This patch is the best but I have some bugs, at kick-off the game crash,both exhibition that in Master League,I have tried both default scoreboard, premier league and La liga. In v2.0 fix please.

  36. MESSI DONT LOOK blonde…after this patch…plz fix…and PLZ MAKE FOR KAKA commentary…plz….and fix the face of Hristo Stoicikov tnx!!!!


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