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PES Professionals Patch 2016 V4 AIO


PES Professionals Patch 2016 V4 All In One (27 June ’16)

Download PES Professionals Patch 2016 Full Version 4

Patch Features. What’s New ?

    • Compatible With Data Pack 4 And Version 1.05
    • Data pack 4 Included
    • Fixed All V3 Bugs
    • Updated UEFA EURO 2016 Squads
    • Updated COPA AMERICA 2016 Squads
    • All COPA AMERICA 2016 Kits
    • All UEFA EURO 2016 Kits
    • Add many Summer transfers EX : Morata to Real Madrid
    • Improve Some Players development rate in Master league after retired
    • Updated Leagues Badges
    • Updated competition logos ( Premier League , DFB-Pokal )
    • Updated teams logos ( Manchester City , West HAM , QPR and more)

  • Add new season kits for some teams
  • Updated teams coachs
  • Add Indonesia National with kits and facepack
  • Add New Stadiums ( White Hart Lane – Tottenham , Gelora Bung Karno Stadium – Indonesia )
  • Super cups 2016 updates
  • Update All leagues Structure (Promotion and relegation)
  • Update UEFA SUPER CUP 2016 (Real Madrid VS Sevilla)
  • Add More features for Selector
  • Add Chants for( Al AHLY , ZAMALEK SC , Egypt national )
  • Add new faces
  • Add new balls and boots
  • And more

General Features :

  • All DLC (1’2’3’4) Included
  • Compatible With Online
  • Premier League Full (Kits , logos , coachs , squads)
  • Bundesliga Full (Kits , logos , coachs , squads)
  • Egyptian Premier League (Kits , logos , coachs , squads)
  • Correct all teams names and logos and kits
  • Correct all Nationals Squads
  • Real Coachs Names And Photos
  • Add new Chants Pack
  • Selector which you can switch Online/Offline Mode , Referee Kits , Scoreboard , Turfs , StartScreen And More Features
  • All Nationals anthems
  • Add 5 Uefa Champions League Teams ( Bate Borisov – Malmo – Shakhtar – Cska Moscow – Astana – Dinamo Zagreb )
  • Add 3 Uefa Europa League teams ( BESIKTAS JK – FENERBAHCE SK – CELTIC FC )
  • Stadium Pack By Estarlen Silva
  • Add 4 New Classic Teams ( La Liga Classic Players , Premiere League Classic Players , Serie A Classic Players , Egyptian League Classic players )

How To Install:
This version is AIO (All In One), no previous versions needed.

  1. Run Installer from “PES Professionals Patch V4 Install.exe” And Select Your PES 2016 Directory
  2. Open Your PES 2016 Directory and open “PES Professionals Patch Selector 2016.exe”
  3. Select (Offline/Online) Mode and Enjoy :)

Common Questions:

 – I Must download earlier patch versions to install the patch ?

This version is AIO, no previous versions needed.

– I must download data packs ?

No, It’s already included in PES Professionals patch

– Why no tattoos ?

because “Tatto Mode Patcher” not compatible with Version 1.05 until now

– Can I play online with PES Professionals patch ?

Yes, In patch selector you can switch to online mode

– Can I disable SweetFX ?

Yes, Open selector’s tab ‘SweetFX’ and switch to ‘OFF’

– Do I need to uninstall other patches before installing this Patch ?

No, if you install PES Professionals Patch, the game will read it only

– My master league saves or become a legend , will be removed ?

No, but we recommend you to start new ML to enjoy with new patch features

– I didn’t get latest transfers or updated squads !

Make sure you run the game in offline mode.
If not solved, Open selector’s tab ‘Others’ and click ‘Setup Option File’

Make Sure you have 11 GB at least in your game partition , the installation will crash if the free space is less than required

If the installation still crash although you have enough space , copy Install files to desktop and install the patch from desktop or any place you have fully administration in it.


Credits :Elmodamer, Hosamalfars, Mohamed Triki, Memo Patch Maker, Mahmoud Ibrahim Fçb, Estarlen Silva, Donyavia, Hawke, Txak, Tunizizou, fifacana, JesusHrs, Nemanja, Mo Ha, vangheljs, cRoNoSHaCk, Znovik_S, Kairzhanov_21, A7MED SB, spiritusanto, Fede, rednik, MarioMilan, Grkm, Andrey_Pol, Cronos, Bono10, MT Games 1991, Juegav, Various, WENS
Big Thanks To: Shrief Elafify , Mohamed Tarek Shawky , Shieka facemaker, Facemaker Sameh Momen, kelvinchan327, Chiheb27 Facemaker, Boulbaba facemaker

Patch Previews :






Super Cups 2016-2017 in master league


UEFA SUPER CUP 2016 in master league


High Quality Turfs




Leicester City in Uefa Champions League in Master League


New Boots and balls


Updated Coachs


Updated Coachs for added teams


Updated faces and kits


CAF Champions League




Fix Cska Moscow Squad


the Selector





More Previews : here.


  1. lear to read guys
    – I Must download earlier patch versions to install the patch ?

    Yes, Is necessary have the PES Professionals V 3.0 installed

    strong>- I must download data packs ?

    No, It’s already included in PES Professionals patch

  2. learn to read
    – I Must download earlier patch versions to install the patch ?

    Yes, Is necessary have the PES Professionals V 3.0 installed

    strong>- I must download data packs ?

    No, It’s already included in PES Professionals patch

  3. This version is AIO, no previous versions needed.
    Sorry for this mistake in the post

  4. How To Install:
    This version is AIO, no previous versions needed.

    Does not require

  5. We all are humans, we are free people, we deserve patches for free, everyone enjoy soccer, everyone love competicions of the world, even Asia and Oceânia. :D

  6. Can someone tell me the camera settings (pics showing high quality turfs)?
    It looks really realistic!

  7. You can Switch between AFC Champions League and CAF Champions League from the selector

  8. Yes If you start ML with Real Madrid , you will play UEFA Super Cup And FIFA World club cup

  9. Please USE PTE Last version, you don´t have Americas Licenced, AFC Champions League Name you can change it too.
    Release a V5 All In One with all fixed.
    Official Music of CAF is missing and all Europe Teams from UEFA CL and Europa League is missing.
    Thank you! :D

  10. 2 things FRIEND:

    1: Install DirectX 11 (In Windows 10, install Directx 12), already with that you should have fixed

    2: If you have Windows 10, often happens that only you get the Logo “KONAMI” goes nagra screen. You must do this (ME MY RAN) Download DPFLIST GENERATOR (MIRA IF THE PATCH HAS ITS OWN DPFLIST GENERATOR) opens the DPFLIST GENERATOR SELECTOR, click Save and close it.

    Now open your downloaded DPFLIST GENERATOR, AND ONLY DO NOT close it and MORE!


    Click on PLAY AND ENJOY: D

  11. Can i use patch 1.04 since i cant play with tattoo.i replace the launcher myself but im using dlc 4.will it be a problem if i do that?btw ut patch is awesome.been waiting for this since v 3.1

  12. Nice Work Guys. But Many of BUNDESLIGA Players Have Terrible Rating.
    Please Fix IT :)

  13. I have been checking your website every day since the release of V3.1, and finally V4 has been released. Thank you very much, from a loyal fan!!!

  14. Hi :D how to fix pes 2016 has stopped workink i installed pes professionals patch v4 and i want add faces when i add faces i got pes 2016 has stopped working when i backup old dpfilelist its okay but i want add faces

  15. Borussia Dortmund is the name of Xakoulagos and with irregular uniform, please Pack it …

  16. white hart lane is bugged, it has some white thingie at bottom of the screen while playing.. and u cant see the pitch.

  17. chelsea dresses doesn’t work, and it takes a lot to load game or STRIPs, rashford is white but it shows black in edit, riyad mahrez is renamed but face and other is ok, you have to fix stadiums also..

  18. Why it doesn’t update the Brazilian League (Campeonato Brasileiro)??

    Come on… at least the names, wtf…

  19. please anyone give me option file for this patch latest transfer option file EDIT00000 please

  20. Great patch but I can’t add my faces with the DPFiles Generator!
    In the last version of the PES Professionals Patch, I could
    Can someone help me please??

  21. Why after the installation of the patch,work correctly on line,and then the day after don’t work online?

  22. When i edit player in the game like Mharez i Incress his overall to 84 bue when i get out from edit and get back i find it 81 -_- Please how to fix

  23. Patch is ok. Its good! But not all EURO SQUADS are correct!! There are plenty of them not correct!

  24. why after i add the other mod from dpfile list generator it became stopped working every time i open the game??

  25. Excuse me, I must have official update 1.05 to install the patch?
    Can I have version 1.00 without any official updates?

  26. Hello, when i add a personnal CPK (France EURO face for exemple) the game wont launch, i got “pes error” and the game crash, the patch is marvelouse excepted the NET very ugly and invisible ingame (i played the game in 4K).

    Thank you so much

  27. can someone please tell me if thiw OF is compatible with bles02228..???i havent read it anywhere

  28. hi can someone upload dpfilelist generator that is compatible with this patch and dlc4.0

  29. Hey, i need a help, i purchased PES from STEAM, then i installed this patch. But then, when i want to play it online, i got issue.. error, can’t connect to the server, how to fix this? so that i can play it online.. thanks, looking forward for the answer..

  30. Please add Estarlen Silva’s new stadium pack and release new patch.. It would be great if you could include all 92 stadiums..

  31. help me. can any one add Bangladesh team on pes. if it possible plz do it. help me

  32. Hello, gorgeous patch. I wanted to ask if you later will be doing some renovation, with regard to new faces, shoes, and transfers. Thank you

  33. BUG Std StamfordBridge Chealsea
    Night + Rainy Turf Color White -_-
    please Repair

  34. Hello I’ve downloaded all the 5 parts. How to install it now? Do I just need to extract 1 part? Please guide me with the instalation. Thank you.

  35. In the world cup option there is no real world cup .it like an ordinary cup where is the real one is golden and this one is silver .what is this please anwer…

  36. When i want add face my pes go version 1.5 and data pack 1 how fix it? sorry bad english :d

  37. when i start world cup or euro and start the first match it give me pes 2016 has stopped working

  38. When you generate new cpk .. don’t check “PESProfessionals_online.cpk” File
    it used in online mode ‘ONLY’

  39. waiting release soon please ….this is a best patch with a best selector ..thank u so much

  40. i think in next update just transfer is needed every thing is ok in this patch …selector u made is 100 times better then others… fantastic work ..

  41. The guy from PESProfessionals Patch changed Mahrez name into J. Bin Talal ( yes, who the F is J. bin Talal )

  42. Why Bundesliga is with 3 teams in CL and Seria a with 4 ? Can u change it in the next patch ?

  43. And is it possible to add Capital One Cup and fix the European qualifications to be 6 teams in group while in Master League but anyway the patch is good just need this to be perfect.

  44. Please, the game (or the patch ?) crashes at each try in ML @ 04/07/2025 (UEFA CL 2025, semi-finals 1st round ; FC Porto x FC Arsenal @ Stadio do Dragao) ???

  45. And please, make the English FA cup semi-finals & final plays in Wembley
    Except that, the patch is awesome !!!

  46. I’m already using pte patch so should I uninstall it to use this patch or can I still use pte and choose between the two during my game

  47. When will the next update release :( btw it is so awesome, the pitch is fantastic, great work guys, oh also can’t seem to play the AFC league no matter how many times I switch between CFA and AFC it doesn’t work.

  48. i have a problem admin my game says save data after installing the pes professionals patch corrupted please help

  49. الملف التحديث مش كويس ف الارضيات ولمى بشغل السوفت فكس بتحدث تقطيع في الاعبة ارجو المساعدة

  50. when i click on setup this message appear
    the setup files are corrupted or are incompatible with this version of setup

  51. sorry, I am newbie first i already use datapack 6.0 and then PES goes error after instal pes profesional then I try install pes without any patch and install pes profesional and the transfer doesnt work but the kit does? what should I do?

  52. First really thank you very much
    second my problem is laaaaaaaaaaaag in game after installing patch
    i have Nvidia GT 740 M 2GB (HP)
    after all patch versions the game became very laaaaaaag
    yareeeeeeet 7al ya gma3a BGD


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