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PES Professionals Patch 2016 V4.2


PES Professionals Patch 2016 Version 4.2 Released 17 Aug ’16

Download PES Professionals Patch 2016 Full 4.2

What’s New ?

  • Summer Transfers Until 16-8
  • Updated Kits for ( Atlético Madrid – Roma – Marseille – Lyon – Bayern Munchen – Borussia Dortmund – Liverpool )
  • Fix All V4.1 Bugs
  • Add New Premier League Scoreboard
  • Fix infinite loading in Exterior view
  • Add about 100 new faces

How To Install:

1 – Run Installer from “PES Professionals Patch V4.2 Install.exe” And Select Your PES 2016 Directory
2 – Open Your PES 2016 Directory and open “PES Professionals Patch Selector 2016.exe”
3 – Select ‘Others’ tab and switch tatto mode to ‘on’ :)


  1. You can disable classic teams before starting your master league
  2. We don’t change gameplay , We only use original KONAMI gameplay
  3. If you face lags , Turn off sweet FX From the selector , and switch turf to Pitch Ultra HD By Estarlen Silva

If you have black screen problem :-

  1. Make Sure you have PES 2016 installed
  2. Make Sure ‘PESProfessionals_Kits.cpk’ is 7.05 GB , if it smaller than that , install game in ‘NTFS’ disk partition not FAT32

Common Questions:

– I Must download earlier patch versions to install the patch ?

Yes, Is necessary have the PES Professionals V4.0,V4.1 installed

– I must download data packs ?

No, It’s already included in PES Professionals patch

– Can I disable SweetFX ?

Yes, Open selector’s tab ‘SweetFX’ and switch to ‘OFF’

– My master league saves or become a legend , will be removed ?

No, but we recommend you to start new ML to enjoy with new patch features

– I can’t find new transfers but other features works well !

Make sure you run the game in offline mode.
If not solved, Open selector’s tab ‘Others’ and click ‘Setup Option File’

– Why when I add new cpk the game crash ?!

Generate Dpfilelist with correct order .
* Don’t include ‘PESProfessionals_Online.cpk
When you switch to Online Mode , it’ll be activated automatically.


– I can’t see tatto mode !

It switched off by default , you need to enable it with the patch selector
Open Selector >> ‘Others’ Tab >> Switch tatto mode to ‘ON’

– Why we removed Exterior view in V4.1 !

For technical reason It make infinite loading when you enabled tatto mode.

Download :

-If you have V4 and V4.1 , you need to download V4.2 Only from here : Download (200 MB)

-If you have V4 only without any updates , you need to download all updates from here : Download (1.1 GB)

-If you have the game without any patches , you need to download the patch with all updates from here : Download (5.6 GB)

Credits: Elmodamer, Hosamalfars, Memo Patch Maker, Mahmoud Ibrahim Fçb, Estarlen Silva, Donyavia, Hawke, Txak, Tunizizou, fifacana, JesusHrs, Nemanja, Mo Ha, vangheljs, cRoNoSHaCk, Znovik_S, Kairzhanov_21, A7MED SB, spiritusanto, Fede, rednik, MarioMilan, Grkm, Andrey_Pol, Cronos, Bono10, MT Games 1991, Juegav, Various, WENS, Mahmoud Anwer, Marceu, Ludvan, MRI20, Wygno, M.Hammani.

Big Thanks To: Shrief Elafify , Mohamed Tarek Shawky , Shieka facemaker, Facemaker Sameh Momen, kelvinchan327, Chiheb27 Facemaker, Boulbaba facemaker, Oussema Ouchikh, Mostafa Rezk.

Previews :

Updated Kits


Transfers and new players







More Previews :-

PES Professionals Patch 2016 V4 AIO

PES Professionals Patch 2016 V4.1

V4.2 is the final version for PES2016.
Thank you for choosing PES Professionals Patch , we really appreciate it.



  1. Can I get some help.
    I Installed everything as instructed, and initiated Offline Mode and Tatto mode before going in, but some players have White Arms.
    How do I fix this?

  2. Why if use animated adboards and tattoo while ac milan play always stuck in loading? How to fix it

  3. v4 aio, v4.1 working good.
    but v4.2 having problems with datapack 4.0
    i think it crashes on something.

    so, i just install v4 aio & v4.1 + v4.1 fix.
    and extract EDIT00000000 from v4.2 and copy it to konami folder.

  4. CROATIA do not have a new kits, ENGLAND do not have a new kits, and many more, can you fix it?

  5. and 1 more, when add new cpk it’s work, but there’s some bug on manchester united kits, GK doesn’t have a kits, just blank full white, what’s the problem? can you fix it?

  6. when you click tattoo mode on, don’t click Offline Mode, just click play game, and if didn’t work
    – I can’t see tatto mode !
    It switched off by default , you need to enable it with the patch selector
    Open Selector >> ‘Others’ Tab >> Switch tatto mode to ‘ON’
    and reaper what I said

  7. please read
    – I Must download earlier patch versions to install the patch ?
    Yes, Is necessary have the PES Professionals V4.0,V4.1 installed

  8. heyyy whats happens with chile??? its one player less in the match!!! alexis appear on the tactic with 0 and dont appear in the match!!! fix that, dudde. this update always fix the stadiums nothing more…

  9. i dont why the selector wont save anything if it’s closed,and my game is always forced close if i turned On tatto mode.can you help me ?

  10. Bugs !!! while making substitution during matches the game gets blocked :(
    Plz help !!!!!!

  11. its better on the faces and the updates, but still with some buggs, etihad stadium is infinite loading, some countries are on buggs,some compatibility issues between stadiums and tattos….
    i´m downloading pte 6.0 and the unoficial 6.1 now, because they would not fix these problems

  12. When I make Chances in the Editor and restart the game, the chances are lost. I chanced gloves and shoes for my players, after restarting, the chances are lost. I created a new player, after restarting the game, the player was lost. During the game, after a Substitution, the game frooze. Can U please fix this problems.

  13. Better in faces?

    Only have more faces but, they are not better, some of them are really bad anyway…..

  14. hy dude,its’s also happened to me,selector saved nothing.I have edited player and he is gone after game closed,anyone help us ? Thank you in advance

  15. dpfile list has stop working after installing v4.2 :(( and don’t update player, transfer
    i played v4.1 smoothly , but after installing v4.2 i have problem . and i installed 3 times all setup,v4.0, v4.1,v4.1 fix, v4.2 but i can’t played :( please help me

  16. CanRe —- u have reason i got pte 6.1 now and the faces are awesome better than professional patch

  17. After click ‘Ofline Mode’ there was missing tattoo(white arms), and still infinite loading( i play in master league,arsenal vs real madrid in cl matchday 1)

  18. pasa cuando juegas manchester united y real madrid no es solo en champions tambien en amistoso

  19. The best of this patch was the exterior views :/ How can I come back to the 4.1 version? I have to reinstall all?

  20. Hi
    I was playing game with v4.2 patch on win8.1
    but I reinstalled my OS and when I install patch V4.2 PES Says downloaded update is for
    other version….
    patch doesnt work
    what is this?!

  21. ya no aparecen los intros exteriores de los estadios…ayuda para la solucion…con la anterior actualizacion todavia lo veia

  22. محمد علاء عندي مشكله قى بيس 16 بعد تسطيب الباتش خط التماش مش بيظهر

  23. Pour régler le problème de chargement infini
    il suffit de renommer le fichier cpk “PESProfessionals_turf.cpk” par “PESProfessionals_Turf.cpk
    il y a une erreur de majuscule au mot turf, il faut mettre Turf. Puis bien remettre les cpk dans l’ordre donné dans le patch


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